Some other way…

I tried a packet from one of the packs of the Sarawak instant bihun laksa

Sarawak instant bihun laksa
*Archive photo*

…that we got from my Bintulu brother-in-law and my missus had one as well. There were two packets left, four only in a pack, so on another morning, I cooked both and used one of the packs of sachets inside, keeping the  other one for another day to use in some other way.

Well, I’ve tried the fried noodles using the laksa sambal before here

Fried laksa mee mamak
*Archive photo*

…and though it tasted all right, I would taste the ingredients of the sambal in it. They probably should have used those brands where one would not need to sieve the gravy/broth/soup – I hear that this would be one of those…

Liza sambal laksa Sarawak
*Archive photo*

…but even though there have been people telling me that it is good, personally, I’ve never tried it before.

Anyway, back to the remaining pack of the sachets that came in the packets of the aforementioned instant laksa, bihun, I decided to use that to fry some of my own bihun the other morning. There were the ingredients…

Fried Sarawak laksa bihun, ingredients

…I prepared – some bihun, of course, soaked in hot water till soft, chopped garlic, sliced shallot, some curry leaves and spring onions, chopped, from my garden, a bit of prawns and an egg (beaten and fried for the sliced omelette topping). I did have chilies in the fridge but they were not hot and spicy so I did not bother to add any, not even for the colour.

I fried the garlic and shallot in a bit of oil till golden brown, added the prawns and the sambal laksa from the sachet and the curry leaves as well before throwing in the bihun and adding all the stuff in the remaining sachets. When I felt it was done, I dished it all out onto a bowl and garnished it with the spring onions and the strips of sliced omelette…

My fried Sarawak laksa bihun

Yes, I thought it was really very nice. I bet a bit of shredded chicken and maybe a squeeze of calamansi lime would make it taste even better.

However, at RM8.99 for a pack of 4, I certainly would not be all that keen to go out and grab another pack – it is now available at a supermarket here and I hear than in Miri, they are selling a pack for over RM9.00. It was only over RM3.00 for a pack of 5, with instant noodles not bihun and then they added a sachet of santan (coconut milk) powder and jacked up the price…and now they’ve substituted the instant noodles inside with bihun and they’ve raised the price even more. I guess it is convenient to buy and bring or send to family and friends abroad, desperate for a taste of our Sarawak laksa (and yes, this one comes really pretty close, just that you have to add your own toppings) – NZD13.50 a bowl in Auckland, New Zealand, I hear – but on my part, at least, I’ve given it a try. Period.