Nice to have you home…

My cousin and her hubby were home for a few days from Brisbane, Australia – thank you so much for the goodies you brought all the way…

Goodies from Down Under

…and of course, we took them out for dinner.

As soon as we got home from picking my girl from her school in the jungle last Friday, I contacted her and yes, they were free so we arranged to pick them up at their hotel that evening. I also asked my sister to join us, so altogether, there were six of us.

I picked one of my favourite places in town and it seemed they have a sparkling new menu now…

Flavours Thai Kitchen, new menu

…with a cute photograph inside of the authentic Thai chef, Jos…

Jos, the authentic Thai chef

…and one of their signature dishes, the traditional Thai snack, the miang kham which I ordered (RM15.90)…

Flavours miang kham

…for them to try. It did not look like they were all that excited by it but at least, they gave it a try. I loved it, of course…as always.

My girl wanted one of her favourites here, the pad thai (RM16.90)…

Flavours pad Thai

…and we had the small as we would have having rice with the rest of the dishes but yes, it was big enough to go round.

We had the creamy seafood tom yam, small (RM25.50)…

Flavours fish tom yam

…with specific instructions that we would not want the prawns and the sotong (squid), just the fish and mushroom, as my sister is allergic to those and even without those, it was really very nicely done – the soup was absolutely awesome!

Of course, she couldn’t eat this as well – their stir-fried lokan (RM28.90)…

Flavours stir-fried lokan

…and I forgot to tell them to tweak their recipe a bit and use Thai fish sauce instead of the dark soy sauce in the dish so it was not gluten-free. Nonetheless, my girl throw caution to the wind and had one of the clams, buang gian (appease the craving).

For our vegetable dishes, we had this fried cangkuk manis with egg (RM17.50)…

Flavours cangkuk manis with egg

– they do it differently from the Chinese stalls and shops, it seems and I find theirs a whole lot nicer. We also had the bitter gourd omelette (RM17.50)…and in the midst of all that chit chat and catching up, I forgot to take a photograph of it when it was served.

We enjoyed all the dishes but it was the pla tod samoon prai (RM82.00)…

Flavours pla tod samoon prai 1

…that stole the show.  We got a huge one, the barramundi, and that never failed to satisfy us each and everytime we had that – this time, of course, was no exception…and as always, we swept everything clean even the garnishing, all that used for the decoration and presentation of the dish.

I told my cousin that the ulam raja leaves were from the seedlings that I gave a year ago and they are growing so well that they do not have to buy any from the market anymore and she said that she tried planting the seeds I gave her on her last visit but nothing came out of it…and yes, she and the hubby helped themselves to those leaves…

Flavours pla tod samoon prai

…and they loved it a lot! I was quite happy with the thin strips of cabbage and carrot, slightly sourish from the calamansi lime juice added, and also the peanuts. Actually, I was thinking of ordering the three-sour/taste version that we used to order before and enjoyed very much as well and even though they told us there would not be any tomato sauce in it, just chili sauce, I decided not to take the chance and stuck to this one which I knew would be just as good.

For dessert, Mary, the gracious host, as always, treated us to one of the many birthday cakes that she received for her birthday and Jos gave us a plate of sliced pink guava to enjoy. Service was great, of course – they have such nice people here! It certainly was a pleasant and delightful evening indeed.

From the expression on their faces, it was very obvious that my guests enjoyed the dinner to the fullest and I sure was glad that I had made the right choice and took them here.

FLAVOURS THAI KITCHEN (2.292836, 111.828287) is located on the ground floor of the ORCHID HOTEL, along Brooke Drive at its junction with Jalan Tunku Osman. You can use its main entrance at the back of the hotel building (facing Brooke Drive) or go through the lobby past the reception desk if you are using its hotel entrance.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Nice to have you home…”

  1. the food looks very appetising … and it’s only in your town that we’ll find cangkuk manis in a thai restaurant! 🙂

    Absolutely out of this world – I so love Thai! Yes, we do get the veg at a lot of places, more popular than kangkong here, that’s for sure but no, it is never on the menu of a typical Chinese banquet. Neither is kangkong…or midin, for that matter.

  2. Great company great food. I would love the cangkuk manis fried with eggs and the fish. Lovely goodies from your cousin.

    Yes, have not had SPAM for a long time now, too expensive so I will just give it a miss.

  3. Nice dinner treat. That fish had me salivating. Haha. Bet the stir fried lokan tasted delicious as well, I always like shellfish.

    So pleased with myself seeing how my guests appeared to enjoy the food so much!

  4. Macadamia nuts are probably the nicest nuts to eat, but also the most expensive.

    Yes, I do love them. These imported nuts sure do not come cheap so we rarely buy them.

  5. Macadamias are my favourite nuts! They are a bugger to deshell though.

    I had difficulty cracking all those imported nuts even with a nutcracker – sure takes away a lot of the enjoyment. Would rather buy the shell-less one in packs instead.

  6. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your guests enjoyed the dinner. The first time I ate miang kam was in Bangkok and loved it eversince. But my boys don’t fancy it. I’m the only one who eats this.

    We enjoy it a lot. It all depends on the sauce, I think. They do it very well here.

  7. I like spam! Bought a couple of them when I was in Melbourne. So cheap there… the menu book looks so cool. Really creative eh!

    Yes, very nice. Without doubt, a cut above all the rest here.

    You can buy SPAM everywhere here. Not cheap though, that is why I never buy anymore.

  8. I like the menu book, looks so interesting. Your cousin and her hubby are so considerate to buy gluten free goodies all the way from Australia, very thoughtful gifts. Thai food anytime for me

    Yes, so glad to get the gluten free stuff, can hardly find any here. I love Thai too!

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