Stand in line…

I’ve tried it before a long long time ago when there was just a stall by the roadside in front of the surau at Bandong here and I tried it a second time but I would not say it was something I would be dying for and one thing’s for sure, it was definitely not anything I would stand in line for. However, come Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month, I would see people queuing up by the mile to buy and no, I never bothered.

Then, they opened this shop…

Nasi Kak Wok

…without a sign initially but it sure seemed that everyone knew it was there and everytime I drove past, I would see the crowd and at times, there might be queues outside the shop even…like they were giving out the food for free or something. No, of course I did not bother to join the rampage to check the place out, no way.

That day, it was already around 4.00 p.m. and I noticed that it was still open. There were a number of tables occupied but no, it was not full, no crowd, so I decided that I would give them another chance.

Hmmm!!! It looked like the price had increased by a ringgit from those previous times when I had it…

Nasi Kak Wok, menu

I asked for the regular (RM5.00)…

Nasi Kak Wok, regular

…at the counter…

Nasi Kak Wok, counter

…and took my seat at a vacant table for it to be served.

Once again, it failed to win me over, not when it was just plain rice drowned with some gulai (curry) gravy that was a little sweet, I thought and the fried chicken was just fried chicken, no more no less…all breast! At best, I would say it was all right but given a choice, I would rather go for something else.

Somebody did tell me before that the sambal

Nasi Kak Wok, sambal

…was super spicy and indeed, it was! However, they only gave a little bit of it and I mixed it all with the rice so that made it quite bearable, not a problem at all…for me.

NASI KAK WOK (2.318622, 111.832323) is located among the Sg Antu shops at No. 1, Jln Tapang Timur, Off Jalan Kampung Nangka, directly facing RTM Sibu.