What now…

The other day, my girl said that she was going to bake bread again, a different one and I was wondering why she would not bake the same ones as those dinner rolls that she baked not too long ago especially when they turned out really nice and all of us enjoyed them very much. However, she insisted on trying something else so she would be able to bake different kinds of bread in time to come.

No, I did not mean to sound discouraging but she had had a lot of disappointments when baking the gluten-free ones and even the ones that turned out all right weren’t exactly anything to shout about…but then again, she was using all kinds of flour at the time, not wheat flour.

This time around, she said she was going to bake some potato bread following this recipe that she saw on youtube and yes, it turned out so so so good…

Melissa's potato bread

…so very soft and fluffy…

Soft and fluffy

…and it tasted so very nice that we could just eat it on its own. Of course, she was mighty pleased by how she had been so successful in her attempts at baking bread now.

She made a whole lot of them and the next morning, I took two and toasted them lightly in the oven for my breakfast…

Potato bread for breakfast

I sure enjoyed that to the max!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

4 thoughts on “What now…”

  1. For a change, I think this is great. Mel is good in both cooking and baking. Your breakfast looks yummy.

    I sure enjoyed it that morning!

  2. Wah! Melissa’s potato buns look wonderful! I went and watched the Youtube video and I am thinking of giving it a go. Dunno whether will turn out or not or can post to the FB page on MCO cooking disasters. LOL!

    No lah! If she can make those successfully, yours should come out in all their glory! LOL!!!

  3. Wow your breakfast looks so yummy! Your whole family can cook and bake so well, kudos!

    Lots of time on our hands at the moment to do what we please.

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