Don’t be surprised…

Yes, don’t be surprised because I actually dropped by here…


…that day. No, I did not join the mad rampage when they had their two snack plates for RM20.00 promotion, thank you very much even though I did buy that once for my girl. If I remember correctly, it was over RM12.00 a set.

For reasons unknown, she loves the food at these fast food franchises and that day, she wanted to go for the chicken tenders. There is a promotion right now – 5 chicken tenders plus 10 nuggets for RM15.00 (I think normally, that would be RM19.00) and she wanted to eat it there. Well, since she would only eat the tenders, we had to go with her so we would be able to help her finish off the nuggets.

When we got there, she changed her mind about ordering the set and had this 6-piece crispy tenders (RM17.80, plus a drink)…

KFC chicken tenders


The mum had this one-piece chicken set with fries and wedges by the side…

KFC 1-piece chicken set

…their Super Jimat box for RM9.20 something, with a drink.

I decided to try their zinger cheezilla combo (RM20.50, plus a drink)…

KFC zinger cheezilla combo

…which, unfortunately, did not sweep me off my feet. The zinger was fine, hot and spicy and was to my liking. Inside, there was a fried chicken patty with melted mozzarella cheese but I failed to make out the taste of either , neither the patty nor the cheese plus it was rather soggy so I was quite put off by it in the end.

The total for the three of us came up to RM44.80 altogether, not cheap but as long as it made my girl happy that was perfectly all right by me.

After having had our fill, we went strolling around the mall – the ladies went to the shops upstairs while I headed to the supermarket in the basement to browse around. I spotted this…

Whitakers strawberry cremes

…in the special little room where they stock up on all the imported stuff and grabbed it right away as I was very sure that my girl would love it.

At that point in time, I was thinking that it was the very popular New Zealand brand until my girl pointed out that the Kiwi ones had a double “t“. We quickly checked and were quite relieved to find that it was manufactured in the UK, not in some neighbouring country – for the uninitiated, the Tim Tams from Indonesia are cheap but far from nice, nothing like the originals from Down Under! This was only RM10.40, less than £2, not that expensive, I would say.

As we had run out in the house, I also bought a few cartons of fresh milk from Australia, only RM4.80, so very much cheaper than our own Malaysian brands and I certainly was ecstatic to see these…

Button mushrooms

…button mushrooms, one thing that is very rare here, harder to find than gold!

My girl feasted on these when she was in Wellington, New Zealand but not since coming back as chances of getting any here are few and far between. I have the feeling that the western restaurant upstairs (they’re all inter-related, I think) would order for their own use and any extras, they would place on the shelf in the supermarket for sale.

We used to get the white ones but lately, we have been getting these brown ones but never mind, something is better than nothing. They’re not cheap, that’s for sure – RM15.60 a tub but I’m o.k. with that. After all, we only get them once in a blue moon.

KFC, Pedada outlet and THE MARKET PLACE supermarket are located on the ground floor and in the basement of The Delta Mall (2.311762, 111.846818) respectively, along Jalan Pedada, now Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai.