Living without you…

Kway teow (flat rice noodles) is gluten-free and so is bihun (rice vermicelli) and kueh chap (white rice sheets) but unfortunately, at all the food stalls and shops outside, they would use soy sauce in the cooking and that contains wheat so it is not gluten free. Yes, we do have gluten-free soy sauce but it is mighty expensive, over RM15.00 to around RM20.00 a bottle so one would need to use it sparingly…and besides, it does not actually taste like what we are used to.

That is why I would buy pad Thai…

Pad Thai from Flavours Thai Kitchen
*Pad Thai from Flavours Thai Kitchen*

…for my girl sometimes – she loves it a lot and it does not contain soy sauce; Thai fish sauce is all right, no wheat in the ingredients. The implication here is that there are other ways of cooking whereby we will not need to add soy sauce at all and it can taste really nice as well.

Well, last Friday, I bought some kway teow and taugeh (bean sprouts)…

Kway teow taugeh and prawns

…and there were some prawns in the freezer so I decided to fry the noodles for dinner my way, without the use of soy sauce. Usually my girl would go for lunch upon arriving in town on her way back from her school in the jungle and that would be around 3.00 p.m. at least. As a result of that, she would not be hungry by evening time so I thought this would be just nice for a light and simple dinner.

I pounded some chilies (4) and chopped all the cloves in a bulb of garlic till really fine and I also had some Thai basil leaves, curry leaves and spring onions from my garden, all finely chopped…

Other ingredients

I heated a bit of oil in the wok, fried the garlic till golden brown, added the prawns followed by the chili, spring onions, Thai basil and curry leaves. Once everything was good and ready, I added the kway teow. You can add salt (and msg) if you wish but I just  used Thai fish sauce and a generous sprinkling of pepper. Then two eggs went in and lastly, I added the taugeh before dishing it all out…

My gluten-free fried kway teow

Yes, it was very nice and one can have it with the Thai chili sauce…

With sweet Thai chili sauce

…made in Thailand, if one so wishes. We used to buy our popular Malaysian brand but it has wheat in it (and the tomato sauce too) while this one contains modified corn starch and that is perfectly all right.

I guess all it takes would be a little getting used to – living without soy sauce…and the same goes for a lot of things as well like how we never use mittens in the kitchen. The dish cloth would be enough for the job should we need to remove some baking trays or whatever from the oven but my girl mentioned in passing that it would be nice to have one.

That was why when I saw them at a DIY shop here, selling for only RM3.90 each, less that USD1.00, I quickly grabbed two…

Mittens from Mister DIY

…for her and yes, she was delighted that day when she came home and saw them…and of course, I was glad she liked them. I really do know her so well.

I would say that we are getting on all right, living without wheat (and oats and barley) and soy sauce and are getting quite used to it by now.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Living without you…”

  1. Did you ever imagine in your younger years that you’d learn so much about gluten?

    Ignorance is bliss! We did not know many things way back then. My mum used to say, “Lasap ciak, lasap pui!” (Dirty eat, dirty fat) I guess that means it will build up our immunity so people our time are stronger, healthier…or some just died and we did not know the cause, reasons unknown.

  2. You don’t have gluten-free soy sauce?

    Read the post again! I did mention that we have gluten-free soy sauce, so very expensive and not really anything like the regular soy sauces that we are used to. Those, I prefer mushroom soy and I just bought a bottle, gluten free – yet to try so at the moment, dunno same or not. Around RM20.00 a bottle, mind you. Poor old pensioners like me do not have all that much money to throw so of course, it would be best if we can go without it, use as and when absolutely necessary only…like when cooking stewed pork knuckle or pork belly, no choice.

  3. Those mittens are cute. Like you, I think the dish cloth does a good job too.

    Old folks like us, no need for anything fancy. Anything goes as long as it’s practical and it gets the job done.

  4. I didn’t realise how many things contain wheat – never thought of soy sauce and chilli sauce as having wheat. Love your title, by the way.

    Neither did I! I wonder why. Things like tomato or chili sauce, it probably helps thicken them but they could have used corn flour instead – we use that to thicken sauces in our cooking.

  5. Homecooked is the best. Your noodle looked yummy.

    Which remind me, it is time to change my mitten and cloth. Love yours. So cute.

    It was good though it involved quite a bit of work, de-veining the prawns, removing the tails of the taugeh etc…etc…but since it turned out well, it was worth it.

    RM3.90, so cheap. Can buy a few – use and throw away. 😀

  6. I suppose one adapts to the situation. I have tried Tamari and liquid aminos out of curiosity but tastewise, they can’t beat soya sauce. It’s a matter of getting used to it.

    Tamari tastes like the soy sauce in the made-in-China canned pickled lettuce so it is not quite the same. Kikkoman has the gluten free version but it is not available here, dunno if that is any good. So far, the closest is the Shouyu.

  7. pad thai! i rarely have it, but when i do have it, i end up loving it!

    We enjoy it very much. You would have a lot of places to choose from, over at your side.

  8. Oat and barley too? Oh dear. I consume these two on a weekly basis.

    Your kway teow looks very nice. I would love to have a taste of them.

    She was eating oats every day, at times every meal when too tired to even heat up the food the mum cooked for her to bring to her school in the jungle to eat over the week. Overdose! She does not go for barley though, very rarely.

  9. Noodles that I like- kuay teow, rat tail noodle
    Not too fancy – bihun, yellow noodle 🙂

    Yellow noodles here is nice, no alkaline, no smell. I’m ok with all but I prefer the kway teow over at your side – finer, smoother, thinner, translucent, much nicer!

  10. You made it real well! I remember the first time I made my own it was a mess, those rice noodles are hard to manage

    Oh? No problem at all. My girl has this problem with noodles too, dunno what she does wrong.

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