Stop for a while…

Last Friday, we had to drive to our girl’s school in the jungle to get her as her colleague, the one whom she would hitch a lift back with every week after school, had something on in Sibu so she had to come back a day earlier.

It was already past 1.00 p.m. and we had not had our lunch so we stopped by here

D'Santai Cafe

…for a while. Actually, it is along the way – we would go straight ahead (to the left) along that main road in the background…

D'Santai Cafe road signs

…to get home and if you turn left into Lane 2A1 and left again into Lane 2A, this place is right at the corner on your left.

There were these bananas…

D'Santai Cafe complimentary bananas on Fridays

…on every table and I asked the girl if they were complimentary and she said yes, they would give that every Friday. I am not familiar with this traditional practice and was wondering if I should eat them all. However, I saw those at the other tables eating one each and leaving the rest behind so I just had…two! Hehehehe!!!!

My girl was not with us the previous/first time we were here and since we did enjoy what we had that day, I reckoned she would want to come here and give it a try as well.

I ordered the terung berlado (RM6.00)…

D'Santai Cafe terung berlado

…and yes, I was right – it is something like our sambal terung and if I am not wrong, lado in Indonesian is lada in Malay, chili so this would be brinjal with (sambal) chili. It was very nice just that I thought what we had here was nicer but when I asked my girl, she said that both were nice and added that anything terung would be nice. Duh!!! LOL!!!

I was not surprised at all that my missus wanted something from the bumbu ijo (green chili sambal) section. I had that the last time and the sambal was so very hot and so very nice. It was our no-meat Friday so she asked for the sotong/squid (RM11.50)…

D'Santai Cafe bumbu ijo sotong

…and though they did not seem that generous with the sambal this time around, it was good and my girl liked it as well.

I had the ikan keli bakar, the grilled cat fish (RM9.50)…

D'Santai Cafe ikan keli bakar 1

…and it was very good…

D'Santai Cafe ikan keli bakar 2

We both agreed that it had an edge over the ikan tilapia bakar (RM15.00)…

D'Santai Cafe tilapia bakar

…that my girl had.

My ex-student commented on my post on Facebook that they did not return the 50 sen change when he was here that day. Well, my bill came up to RM49.50 – together with our orders, I had mineral water, my girl loved the honey lemon she had and my missus said that her three-layer tea was so very good, anytime better than the kopi-o-peng we had before…and yes, the boy asked if I had 50 sen or not. Hmmm…I certainly hope this is not a tactic that they use or they just can’t be bothered to get some loose change ready at hand all the time but yes, I had a 50 sen coin so I gave it to him and he gave me the one ringgit change back.

D’SANTAI CAFE (2.305748, 111.863080) is located among the shops to the right of Star Mega Mall, visible from the main road, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (road to Sibu Airport), round the corner from the newly-opened TK Hardware store there.