I dreamed a dream…

We went out for lunch last Saturday afternoon and we dropped by here for my girl’s favourite lemon chicken in town…

Y2K lemon chicken

I did tapao this home once sometime ago when the MCO lockdown was relaxed a bit and these places resumed their businesses but of course, nothing beats eating it there, hot from the wok.

We were the only ones there that afternoon – there were two guys sitting outside, having a chat, but they left after a while. On the whole, the town seemed quite deserted – hardly any living soul around, not many cars and ample parking spaces. This, of course, isn’t all that good for all businesses but looking at the list in the SOP record book, I was glad to note that there were at least 30-40 people who were there before us, probably for breakfast or brunch.

I dreamed a dream one night that there was a new coffee shop in town and they had a huge banner in front that said, “Deer Meat Kampua“. I went in – the place was empty, very simple and clean and then I woke up. Deer meat? Gee! I can’t say that I’m a fan, actually so why on earth did I dream about it? And I did not even get to eat it in my dream! Tsk! Tsk! LOL!!!

Well, to make my dream come true in some way, we ordered their venison/deer meat with ginger and dried chili…

Y2K dried chili venison

…and yes, it was good. My girl sure enjoyed it and I did not even know she was that into venison.

We had cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Y2K cangkuk manis fried with egg

…for our vegetable dish – there are only a few kinds of vegetables that my girl likes, very limited choices and for our soup, we had the tofu & salted vegetable soup….

Y2K salted vegetable tofu soup

That sure was a very delightful lunch – we enjoyed all the dishes to the max and the total for the food came up to only RM55.00 for three persons. I thought that was very reasonable.

Incidentally, I noticed that they have acquired some nice white ceramic plates. I think they used to use all kinds of assorted plates before, maybe melamine once in a while even but no, I do not recall them using those plastic ones in all kinds of horrendously gaudy colours that they use in a lot of places here including that very popular one right next door. That is definitely a good reason why I would want to keep coming back. Say NO to plastic!!!

Y2K CAFE (2.294220, 111.825753) is located in the Tunku Osman area, round the corner from that block of shops where the branches of AmBank & RHB Bank are located with its back entrance facing the side (right, not the main one) entrance/exit of Methodist Secondary School