Move over…

This used to be here…

Tasty Taste Cafe 1

…but they closed shop to concentrate on the selling-like-hot-cakes instant kampua enterprise. Then, somebody took over but that one was rather short-lived and as I was driving past that day, I saw that some new people were running a coffee shop at this location now.

I noted that there were a few stalls at the place including this kampua stall…

Tasty Taste Cafe, kampua stall

…and the Taiwan fried chicken rice one next to it and the food stall right at the back against the wall sells roti canai and other halal selections…

Tasty Taste Cafe 2

To the right of the latter, I saw a stall selling mee sua, pek ting eyok, dianpianngu and so on but I was not in the mood for those that day.

I saw somebody eating a plate of tomato kway teow and it looked pretty good but I did not think I would want that either. Anyway, I went straight ahead through that door to the chu-char (cook & fry) place right at the back of the shop and ordered their Foochow-style fried noodles (RM3.50)…

Tasty Taste Cafe, Foochow fried noodles

I am not sure what those Chinese characters in red on the sign said – perhaps somebody can help to translate that. As for the noodles, I would say that they did it pretty well – very nicely done and I would not mind having that again the next time I drop by this place but of course, I would want to try the rest of the stuff that they have here as well. Sigh!!! So many things to eat, so little time. LOL!!!

It turned out that my ex-student’s family was running the coffee shop and the kampua stall and I spotted these flowers…

Tasty Taste Cafe, flowers

…given to him by another ex-student, his classmate, I guess, on the occasion of the opening of the shop.

While I was there, I saw Eric’s mum and sister having their breakfast and Eric himself and the rest joined them later. Eric’s the guy who started the original instant kampua venture which has been spreading like wild fire. It seems that since then, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon including some bakeries in town, I noticed. Anyway, his mum ordered me this glass of coffee to try…

Eric's coffee

I understand that Eric is trying out these sachets with the coffee from Ipoh.  Well, I am not really a fan of kopi susu (coffee with milk) as the milk makes me sleepy but I thought it  was pretty good though not as nice as the very much stronger one here but my favourite would still be the blended kopi-o-peng (iced coffee) here with the ground coffee powder from the very nice butter/margarine roasted coffee beans from our very own Mui Hock.

It certainly was nice bumping into my ex-student and also Eric and his family that morning. Sure is a small world, isn’t it?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Move over…”

  1. I don’t read Mandarin so I don’t know what’s the Chinese words at the back too.. The noodles so cheap, RM3.50 only.. Here if we order chu-char, it’s RM5.50 at least for a single head. I don’t drink kopi as well but I like kopi susu.. I once tried mixing Dutch Lady full cream milk into the black kopi (which my grandma makes) and it taste delicious!

    Dutch Lady would be reconstituted milk (but I think they do have fresh milk as well – I seem to have seen it somewhere) – they give that at hotels and places and pass it off as fresh milk, not the same. Coffee shops use evaporated milk or the old school way – with condensed milk…except that now it’s sweetened creamer, not condensed milk anymore.

    Have not been to such coffee shop kind of places over at your side for a long time – dunno how expensive the prices have become – city mah…city living standard much higher, everyone so much richer, big salaries, overhead expenditure so high…so must charge more lor.

  2. Haha. Sibu is not a big town. ^^

    This Eric is very enterprising man. Good luck to him in this coffee shop business. The place look nice and neat to me.

    Yes, I like how these places are very nice and clean these days…not like those in the past or elsewhere.

    Eric’s not running the coffee shop now – he used to. Now he is trying out those ready-to-use sachets of coffee powder, not white coffee – no milk, no creamer. Thinking of venturing into that business as well, I guess.

  3. What’s with the halal roti canai? There is non-halal version of roti canai around?
    You mean the sign on the photo above the noodles? 菜馆 cai guan, literal translation: vegetable center, actual translation: I don’t know, I have never seen the words used like this before. Maybe it’s a Taiwan thing or Sibu thing?

    Ok, thanks. I supposed it means the chu-char place is there, right through the door – can order chai , literally meaning vegetables and generally meaning dishes.

    Oopsss!!! What I meant was the halal (roti canai and whatever) stall meaning that it’s a halal stall or more precisely, halal food stall…or stall selling halal food such as roti canai. Let me go and rephrase that, thanks.

  4. Lack of ingredients for that plate of Foochow fried noodles but I do love that glass of kopi susu to go with it.

    Milk makes me sleepy. I just drank half to taste.

    I did ask if they could add extra ingredients and they say they did not have – what can one expect for RM3.50 these days? Last I had it in Kuching (Me Kong) many years ago, it was RM4.50…with a few prawns…but from my own past experience, I used to buy at a stall (No.7) at the hawker centre near my house – very very nice and once I asked for RM5, tapao…and add extra RM5.00 special ingredients so they added some prawns, sotong, fish cake slices, things like that. It was NOT nice at all. I think they followed their standard recipes and they were too fixed in their ways already – cooking the same thing every day, day in day out like robots. After that, I would just buy RM5 and RM5.00 char siew elsewhere…and serve, putting the char siew slices on top for added colour and taste.

  5. Will Eric be selling the ready-to-use sachets of coffee powder in supermarket after trying out?

    No idea. Will just have to wait and see.

  6. small town wor. everywhere you turn sure to bump into ex-student. Popular teacher :).

    So much susu in that glas….must have been very sweet

    Not really, just that I’m not into drinks with milk…so I did not finish it.

  7. Ah… the all-time favorite kopi susu. Works best on me on a rainy day, as long as the susu is lesser than the kopi.

    No susu for me, will put me to sleep…like a baby, eh? Susu time = sleeping time. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  8. Oh, i know this place, love the coffee shop’s name.

    Your glass of coffee looks good, i think i will like it.

    Ya, you know this area – near that Italian place where we went for dinner. Haven’t been there for a long while now – gotta drop by sometime for lunch or dinner. The coffee was good…but it had milk. 😦

  9. I prefer my coffee black, no sugar and no milk. I never had a liking for kopi susu.

    Me too. Milk makes me sleepy but in the past, I must have sugar. Now I’ve acquired the taste so I don’t mind kopi-o mien tai (black coffee without sugar)…but the coffee must be kao-kao-kao – extra strong.

  10. kopi susu.. like the coffee in sachet??!!! that’s something new to me…

    I guess they just pour the boiling water over the sachet and add condensed milk. Probably better than draining the coffee out of the coffee powder in a sock…and diluting it with water. That last bit is the part I am not that fond of. I like my kopi-o kao kao kao!

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