What I said…

My ex-student, Thaddaeus, now an RMAF Captain based in Kuantan, Pahang, tied the knot with his lovely bride, Grace…

Thaddaeus & Grace

…at the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Sibu…

Wedding mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral Sibu

…last Saturday and I was in the list of their invited guests.

I did not have many non-Chinese students in my school which was predominantly-Chinese and Thaddaeus was among the sprinkling that I had in my last Form 5 class the year I was about to retire.

What I will always remember was this incident when he came to class with an injured finger and I just asked in passing what happened. I cannot recall now whether it was a fracture or a sprain but I did give him some advice as to what he could do. It did not seem like anything much but somehow, what I said in that little show of concern touched him and left a lasting impression.

Sometime later, in one of his essays, he wrote about it and expressed his appreciation and gratitude for his teacher’s gesture, one that I did not think was of much significance. I guess it is true that we need to be aware of everything we say, no matter how trivial we may think it is, as some may take it to heart and it is a knife that cuts both ways.

Anyway, back to the wedding, in fact, I was not free that day but I made an effort to show up at the cathedral just to say congratulations to him and his wife-to-be, at that point in time, and I did stay till to witness them taking their marriage vows and the exchange of their wedding rings…

Exchange of wedding rings

…as the priest pronounced them man and wife and after the offering…


…I took my leave quietly.

There was a lunch reception at the house in the afternoon – I have no idea what went on there so I do not know if they had their traditional Iban wedding ceremony or not. I sure would love to go and watch – come to think of it, I have never witnessed one before!

Once again, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Thaddaeus & Grace, thank you so much for the invitation, and may your life together be abundantly blessed with love and happiness each passing day in the years ahead…and talking about Iban traditions, it is the Gawai Dayak Festival…

…today, the first of June…

Selamat Ari Gawai 1

…so it is a public holiday here and tomorrow as well…

Selamat Ari Gawai

I would like, therefore, to take this opportunity to wish all my relatives and friends and all my blog followers celebrating this auspicious festival, Selamat ‘Ari Gawai!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “What I said…”

  1. I am impressed your show of concern touched him. Congrats to the newly-wed couple. Any Gawai visiting today? Have a great time.

    Thanks. I did get an invitation but it is so so so hot these days that I dread going out of the house. Have not been to the Ramadan stalls either, can’t stand the heat.

  2. I never attended a traditional Iban wedding and reception.

    Congrats to the newly weds.

    Thanks. Neither have I. I missed one sometime ago, at 10th Mile, the golf course area – I did not fancy making my way there on my own at night. Dunno if they had one at the house or not, missed it again. 😦

  3. Handsome dude with beautiful bride, congratulations! Did he feel weird when his retired teacher squeezed to the front just to take pictures of him exchanging the ring? 😛

    Thanks. Thankfully, my old and cheap digicam has a zoom. Can’t imagine me, so big, trying to squeeze through like a bull in a china shop. 😀

  4. that’s a great-looking bride and groom indeed! may they be blessed with a union that endures as long as yours has! 🙂

    Thank you. Mine’s not that long…only 36 years. 😀

  5. Congratulations to your ex-student and his wife.. How lovely they are…… yes, I am sure you have made an impact in his life even though you did not realize it that time…

    Thanks. I sure did and I felt flattered that my little gesture was that much appreciated.

  6. Yes, often one can do a small gesture which can have a great impact on others. Hopefully it is always a positive gesture.

    Indeed! Like I said, it’s a knife that can cut both ways. We may say something we think insignificant in passing and someone may take it to heart and feel offended.

  7. It was nice of you to attend the ceremony even though you were not free.

    I had a little bit of time to spare so I decided to just drop by for a while, the least I could do since it was so sweet of him to remember and invite me.

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