One good thing about this partial lockdown/Movement Control Order (MCO) is we get to do things together like cooking dinner, for instance.

That day, my girl took the leftover spirals that the mum used to cook our Good Friday dinner not too long ago and since there wasn’t that much left, she opened the pack of San Remo elbows that I also bought and mixed them to cook for her pasta dish…

Melissa's mushroom carbonara pasta with prawns

…using the Prego mushroom carbonara sauce, one of the four bottled pasta sauces that I bought. She added the shrimps that we had set aside for cooking vegetables and for fear that those would not be enough, I told her to add the remaining 6 from the pack of big tiger prawns that the mum used for the aforementioned dinner. That was perfectly all right as I had bought two more packs since that one, presently being kept frozen in our freezer.

In the meantime, I prepared this simple coleslaw…

My coleslaw

…using only 4 ingredients following this recipe. I only had cabbage in the fridge and not one to obediently follow a recipe, besides the very thinly sliced cabbage, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar and honey, I added an egg, mashed with a slice of cheddar cheese and I also pan-grilled a sausage and sliced thinly and threw that in.

The pasta was very nice – we all enjoyed it very much and my girl loved the coleslaw. She doesn’t eat cabbage cooked in the usual Chinese ways, fried with egg or cooked in soup but this, she loved. She sure ate  a lot of it and of course, that made me very happy! She even told the mum that if she wanted to cook cabbage in future, she could just do what I did! Hehehehehe!!!

My girl boiled a bit too much of the pasta to go into the casserole so she kept the extra in the fridge. The next morning, I took that and cooked it with Bovril like what they did here, minus the minced meat…

Bovril spirals & elbows

…and the broccoli and in place of the poached egg, I just pan-fried one to serve with it and yes, it was nice, not quite the same as with  mee sua or the local noodles – the taste and texture but, it sure was good.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

3 thoughts on “Teamwork…”

  1. The pasta looks good and so is the coleslaw. I usually buy Kewpie mayonnaise to make coleslaw.

    Yes, Kewpie is good. Many cafes & restaurants use that. We could not buy before as it is not gluten-free, ok now…but have to go to that supermarket in town, small alleys, very crowded. Best to just do with what we can get at the neighbourhood shops, social distancing.

  2. The pasta dish looks very delicious and I like your improvisation on the coleslaw. I did say I don’t want to see any more cabbage but after this I want to buy cabbage hee..hee…

    My girl enjoyed it so much that I made it again with the rest of the cabbage, two big tubs. Now we are down to the last tub – will finish it off this evening at dinner, have to buy and make again!

  3. I buy san remo pasta too. Using ready made pasta sauce is faster and simpler than starting from scratch. Wow homemade coleslaw, i want! For pasta, i usually buy spaghetti, not into those elbows or spirals.

    We like angel hair, thinner and finer, but none available.

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