They are gone…

That morning, I asked my girl if she would like some yong tofu for breakfast and she said yes so we headed to this shop…

Sing Long Cafe

…located opposite the nursing college…

The nursing college

…to the left of the roundabout somewhere in front of the bak kut teh place…

The bak kut teh place

…at the junction and this coffee shop is at the other end of this same road.

She ordered this set (RM7.00)…

Sing Long Cafe yong tofu, RM7 set

…from this stall there…

Sing Long Cafe yong tofu stall

I do not know if there are others in town but we do like this one and if we feel like having it, this is always the one we would go to.

My missus had the kampua mee and also the pian sip soup from that stall in front and she liked them very much. The guy was closing shop once and we spotted him fishing out one whole Chinese cabbage from the cauldron with the bone stock. I heard that some do that so the soup/stock will be sweeter and very much nicer. On the way there, I was thinking that I would want those but when we arrived, it appeared to me that the guy was no longer there.

I noticed that the lady presently running the stall was not that familiar and everything there seemed to tell me that she was not in any way related to the guy there before and when I asked her, she confirmed that she was new there and the previous guy had called it a day or gone some place else.

Other than that, I saw that the zhi-char (煮炒/cook and fry) section at the back was no longer there too. The place was vacant so obviously, they too, like the kampua mee guy, had terminated their business or gone some place else.

The very nice roast meat stall

Sing Long Cafe barbecued/roast meat stall

…is still around but it was too early in the morning for me to have that. Funny how I do not mind nasi lemak for breakfast but not chicken or char siew or whatever rice.

In the end, I went to the yong tofu stall and ordered their RM9.50 set…

Sing Long Cafe yong tofu, RM9.50 set

…and seeing that my girl did not have any stuffed brinjal in hers and knowing how she would love that, I gave her mine.

There was also one stuffed chili in mine…

Sing Long Cafe yong tofu, stuffed chili

…and though I love the ones that come with a plate of nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu cili sumbat
*Archive photo*

…I can’t say I am all that fond of the one in yong tofu.

All in all, we enjoyed our orders very much – the clear soup was really very good and everything went superbly well with the very nice and spicy sambal belacan dip…

Sing Long Cafe yong tofu, belacan dip

…that was provided.

My missus went to this fried noodles stall…

Sing Long Cafe fried noodles stall

…at the other side of this coffee shop, behind the Muslim stall which was still closed, probably because of Hari Raya and she had the Sibu Ah Tor-style fried kway teow, wrapped with egg (RM4.00)…

Sing Long Cafe Ah Tor-style char kway teow

…and she said it was very nice. I saw the photograph of the lor mee at that stall and it looked very good. Perhaps I would want to try that the next time we drop by here.

SING LONG CAFE (2.292595, 111.835979) is located in the Fortune Commercial area (behind Rejang Medical Centre), Lorong Chew Siik Hiong, directly opposite the nursing college (KOLEJ ITA).