One of the things…

One of the things that my girl enjoys a lot and can eat is tosai

Sri Pelita tosai

and last Sunday morning, after church, we dropped by here again as she wanted that. We did not go for the sunset service the previous evening as we were out for dinner to celebrate the mum’s birthday.

It did take quite a while to be served, the tosai and it was torn though just a little bit. Later, when I had finished eating, I went over to have a look and I could understand what happened. Probably the guy was trying to cope with the numerous orders for his roti canai

Sri Pelita roti canai

Just look at the number on the grill and he had at least half a dozen more, the dough, on the other side, waiting for their turn.

I don’t recall ever having the roti canai here before (I did go for their roti tisu once quite sometime ago) but anyway, it is made using wheat flour so it is not gluten free. I guess I would have to come back here on my own some other day to sample it.

It was very early that morning, around 9.00 a.m. but we thought we could just eat our lunch there and then and be done with it before we went home to get my girl’s water and other rations and stuff before heading to her school in the jungle.

My missus had the sambal telur and the beef curry…

Sri Pelita beef curry

…and also this super nice sambal terung (brinjal)…

Sri Pelita sambal terung

Usually, there is a standard recipe and all these things would taste quite the same no matter where you go, give and take a little – some do it better than others but this one that we had that morning was different and we all loved it so much that I simply had to tapao a bit for my girl to take with her and enjoy it with rice for dinner. The boss’ wife told us that it was a recipe that she came across on Facebook – lots of shallots and if I am not wrong, there was a bit of asam (tamarind) juice in it as well.

I was glad I did help myself to the sambal terung that morning – it is not exactly my favourite and I would only go for it when it looks like it is very nicely done…and I also had the sambal egg but I did not go for the meat curry. Instead I went for the fish and took some of the ladies’ fingers in it as well…

Sri Pelita nasi campur

That sure was a delightful brunch and for all that we had – two nasi campur plus the sambal terung, takeaway, one tosai and three drinks, the boss collected only RM20.00 from me…and we left the place, satisfied and happy.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel They also have a branch at Permai, at the shops in the housing area opposite the Sibu General Hospital.