I loved what I had here back in 2020 but I have never gone back there since. Then I heard that they were opening a branch in the Tunku Osman area in the town centre right beside the Big Thumb Bakery…

I can’t say I was looking forward to checking out this place even though they say that new brooms sweep well.

Well, this isn’t exactly my favourite part of town because of the terrible congestion on working days and parking is near impossible…and if you are there around noon, be prepared to get stuck in the jam with cars illegally parked left, right and centre, all the parents waiting for their children from the school right behind this block of shops. I happened to be around there after 7.oo a.m. on Sunday morning that day and if I was thinking that everyone would be asleep at that time, I couldn’t be more wrong! The place was almost full!!!

I placed my orders at the stall…

…and took my seat at one of the vacant tables inside.

Unfortunately, all those on the pavement outside were taken so I did not enjoy the advantage of the natural morning light for my photograph of the kampua mee (RM3.30)…

They did tell me before hand that they would add their minced meat instead of the few thin pieces of imitation char siew (boiled meat coloured red) unlike what transpired here once where they did not have the decency to ask me first and that really put me off.

Yes, it was very nice, just that when I stopped by, I was thinking of having what I had at the old place (RM6.00)…

…only to be told that they do not serve it like that here.

I asked for the beef tripe soup and the nice lady (the wife) said they would serve me the small (RM4.00)…

…which had a whole lot of the beef tripe inside and it went so very well with the special chili dip that came with it. The soup was great with just the right amount of vinegar in it. I’ll try the liver soup should I happen to drop by here again.

And talking about the nice lady, yes, she was really polite and friendly. I dropped the RM5.00 note she gave me (my change) and it flew under the table and she went and retrieved it for me. I guess she realised that it would not be easy for me to get down there – like an elephant in a china shop. LOL!!! And when I was leaving, both she and her hubby said, “謝謝你,老闆!” (xiè xiè nǐ , lǎo bǎn/Thank you boss!) At most places, they do not give two hoots as to whether you are coming or going!

By the way, when I shared the above photograph of the noodles and said that it was only RM3.30 a bowl, a friend in Mukah said that it has increased to RM5.00 there and another friend commented that it is RM4.00 in Kanowit right now. Gee!!! Here, it is mostly RM3.50 with a few odd ones out that do charge RM4.00 a bowl/plate. It’s a wonder that there are people willing to go to such places and get slaughtered!

Other than being so very cordial and polite, service here was prompt despite the crowd – they were assisted by a young and handsome boy, probably their son who did not have to go to school since it was Sunday.

PYP KOPITIAM, town branch, is right beside BIG THUMB BAKERY (2.293889, 111.826492) is located at No.71-73, Jalan Tuanku Osman.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Branch…”

  1. RM4 for that bowl of beef triple soup with a whole lot of beef triple is really a good deal. They are so generous with the minced meat in the kampua mee too. At one glance, it looks like our Kuching kolo mee…😊😊

    They probably sell kolo mee too – I think I did hear it being mentioned but no, I think I’ll just stick to kampua mee here, cheaper and more authentic. Yes, that was a whole lot of beef tripe compared to the one I had at another place, only a few strips…so kiam siap!!!

  2. Wow! You still can enjoy cheap food in your place. Here, the average price is RM6 to RM6.50. Expecting prices to increase further. A satisfying breakfast is a good start to a new day.

    Yes, still cheap to eat out here. I do not mind if they increase the prices of things but there must be quality control, cannot shortchange the customers.

  3. Whoa, Big Thumb Bakery is written all in Chinese.
    In Johore, the authority would most probably arrive and ask the owner to replace a new sign with Malay fonts bigger than any other languages. Sibu is so good, so lenient and kind towards other languages.

    We don’t have beef tripe soup in my little kampung, not many Chinese stalls sell beef, apart from the beef noodles stall that I mentioned to you before. But we do have a lot of kway chap stalls selling all parts from pig’s head to tail. Mini kway teow is served in herbal porky soup.

    1. No beef? Many Buddhists or Indians there? Here, we do not have many Indians but beef is not that widely eaten. Expensive, maybe. However, beef tripe is often served as a side dish/soup at kampua mee stalls. Otherwise, you can opt for pork liver soup instead.

      We are very liberal here, no time for all this nonsense. Some shop signs have English names only, and some Malay shops only have Malay names. I’ve seen a few shop signs in Chinese only but no, those are few and far between. Up to each individual, no forcing anybody to do anything. The only thing is if the sign is sponsored so there is a picture of the product, say, a drink, by the side – they must pay the town council for advertising.

  4. The past two years seem to have both disappeared in the blink of an eye and at the same time dragged on for a decade.

    Funny how time slipped by when we were all cooped up at home all this while! Didn’t feel it at all.

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