Go upstairs…

I go to the Sibu Central Market quite frequently these days. It is very convenient for me after dropping off my girl at her school to drive to Jalan Khoo Peng Loong, more popularly known as Pulau Babi, and park my car there. From there, I can walk through the food garden/hawker centre to the market.

I never went upstairs to the hawker centre on the first floor though but sometime ago, my missus came home with some Foochow fried noodles that she said she bought from her brother’s friend stall, No. 23 and it was very nice and the other morning, I decided to go and have a look. My West Malaysian friends from KL did venture there when they were here recently and they loved the dianpianngu and the Foochow fried noodles but I do not know which stalls they went to for those.

I used the lift, of course, and got to the upper floor and went in search of Stall No. 23. It was closed and it looked like a drink stall. So I went to this stall…

Stall No. 52 Sibu Central Market


A long long time ago, 2015 to be exact, I had the beef noodles and it was pretty good and this time around, I asked for that again…

Stall No. 52 Sibu Central Market beef noodles special 1

When the very handsome and friendly guy manning the stall served me my order, he apologised that the broth would not be all that nice as it was way too early and he had not simmered it enough.

I tried it…

Stall No. 52 Sibu Central Market beef noodles special 2

…and yes, it was good but just that like everything else, I would rather go without the green vegetables. I shall tell the guy to leave them out the next time I come here for this.

It wasn’t really the dark Taiwanese-style ones nor the sort-of-clear soup ones like this one here that I very much prefer but I did enjoy it and I sure would not mind going for it again, just that it was only RM5.00 in 2015 and now, it has gone up to RM7.00. Well, for one thing, beef is expensive here and anyway, the prices of everything have been going up and up so this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

By the way, I saw among the photos on display at the stall one of the much coveted prawn noodles, freshwater big-head prawns/udang galah no less, with prices ranging from RM12.00 up to RM18.00. I guess it depends on the size of the crustaceans. Well, that certainly was a whole lot cheaper than what my aforementioned West Malaysian friends from KL had here that day – a shocking RM80!!! *faints*

STALL NO. 52 is located at the hawker centre on the 1st Floor of the Sibu Central Market (2.287444, 111.829169) at the junction of Channel Road and Workshop Road/Mission Road.