Time flies…

I went out shopping with my daughter and missus yesterday afternoon and we stopped by this mall in town…

Star Christmas decor 2012 1

…and lo and behold! The Christmas decorations are up!!! Gee! It’s only November, and just a day after Deepavali. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Before we know it, any year would have gone by and we’ll be starting a brand new year…

Star Christmas decor 2012 2

They were playing all the Christmas hymns and songs too, Joy to the world and all those…to get everybody in the mood…

Star Christmas decor 2012 3

Have you shopped for your Christmas presents yet? Got anything for me? Hehehehehehe!!!!

Star Christmas decor 2012 4

Well, if you’re not quite in the mood yet, perhaps this will help – one of my best loved songs for the season – “Christmas is my favourite time of year” by Kenny Rogers…

Which one do you like the most?

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31 thoughts on “Time flies…”

  1. 2 posts again today? So rajin! The Christmas deco here was up in early October.. crazy!!!I guess this is the ruse to get people in the mood to start spending for Christmas. Economy is still sluggish.

    Wanna post this quickly before it gets to be stale new. Food no problem…can wait. 😉 I suppose over there you do not have a lot of major festivals, not like here – after the Raya, there was Deepavali…and after Christmas, there will be Chinese New Year in January… The festivities here never end, all year round! 🙂

  2. wth!! so fast?! halfway of november only!
    anyway.. i like Joy to the World! =D

    Nothing in Penang yet? Hah!!! That song reminds me of my cousin’s son who used to live next door to us. He would sing, “Lipid de sounding doy, lipid de sounding doy….!!!!” Now, he’s married with kids! Boy, am I old or what? 😦

  3. yes.. times seems to pass by so fast.. Christmas is my favorite time of the year…. I always feel like a kid again every Christmas!

    my favorite song is The Christmas Song….chestnuts roasting by an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose,Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, and folks dressed up like Eskimos… XD

    Great choice! I love that song too! The original by Nat King Cole, no less…and I am always tickled by the line about the nuts roasting over an open fire… LOL!!!! 😀

  4. Very festive. I couldn’t recognize the place at first, but it’s that new place with all the makeshift stalls on the main floor, looks like a high end pasar malam to me. I went to the supermarket there looking for gulong luncheon meat once and found them hidden away at the back. I guess they can’t display pork products out front these days.

    Yup! Vast improvement now…lots of shops, nice ones. We spent a long time on the ground floor, didn’t manage to check out the supermarket and departmental store upstairs. That’s the thing about these hypermarts – so big that it may be a pain trying to look for something.

  5. it’s the most magical time of the year, heheh. christmas always brings back cheerful memories for me, and i’m always glad when i see signs of it approaching 😀

    It’s just round the corner. Wouldn’t be long now. Hope you’ve been good all year or Santa’s not going to bring you any presents. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  6. Sibu people sure are excited about Christmas. 😉
    Yesterday, I still see Deepavali decorations at the mall here. Have yet to see Christmas decoration up.

    Not really. I was pleasantly surprised to see the decor. Did not expect it to be up this early… Usually Christmas, not a big thing here – decor also minimal….Chinese New Year is the big one here! Best time to be around but unfortunately airfares extra expensive around that time.

  7. Not in the mood since the kids are not around for the celebration. hahaha! Still early lah. I don’t see any decoration up in shopping malls over here. Maybe end of the month

    Hah!!! Looks like Sibu jumped the gun this time! Your kids will be away all holiday… Aiyor!!!!! Wouldn’t you miss them a lot? Not miserable and lonely without them kah?

  8. My present to you is money. That is the best Christmas present of all. Lotsa money. Just wait for the arrival.

    I’ll be waiting…. Will welcome with open arms! Not the miserable RM500 bonus for pensioners, I hope. People get 50% of their salary, this is just about 25% of my pension. Shortchanged, pity the so-called “warga emas”!!!

  9. Oh, I was just thinking yesterday about seeing the first Christmas tree this year and here you are with a Christmassy post. I like the second picture best. So merry! Happy Xmas shopping!

    Not really shopping for Christmas, just walking and browsing around since my girl is home. Took me by surprise, still so early.

  10. Time really flies & guess all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, hehehehe. . Another blink of the eyes you can hear dong dong chiang songs.

    I can’t stand those noisy songs, give me a headache…and always so loud that I would rush out of the shop right away. 😦

  11. Not all of the malls have gotten into the Christmas mood yet… but it’ll be soon.

    I’ve not quite started shopping for Christmas, although I did splash some greens on the gift wrappers at Ikea today. I think I’ll swing by next week to do it when the holiday crowd have disappeared.

    My favorite Christmas songs would have to be “O Christmas Tree” and “Silver Bells”. I really feel like I’m in the Christmas mood now. =D

    Crowded this week? I see a lot of people all gone away for the hols – Thailand, Singapore…and raining a lot there, so many would not want to go out. Maybe people from elsewhere on holiday…like from Sibu, perhaps. Ok, not my favourites…but Silver Bells by local (Singapore) singer Naomi and the Boys was very popular in the 60’s.

    1. Most of the folks have gone abroad too but it was still crowded today with the public holidays and all. Maybe you’re right.

      Yup…all MAS flights Sibu-KL-Sibu fully booked. Will have to go through Kuching, a hassle and have to pay more! 😦

  12. Christmas decos is up already? So fast! But of all the festivals, I like Christmas the most (although I’m not celebrating it)! I love the songs, the presents and Santa Claus! I know, I know, Santa doesn’t exist so let me continue dreaming, wokay?

    Ya…it spreads the message of love and peace and joy to all men. We certainly need that!

  13. Its always the ‘trend’ after Raya Haji, comes Diwali, then X’mas followed by CNY pretty soon.

    Yup…but in Sibu, this is not usual. They usually skip Christmas, or it would be so minimal that we would hardly notice it. Chinese New Year, on the other hand, is heralded and celebrated on a very grand scale.

  14. Nice snow flakes in the video which we will be seeing lots of it in most blog. Kinda like Xmas song by Boney M they left the song deep in my bones haha.

    Ya…December 1st, I think – they will appear on my blog…. Not a fan of Boney M, I’m afraid, but many like them. Will hear songs by them on the local radio station a lot when the season draws near, them and Jim Reeves.

    1. …Jim Reeves…did someone mention Jim Reeves??! 🙂 Silver bells, silver bells… nice mah the song, why you no like, Arthur?

      Hahahahahaha!!!! I bet you love songs about bells…and pendulums too!!!! 😀

  15. Oh my! How do they get the decorations up so quickly? Didn’t Deepavali just finish?

    Deepavali? We don’t have that here – we do not even get a public holiday…the reason being there are so few Indians here that if you bump into one on the street, you can consider it to be your lucky day. A very rare opportunity indeed!

  16. oh yes….last month end..I already saw a small Christmas tree at one of the famous brand ice cream shop.

    some shops here..Christmas deco is up and also Christmas tree ..shopping mall still not yet, I still can see “kolam” around.

    The only kolams we will get to see here will be the ponds, kolam ikan, kolam mandi… You know lah! Sibu, so few Indians…so no Deepavali.

  17. hey, its christmas all over again! I’ve been a rather good boy this year, i think. Any presents for me? hehe

    You have??? Hmmmmm….. I most certainly have, so what are you getting me? Hehehehehe!!!!!

  18. This year is special, right? Your girl is back with you for Christmas!! As for me, my son is not coming back due to time constraint… my girl will be having her exams around that time too.. anyway, Christmas or not, it is the togetherness that counts…
    I haven’t been to my malls in IPOH yet for the past one week or so.. but Ipoh malls are always very frugal compared to other states…. we do not have much deco over here.. hmmmm….

    Oh? I thought Ipoh big city like KL and Penang? Maybe you haven’t been around…or they still have not removed the Deepavali decor. Hmmmm…looks like you’re going to have a Blue Christmas this year then…

  19. now very fast liao. Deepavali deco just come down the Xmas deco will up. Guess 1st Jan, CNY deco will be up too.

    I guess so. That’s the beauty of being in Malaysia – celebration all year round… 😉

  20. WOW! First time see so much effort in a Sibu mall! WOOOOT!!!

    The owner(s) has/have a row of shops in the town opposite the Heritage Centre and every Christmas, they would have gaily-decorated Christmas trees lining the streets. Other than that, I think the Christmas decor here is minimal even in the hotels except for Tanahmas before, dunno now…but the churches and associations will hold a Christmas parade along the streets around the town and the town council will hold a Christmas tree competition at the town square every year. Not sure if there will be one this year.

  21. yeah, right after deepavali and it’s christmas decoration welcoming the shoppers in all the shopping malls.. i have yet to see any christmas decoration yet, but surely looking forward to see which mall will have the best decoration…

    You’re too busy to bloghop but you have time to go around the malls? Shopping for a nice Christmas present for me, is it? Anything expensive will be fine. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  22. Oh, time goes by too quickly! Next thing we know it’s Chinese New Year again! Hmm…I better start my spring cleaning now…

    I never bother. Somebody once commented – no need to clean, no need to decorate…as long as the food is great – that’s all that matters. LOL!!! 😀

  23. I like to see malls coming up with Christmas deco. Feel joyous.
    Can’t wait to assemble my small Christmas tree.hehehe….

    I asked my girl, she said no need for a Christmas tree…so I guess we will not be having any. 😦

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