Frank or frankfurter is what we call a sausage or hot dog, also known as bratwurst in German.

I am not into those mass-produced rubbery factory-made ones sold in abundance at every supermarket but there are a few brands and some flavours that my girl likes so she may buy those once in a long while. I do not mind the very nice and exclusive gourmet ones and my girl would buy those too sometimes but not all that often. For one thing, they sure do not come cheap!

Sometime ago, she bought these Thai ones…

Thai sausages

…but they did not seem to be moving much, sitting there idle in the freezer day in and day out.

I took two to fry and try and when I ate them, I could jolly well understand why. They tasted like lap cheong (臘腸), our Chinese sausages, or those Taiwan sausages which she and the mum are not particularly fond of. I do enjoy them, depending on what they are cooked with – in my opinion, it is a must in claypot pork/chicken rice.

Well, there were two left so the other morning, I decided to finish them off. As in the case of when I am cooking lap cheong, I removed the casing first…

Casing removed

…and then I cut slits all along the sides, top and bottom, before frying them in a pan with a bit of oil added.

While I was at it, I decided to go all the way and prepare my own BIG breakfast to enjoy. I toasted two slices of bread, fried two eggs and a few slices of bacon and I heated up some leftover chicken nuggets and served them with whipped potato by the side…

My Big Breakfast

The sausages were a little bit charred…


…but that did not matter one bit. Like in the case of char siew or bak kua, the charred edges would add to the fragrance and enhance the taste.

That sure put the so-called Big Breakfast at those (expensive) supposedly fine dining, classy cafés here to shame. Needless to say, I enjoyed it to the max.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “Frank…”

  1. Wow very delicious looking big breakfast, can make a smiling face with the two runny eggs and the sausage lol.

    Yes, I’ve seen people doing that on Facebook. My sausages are too straight though, will need a curve for a smile. LOL!!!

  2. Wow, your BIG breakfast looks better than those atas place. Since I like lap cheong and the sausages taste like it, then it suits me.

    Yes, some have hardly much to look forward to and more often than not, they need to work on their presentation, simply dump and serve. Have you tried the Taiwan sausages? Very popular, available at quite a lot of places at coffee shops and food courts. They taste something like that. First time I had it was in Kuching…

  3. I grew up with home made sausages. Can’t eat the commercial ones.

    Obviously a lot of people don’t mind, selling so well, all kinds of brands at the supermarts. So rubbery, like jelly…and all the artificial seasonings. Eyewwww!!!!

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