I saw some people over in the peninsula blogging about this…

Bear Paw

…but I never did bother to read to see what they actually were. I just assumed they were some kind of mantao (steamed buns) with the imprint of the bear paw on each of them, some kind of a gimmick to draw the crowd.

Then I heard that somebody had opened an outlet at a megamall here and recently, a friend shared a photo of it on Facebook but he never said anything about it, what it was…but he did say it was worth a try. It so happened that when my girl came back to town last Friday, she was at the supermarket at that megamall with her mum, shopping for her rations for the week ahead and before she was done, it started to rain really heavily so she called me to tell me that they would come home later when the rain had eased.

I asked her to buy home one of those bear paws for me to try and that was what she did…

Bear paw burger, chicken

She said that it was chicken – they did not seem to have fish anymore – and since it was my no-meat Friday, I just chucked it in the fridge and the very next morning, I heated it in the oven for my breakfast. Oh no!!! It turned into something like bread or a bun…

Bear paw burger, toasted

…but thankfully, it was very nice. I liked how it had a nice crusty top but now, I would not know exactly what it would be like originally.

As it turned out, it was quintessentially a burger…

Bear paw burger

…and it had chicken slices inside…

Bear paw burger, inside 1

…not patty plus a bit of lettuce and what seemed like cheese to me…

Bear paw burger, inside 2

…and some kind of dressing, probably honey mustard.

It was nice, that much I would say but when I asked my girl how much it was, I almost died!!! That thing cost over RM12.00 for just one of it!!! I said that she should not have bought it since it was so expensive but she said it was all right – at least, I would get to try it…and according to her, there were quite a number of people there eating. Good grief!!! People must be really rich to be able to afford that!

Ok, so I’ve tried it and ok, it was nice but I would not think it was anything exceptional that I would reserve for some very special occasion to indulge in and pamper myself with – the bottom line is…it is what it is, just a burger.

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13 thoughts on “Bears…”

  1. Oh, I thought you meant a bear paw donut! That was what initially came to mind at first -there’s a type of doughnut they call a “bear paw”.

    This seems to be the Japanese chain though. I’ve been to the one in Sg Wang (Kuma something) and it was pretty good. I also bought one to bring home and unfortunately it doesn’t taste as good the next day. I did not try to reheat it though.

    I remember one of the flavors was kaarage (Japanese fried chicken). Good when it’s fresh, not so the next day.

    Ahhhhh!!! Now that you mention it, yes, it did look like chicken kaarage inside. Tasted great even though it shouldn’t have been heated in the oven – perhaps I could have steamed the bun separately and grilled the chicken in a non-stick pan to heat up, wouldn’t want to eat it cold. I bet it would be very nice eaten fresh, at the outlet itself. A Japanese franchise, eh? No wonder it is so expensive!!!

  2. I haven’t tried these yet. Thanks for sharing your impressions.

    It was nice even though it became what it shouldn’t be like, I enjoyed eating it…just that it was way too expensive…for me, at least.

  3. The only bear paws I know of here in Montreal, Canada are in cookie form. Kind of cool. 🙂

    Don’t think I have seen those but they sure are creative in making those cookies these days, some are really cute.

  4. Yup, just a burger. Not cheap for that portion; in Taiwan… they call this “Gua Bao” (刈包)

    Definitely. Can get a value meal set at McD for two-thirds of the price, I think.

  5. Never seen this pau before. Cute bear paw!

    Okay, after reading your review, I would not be bother to look and try it. ^^

    It’s nice actually but the price is shocking!

  6. The bear paw burger looks cute. For that price, I don’t think I will buy it.

    I wouldn’t either…but my girl went ahead and got me one even though she too was stunned by the price.

  7. It does look nice, but as you say, quite expensive.

    Not just quite, VERY expensive…enough for a breakfast outing here for a family of 3 with drinks!

  8. I tried once, but didn’t take picture and blog about it…

    Bet it was less than $5.00 in your currency, not so shocking!

  9. So cute, like the bear stamped his mark on the bun hah..hah… How come I have never seen this? I guess I haven’t been out much. At over RM12 that’s a bit much but I don’t mind trying at least once.

    Gee!!! I’ve seen this in blogs, dunno if they all went by the same name or not. I just felt it was just a gimmick but since we have one outlet here, I thought I would want to give it a try to see what it was – did not expect it to be so expensive and did not expect it to be a burger.

  10. Oh, I never seen this before over here, not in Ipoh anyway. You are more updated than me anytime! hahahaa… I am not a fan of burgers, but it is good to try…. Your girl is so sweet, the price is not an issue when it comes to Papa!

    Yes, and vice versa. Anything she wants, she gets. 😉 Well, I know they have it in Penang, Queensbay Mall, dunno Ipoh.

  11. never tried bear paw, but i tried other brand…..i quite like it coz like mantou burger, not too heavy overall 🙂

    You had the kumamono? How much did you pay for it? Just as expensive? I think this was RM9 something, add RM2 for the cheese…and GST, the total went up to over RM12.00. *pengsan*

    1. yaya, kumamono……the price lebih kurang lo….heehehee…..
      ya is quite pricy but i quite like the bun burger :-p

      You very kaya, never mind. Hehehehehe!!!!

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