My friend, Eric, of The Kitchen Sibu instant kampua fame posted a photograph of the kampua mee he had here…

PYP Kopitiam

…on Facebook and when he did that again, I was so tempted to go and check it out and I did!

It had a different name before but they had to change it in the process of getting registered as a sendirian berhad (limited private company) or something like that. I would say it is a notch above the regular kopitiam or coffee shop…

PYP Kopitiam, inside

…a little bit nicer and thankfully, the prices are generally the same as all the rest.

I placed my order and sat down to wait and it did not take long to be served… …

Kampua mee with siew yoke & stewed egg

I simply could not resist asking for one stewed egg…

Stewed egg

…and that was RM1.00 each. Needless to say, I enjoyed that very much.

Eric had their kampua mee with their very nice siew yoke (roasted pork belly)…

siew yoke

…and that would be RM5.00, the boy told me so I had to pay RM6.00 for mine.

The noodles had its own unique taste, not quite like the regular kampua mee but I would say it was very nice – personally, I still like this lady’s kampua mee more but I wouldn’t mind coming back here again for this one with the extras by the side…and perhaps, they may have other things for me to pick and choose or other dishes that I may want to try.

PYP KOPITIAM (2.307674, 111.849120) is located at No. 1, Lorong Sena 8, the first shop on your left as you go into the lane leading to the shops directly SMK Deshon. The back of the coffee shop faces the right hand side of the Good Happiness Restaurant.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “Tempted…”

  1. Very satisfying when you have roast pork and stewed egg together with the kampua noodles, i would enjoy it too!

    It was good. Sure wouldn’t mind going for this again.

  2. With the extra add on to go with, it sure makes the kampua more appetising. Stewed egg, my favourite.

    The favourite of many, it seems. I simply can’t resist if I see it at any stall.

  3. Your kampua mee with siew yoke and stewed egg sure looks tasty. I can never resist stewed eggs. I might have asked for two. hee..hee..

    I would love two too but I do have good self control. Must not be over-indulgent. LOL!!!

  4. now that’s a lunch i would dream of – the noodles, egg and roast pork all look very comforting – perfect for a week of pretty gloomy news!

    Yes, it has been depressing, it still is and that is so me – when I am depressed, I eat! Waiting for the silver lining behinds these clouds.

  5. I like stewed egg too. The roasted pork looked good.

    The Kopitiam looked clean and well managed.

    Yes. Room for improvement – they can do something about the clutter, put everything away nicely and not dump the things here, there and everywhere.

  6. Even though I love my veggies I do have my eye on that siew yoke .

    I’m a meat person, veggies are quite secondary but when there is none, I would eat some fruits after meal to make up for it.

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