Not quite right…

I still had the red snapper…

Red snapper from BIL

…that my Bintulu brother-in-law gave us when he came back to Sibu for the Ching Ming Festival and it had been sitting in the freezer all this while; I don’t know why my missus never took it out to cook and the other day, I decided that I would do it and get it out of the way once and for all. I always have this thing about stuff lying idle in the freezer or the refrigerator, probably because I am moderately OCD. Hehehehehe!!!

I had these ingredients from my garden – the big  daun kunyit (tumeric leaves) for wrapping and I did cut a bit into thin strips, the curry leaves and the serai (lemon grass) and also the daun kesum (Vietnamese coriander)…

Ingredients from my garden

I also pounded these…

Pounded ingredients

…garlic, shallots, chillies, kunyit (turmeric) and lengkuas (galangal) and I used the paste to rub the fish, both sides and also inside…

Fish & pounded ingredients

…before placing it on a bed of the big kunyit leaves.

Fish & the rest of the ingredients

Then I stuffed the inside with some of the daun kesum and the serai and I placed all the rest on top of the fish before covering it with another layer of the daun kunyit and wrapping it all up and putting it in the oven to bake for over 30 minutes.

The fragrance filled the whole house and I was anticipating something really very very nice. Finally, it was done…

Fish, done

I saw this lady on tv and she said that if the fish eye is white, then it is cooked. Hmmmm…that’s new to me! I never took note of that before…but yes, indeed, it was done…

Fish, perfect

…to perfection.

However, we all thought it was just all right, nothing to shout about. I have done something a lot simpler with ikan buris and ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret) and both turned out really great. Perhaps this way of cooking is not quite right for red snappers.  I had it served sweet and sour once…

Sweet and sour red snapper
*At Fisherman Restaurant*

…and it was very nice and if I am not wrong, they use the head for fish head curry (you can have a choice between this or the more expensive ikan tapah). Maybe if I had deep-fried or grilled it first before wrapping it all up, it would be nicer but I guess I will never know – for some reason or other, I never buy this fish from the market myself.

Author: suituapui

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9 thoughts on “Not quite right…”

  1. Wow a fish can last that long in your fridge. Mine will be gone within two days. The boys love fish and I will usually cook it as soon as I get them.

    That’s the best…or buy them frozen and keep them frozen. I worry about the sellers defrosting the fish to sell and when nobody buys, they will freeze it again and defrost it the next day and by the time somebody buys the fish, it is not nice anymore.

    I don’t know why she did not cook this last one…for so long. Her brother gave quite a lot to us, she cooked some and I did cook some too but this one was left behind, dunno why.

  2. I am getting hungry for fish now. 🙂

    I think I still have two slabs of salmon in the freezer – I bought three and fried one for my girl so two left. She loves salmon.

  3. I love that your herbs came from your very own garden. We’ve tried a few times to grow food without success.

    So far I was successful with ladies fingers only – my brinjal never appeared, some pests ate all my chili leaves…so I’m sticking to all these exotic leaves and herbs. I’ve got them all!

  4. With so much ingredients inside, outside and beneath, the fish must be very flavourful… Nice!

    Unfortunately, no. Maybe this is not quite the right kind of fish to be cooked this way, more suitable for our freshwater river fish like ikan buris. Yum yummm!!!!

  5. You come to my house and check my freezer. Need your help to finish off 2 big fishes from CNY. Tapah!!

    Love what you did to your fish. Never try it like that.

    CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Oh my!!! They’re fossilised already. Muahahahaha!!!! I had something done like that once at a restaurant here but it was an ikan terubok, somebody brought his own fresh from Mukah – so very nice. Too bad not on the menu or I certainly would go back for more.

  6. You should put a few cuts on the fish before you baked it?

    Perhaps I should…so all the flavours would go into the fish. I thought stuffing the inside of the fish would be enough.

  7. I would expect it to be very nice with all those herbs. Guess it must have been kept too long. The flesh looks juicy though. The one served with sweet & sour looks great.

    I think so too. Well, look on the bright side! At least it is out of the way…for good and I would not have to see it staring at me in the face everytime I open the freezer.

  8. nice photographic journal of the fish’s voyage from fridge to plate! 😀 next time you could do a short video of the cooking too to upload! 😀

    I will need somebody young and good looking. Wanna volunteer? Hehehehehe!!!!

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