Somewhere down the lane…

My foodie friend shared some photographs on Facebook and Instagram of what he called a “typical old-school kampua that used to be at Tsingtao Kopitiam along Channel Road some twenty over years ago” and I thought what he had looked rather good so I clicked the link to see where it was. Unfortunately, it was a self-generated Facebook page and I could not see anything on my antique handphone, no address, no map…unless you go and check it out on your PC or maybe use a smartphone or notebook, I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, it so happened that I was walking along that lane the other morning and lo and behold, purely by chance, I stumbled upon the coffee shop…

Ah Chiong Cafe

Good grief! The shop sign must be very very old! That NK logo  was actually that of the Ngo Kian Aerated Water Company, Sibu’s No. 1 soft drink in my growing up years – I loved their ice cream soda and their sarsi and if you drink their cherry, your teeth would all turn red. OMG! The colouring…but we were o.k. with it or so it seemed. LOL!!!

I wasted no time at all in ordering the kampua mee (RM3.00)…

Ah Chiong Cafe kampua mee

…which I thought was just all right, nothing to get excited about. It was a bit too firm for my liking so I would not mind if the guy had cooked it just a little longer for a softer texture.

However, when it came to the pian sip/meat dumplings (RM3.00)…

Ah Chiong Cafe pian sip

…it was a different story altogether! I tried one and it was so good. It tasted quite different from all the rest in the town that I have had before and yes, there were some that I did enjoy but personally, I feel that this one is a cut above.

I sure would want to stop by again for this if I happen to be in the vicinity but I may want to try something from the other stall or from the coffee shop opposite which looked rather popular.

AH CHIONG CAFE (2.288140, 111.829220) is located along that lane at the back of the shops along Market Road and Channel Road. You can cross over from the shops in between KTS & Pansar along Workshop Road/Jalan Bengkel into that lane that leads to Jalan Lembangan. The coffee shop is on your left.

Author: suituapui

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4 thoughts on “Somewhere down the lane…”

  1. Yeah, I remember I grew up drinking the soft drink in glass bottle, we call it “pok chui” and I love the soda ice cream flavour too. As for the pian sip, I guess there is a secret ingredients that goes into the fillings that makes it special from others. Since you are praising it, then I think it must be really very good.

    Always looked forward to Chinese New Year when we could get to drink those. I think in Kuching, the company was Chong Kim Eng or something like that, the office at Carpenter Street. I dunno if it was the filling or the light soy sauce they used to toss the dumplings – different from the rest, very nice.

  2. Wow. A gem at the lane.

    Soda drink!! I like the ice cream soda and sarsi flavour. Not the cherry. Haha. Now not many people selling it. But I knew the famous Batu Kawa meatball kolo mee have and sell them.

    Later they had banana and that was apple green in colour! LOL!!! All that colouring…plus we have all the drinks available these days, nobody would bother about those.

  3. Too bad over here in Ipoh, still no kampua noodles for sale, only kolo mee but without the sauce. I bought a few packets of dry noodles though.. enough for me to cover for many days.

    Maybe you do not know where to buy – seems that it is available everywhere, even overseas. You’re stocking up because of the restricted movement order? No problem here, no panic buying, no empty shelves…and we can always go out to buy if we need anything.

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