No excuse…

Some people say that they do not know how to cook anything other than instant noodles. Well, if they can boil water and do that, they really have no excuse whatsoever to insist that they cannot cook.

They can easily boil a slab of meat in some water till it is cooked…

Pork, boiled

I had cut it into three chunks so it would be easier and faster to cook on the inside. After that, they can do what my mother used to do – add a pinch of salt and msg and toss like what I have shared in this post sometime ago. However, if they would rather go without those seasonings, they can slice the meat and eat it plain with sambal belacan

Sliced boiled pork with belacan

…or simply with soy sauce and sliced fresh chili.

In the meantime, I had peeled some potatoes and cut them into wedges and boiled them in another pot. Once the meat was done, I poured the stock into the pot with the potatoes…

Boiled potatoes

I also diluted the stock with a bit of water as I would prefer a lighter clear soup. They can add a pinch of salt if they want it saltier but actually, it is already nice on its own with the sweetness from the meat and the taste of the potatoes. Pepper would be optional, and they may add if it so pleases them.

These are optional too – chopped spring onions and fried sliced shallots…

Chopped spring onions & fried shallots

…to use as garnishing for the potato soup…

Potato soup

…and I assure you that those would bring the taste to a whole new level.

I remember when I was small and my mum cooked this soup, she would always add tang hoon (glass noodles) and I loved that to the max. I wonder what it is about kids and noodles – they always seem to love it so much! My girl loves tang hoon too – a must-have everytime we have steamboat at home but I did not add any that day as there wasn’t any in the house plus it wasn’t the weekend so my girl was away at her school and not at home.

There you are! Sliced pork and potato soup to go with your rice – anytime nicer than just instant noodles.