No clue…

I went here…

Sg Antu Hawker Centre

…in August last year in search of what many claimed to be the best Foochow fried noodles in town and it turned out that I went to the wrong stall, No. 14, that time around. Well, I went again the other morning and it now has a very nice sign with neon/LED lights at night.

Yes, the highly-acclaimed stall, No. 10, was indeed a drinks stall and the kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee)…

Kopi-o peng

…that I had from there was only RM1.50 a glass and I would say it would rank among the better ones in town.

No. 11 was a Malay/Muslim stall and that morning, I decided to order from Stall No. 12 as it looked like everyone was ordering from there. There was a macho-looking guy there before, one who did not look quite like a Chinese but that morning, there was an old lady who did all the cooking, assisted by an Iban lady who took the orders and did all the serving and everything.

Pretty soon, my plate of noodles…

Foochow fried noodles 1

…arrived and I paid for it – RM4.00 like most everywhere else these days but I was delighted that there was so much meat and green vegetables and there were slices of liver in it too! Elsewhere, the ingredients would hardly be visible to the naked eye and if there is liver or other innards in it, that would set you back by around RM6-8.00, at least.

Most importantly, though I had no clue whatsoever whether that was the stall everyone was talking about, it certainly was very nice and I enjoyed it very much…

Foochow fried noodles 2

I guess that was all that mattered and incidentally, just as I was leaving, I spotted the proprietor of this restaurant in town that we frequent quite a lot and his wife and son dropping by the hawker centre and yes, they ordered from that same stall too. Perhaps after the renovation and everything, the numbers of the stalls are no longer the same as the ones before.

THE SUNGAI ANTU MARKET & HAWKER CENTRE/FOOD COURT (2.320030, 111.830741) is located along Jalan Sg Antu 2, on your right off Jalan Industri as you drive in from Jalan Kpg Nangka.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

6 thoughts on “No clue…”

  1. Good deal. Even char kway teow with taugeh only cost more than your plate of nice noodles and best part is it has lots of greens which nowadays is hard to come by.

    Yes, I simply can’t understand why they cannot add a bit more of the sawi since it is not all that expensive.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your noodles. We can’t buy anything here with RM4.00. LOL!

    Yes, I thought that was so cheap, so generous with the ingredients!

  3. Looks very good to me… lots of ingredients too!

    That’s the most important thing – it was very nice!

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