The way that you do it…

First and foremost, I must thank my cousin in Brisbane, Australia for the beautiful calendar that she sent me…

2019 calendar from Australia

It sure took a long time to get here but at least, I did receive it finally, safe and sound. Now I could take down the 2018 one, also from Australia, and hang this one up on the wall right in front of me above the PC monitor.

Moving on to my post proper, I had this (expensive) packet of made-in-Singapore noodles sitting around in the kitchen…

Singapore La Mian & pickled chili

– my missus bought it and used the sachets of seasoning and what not inside to cook something.

I thought I could use it to try and cook Kuching kolo mee, the way that they do it there. No, it is not the same as our Sibu Foochow kampua mee and if you go and eat the noodles in Kuching, they will give you the pickled green chili to go with it. It so happened that I had pickled some from my garden using sushi vinegar and I thought I could use that.

Kuching kolo mee is thinner and curly – my friend told me that is because it is machine made. Handmade Sibu kampua mee is thicker and straight. The noodles I would use was nothing like either of them – I think it was the same as the Korean ones that I bought once. It did not matter how long I cooked it – it would not turn soft and soggy.

I fried some thin slices of shallot in a bit of oil and removed them before frying some garlic till golden brown – I am quite sure they have garlic in Kuching kolo mee, usually not found in Sibu kampua mee. I added a bit of light soy sauce, a pinch of msg and a bit of the vinegar from the pickled chili to the fragrant oil. Once cooked and drained till really, dry, I tossed the noodles thoroughly with the ingredients.

Kuching kolo mee is served with real char siew and a bit of minced meat and sometimes with a sprig of green vegetable, blanched. I had none of those so I had mine with a few slices of pan-grilled bacon, garnished with the aforementioned fried shallots and finely chopped spring onion from my garden…

Noodles, my way 1

I also boiled an egg…

Egg, hard boiled

…to go with it to make sure it was substantial enough to sustain me through till lunchtime.

So was it anything like the way that they do it? I could not say for sure but I did think it was really very very nice…

Noodles, my way

Somehow or other, the thought that it was something like aglio olio did cross my mind and I enjoyed it a lot. I sure wouldn’t mind cooking noodles this way again next time.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

8 thoughts on “The way that you do it…”

  1. Ahhhhh just like me! I always want to pair my noodles with egg! ❤ That noodle looks plain but i love it plain (minimal) sometimes!

    I love pasta this way too – will prefer aglio olio to bolognese and the extra rich carbonara and alfredo.

  2. It looks simple but with the hard boiled and bacon it does make a perfect plate of noodles. Would be great with minced meat too. Yummy!!!!

    Next time, I will make sure I have all the added ingredients and the thin and curly kolo mee noodles – hope I can come out with my own kolo mee, no need to go to Kuching to eat liao! LOL!!!

  3. Lol. Your own version of kolo mee. It does look appetizing.

    It was very nice. Sure wouldn’t mind cooking noodles this way again.

  4. Those calendars are becoming less and less in print. I remember when newsagents used to be flooded with them for the new year.

    Yes, over here, a lot of people will buy the Sarawak Almanac but I see people on Facebook that we are already halfway into January and there is still no sign of it.

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