One day later…

We did not get to go for our regular Saturday special lunch treat for my girl as we went out with her grandpa that day but we did manage to do it one day later instead, on Sunday on our long weekend, thanks to the public holiday on Monday.

We dropped by here

Le Cafe

…to see what they had on the menu that was gluten-free and all right for my girl to eat and no, we cannot no longer go for their very nice claypot chicken rice since we’re off soy sauce these days. In the end, we decided to share the barbecued chicken rice (RM25.90)…

Le Cafe barbecued chicken rice

…which was really very nice, half a chicken…

Le Cafe barbecued chicken

…and we sure would not mind ordering that again on our next visit.

My girl wanted the mushroom soup (RM8.90)…

Le Cafe mushroom soup

…and yes, it was good, just that we had to tell them to leave out the croutons, no bread for her as well. They had those floating on top in the photograph in their menu.

We also had their lamb shank (RM33.90)…

Le Cafe lamb shank 1

…that we had and enjoyed before. Oh? The price has gone up by RM2.00, I see? We thought it was nicer the previous time around…

Le Cafe lamb shank 2

…or maybe it was overshadowed by the lovely sauce that came with the barbecued chicken.

They do enjoy quite a bit of business these days, it seems but service was good (just that you would have to be conversant in Mandarin) and our orders were served pretty promptly. We would be dropping by again, that’s for sure.

LE CAFE (2.299452,111.830832) is located along Brooke Drive, on your left if you are driving from town, in a block of shops after you have gone past the building where the Sheraton Restaurant is…before you get to the traffic lights where you turn right to get to the Sibu Medical Centre.