One call away…

The other day, I dropped by a supermarket here and there was an event going on right outside the entrance. I did not bother to find out what it was all about but I did see something like a children’s colouring competition about to begin. I noticed there were stalls all lined up selling things so out of curiosity, I decided to stroll around to see what they had in store.

I saw one selling this kao teng koi (9-layer cake)…

Kao teng koi

…and this serimuka or kuih salat, the glutinous rice lightly stained blue using the butterfly pea flower (bunga telang)


…and I was rather surprised that they were selling them at only RM3.00 each! Normally at such events, fund-raising usually, they would jack up the prices and the kuihs were cut into around 10 small pieces inside a packet so in comparison, considering that I would have to pay RM1.00 for 3-4 pieces at the Malay kuih stalls, it did look like the price they were asking for was very reasonable.

The ang koo kueh

Ang koo koi

…was RM4.00 a packet and there were 5 pieces inside so it worked out to only 80 sen each. You will not get anything for less than RM1.00 here or here but these were a little bit smaller.

The lady was telling me in Mandarin about how no artificial colouring, all natural, was used in the making and whatever else she said – I wasn’t paying attention as I was not in the mood for any small talk that day. I only wanted to take the stuff, pay the money and leave.

I took my purchases home and sat down to try right away. Wowwww!!! Much to my delight, the kao teng koi was so very lemak, the texture was perfect – a whole lot nicer than the nice one that I stumbled upon here and the serimuka likewise. These certainly put those sold all over town to shame – I would never want to buy those! I think there is a Malay expression or something that says that those are not worth getting one’s teeth dirty for!

The ang koo koi was very good too – the skin was absolutely perfect and either there was no added sugar or they cut down a bit on it (perhaps that was one of the things the lady was rattling on and on in Mandarin about) so it was not as sweet as the ones sold commercially elsewhere.

I was thinking that these would make lovely desserts if one is hosting a dinner gathering like what we had the other day or they would be perfect for some light refreshment with tea or coffee after a prayer meeting or something along those lines at home.

You can place your order at this number…

Who do you call

…and go to the house to collect if they do not provide home deliveries. You can always ask about this and other details if you are keen – after all, it’s just one call away…

Author: suituapui

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11 thoughts on “One call away…”

  1. Wow, indeeed that good eh. I guess she will be in your list to order from if you have gatherings or special occasion. Seldom come across good ones, mostly not lemak. I heard that coconuts are expensive and hard to get these days. How true?

    Yes, should be over RM10 a kg now, was RM8.00 not too long ago. Malaysia Baru, prices shooting up like nobody’s business.

    Kuching too??? How sad!!! Kuching had the best nyonya kuehs…but must know where to go – anytime better than the over-commercialised ones in the peninsula or Singapore!

  2. The kuehs looked good. I like the kuih salat.

    So far the best. Dropped by my sister’s house – turned out to be somebody that she ordered ang ku kueh from for our prayer meeting at the house once. Just found out that she also catered all the kuihs served that day at the grand opening dinner for the International Dance Festival – Payung catered all the food and they ordered the kuihs/dessert from her…for 300 people!!!

  3. Oh my. It’s rare to get good kuehs these days and if I find one, I’ll stick to it like bees to honey. Onde-onde is one good example. Cant get good ones out there anymore but I love it so much that I learned how to make it myself and these days even the boys can make onde onde that pops in our mouth.

    So good! Never tried to make my own. I so so so love those that squirt once we bite into them. These days, hardly much gula Melaka inside, just traces of it…will never squirt one!

  4. if i call that number and ask if they can courier the kuih to the peninsula, they’d sure be surprised – but it’s very tempting, since these look and sound delicious 😀

    I’m sure they would…as long as you pay the charges but nyonya kuehs have santan usually and santan doesn’t last that well.

  5. Oh yummy! I love all those kueh. These days it is not easy to find good ones but looks like you did!

    Yes, I sure am glad I stumbled upon these. Near impossible to find anything worth the calories around here.

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