Pleasant and delightful…

I was planning to come here that night to check this place

Eco-Delight Cafe, Sibu

…out but we ended some place else for a dinner that was not all that great plus I thought it was rather expensive.

Well, if it is of any interest to anybody, this place has opened another outlet…

Fish Culture II

…here to the right, just two doors away.

Back to the cafΓ© that we went to, it really is a very nice place…

Eco-Delight, inside

…with an open kitchen concept…

Eco-Delight, open kitchen

…so one would be able to see the hive of activity inside – I did spot two or three very young and handsome chefs and a couple of helpers, all caught up with their work the whole time we were there.

No, I would not say it is one of those classy, fine dining (and expensive) restaurants – I would categorise it as some kind of family restaurant, a pleasant and delightful place to bring the whole family to for a nice and inexpensive dinner. If I am not wrong, it opens from 3.00 p.m. onwards so dropping by here for lunch is out of the question.

Having said that, I wish they had a cabinet with sliding doors instead of the open one right below the kitchen window – with all the plates, bottles of sauces (right)…

Exposed cabinet and boxes

…and everything else dumped inside, all exposed…or maybe they can move it some place else and yes, they should put those boxes away too…for I do feel all those kind of spoil what would have been a very nice place.

Service was excellent with all the young eager beavers, all ready to please but I spoke Mandarin to them the whole time so I am not too sure if they are conversant in English or not. Maybe I will try next time. They had these lovely cakes…

Eco-delite Cafe, cake counter

…on display in their cake counter but I didn’t have any that evening.

My girl had the Hainan chicken chop (RM7.90)…

Eco-Delight Hainan chicken chop

…and yes, it was very nice. My girl did let me try a bit of the chicken and I thought it was very good. The only time I had this before was the unbelievably cheap one in Penang but I hear the place has closed down, no longer there. I wouldn’t mind ordering this for myself the next time we drop by here but I probably would be torn between that and the grilled chicken chop with mushroom sauce (RM7.90)…

Eco-Delight grilled chicken chop with mushroom prices

…that my missus had and I did try a bit of it as well and that too was very good.

Oooopsss!!! Gotta get rid of the plate now…

Eco-Delight Cafe chipped plate

…I’m afraid!

I had their spaghetti chili beef (RM8.90)…

Eco-Delight spaghetti chili beef

…which I thought was all right, not something I would be rushing back for more but it was o.k. I think those were strips of beef bacon, not fresh beef, and despite the name, I could not detect any chili in it. They probably would have to be a lot more generous with the chili powder.

I did not want anything too heavy as I also ordered their chicken quiche (5 for RM9.90)…

Eco-Delight chicken quiche

…that a friend on Facebook said was very nice. To me, I thought that indeed, they were nice but I would not say they were anything spectacular. I liked how they served them like this…

Eco-Delight chicken quiche set

…though – on a wooden paddle. That sure would come in handy if anyone is in for a spanking. Ouch! Ouch! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

I did see somebody else having their baked cheese mussels and they were served like that too. They looked pretty good so I probably would order those to try next time…and hopefully, they would have the cheese croquettas that were on their menu but were not available that night.

Sky juice was 50 sen a glass, 100 Plus was RM3.50 and iced lemon lime with plum was RM5.00, bringing the total to RM43.60 – no GST. I thought that was really cheap but incidentally, except for the quiche, those were promotional prices so I would not know what everything would cost when they are not on promotion.

All in all, we liked the place, the people, the food…and the prices so you can expect to see us back there again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

21 thoughts on “Pleasant and delightful…”

  1. I havent tried that Hainan chicken chop and it looks very easy to make, got to do that at home sometime

    Yes, it does look like a simple dish – chicken, clobbered and coated with batter and fried…with the clear sauce with peas, carrots, potatoes and Bombay onions poured over it. My guess is it is chicken stock thickened with cornstarch plus whatever seasonings.

  2. I already like this place!! Hahaha.

    Nice environment (except the messy boxes), handsome and young staff and lovely food.

    Chicken quiche. I used to buy some from the Skycafe in Green Heights. The caterer of MAS. Their pastries are good but pricey.

    What’s the name of that place at Jalan Song now, Aloha Bakery, I think? The chicken quiche is very very nice, a lot nicer than these here…but of course, they do not come cheap.

    Yes, I do hope they will put away those boxes some place else, so unsightly. Could just put outside, the coffee shop section – that side, no need to bother about looking nice. Hehehehe!!!

  3. Fish culture cafe, the sequel! I like the name of that cafe … And it’s kinda rib-tickling when you try to imagine what ‘fish culture’ might be like … Definitely different from human culture! πŸ˜‰

    LOL!!! I dunno how they got the name, hope it’s not cultured fish, or in other words, farmed fish. All I know is that this place is famous for its Fuzhou fish balls, with a little bit of minced meat and a bit of ginger soup inside like xiao lung pao. Their signature dish.


    Yes, victim of circumstances. I was not fluent in it but now, with a lot of practice, I do get by very well. Can’t read though. Everyone speaks it here, the lingua franca – used to be Foochow, now dying out. Hokkien is dead as a door nail, nobody speaks it except some of the old folks like me. These days, I would just speak Mandarin instead of English – otherwise, when I find that they cannot understand nor speak a word, I would have to say the same thing all over again…in Mandarin, such a nuisance. 😦

  5. I love your posts and enjoy seeing where you go and what you eat! I do love to go out to eat but I just don’t have the money to do it so I enjoy reading your posts because I almost feel like I am out, in a way. πŸ™‚

    Glad that you enjoy the virtual food tour. I would not be able to eat out at all as well if I lived overseas – I’ve noticed that everything is so very expensive, I would not be able to afford it, not at all. Thank goodness things here aren’t so bad.

  6. All looks so good. Chicken quiche for me, pls. Yes, I like chicken quiche & pies from Aloha Bakery too. Yummy!!!!

    Yes, I liked Aloha’s but they’re not cheap. Once in a long while, ok lah.

  7. hi good morning,
    They are having a promotion on all chicken chop orders until when I do not know. I tried their chicken chop with mushroom sauce a few weeks back and it was nice (considering how cheap the price was!) Anyway did you check out the ABC at the coffee shop of the same name(eco delight)?

    Yes, food’s good here…and so very cheap. We went to the coffee shop once only – the beef tripe mee soup was very nice but no, I did not have the ABC. As always, like at all coffee shops, I had their kopi-o-peng.

  8. I always love this type of cafe , lots of good food and comfortable ambience. It’s nice to wind down during a meal there.
    I love the pasta and the chicken chop ! Looks fabulous !!!

    Pasta was so-so, dunno if they have anything else better on their menu. Will check it out next time and since we liked more or less everything about this place, we sure would be going back there again.

  9. The chops look appetizing; but you didn’t order fish dishes. From the name I thought it was more of a fish restaurant.

    No, the fish place is next door, not this one that we went to. This is a spin-off of a cold storage place called Eco-fresh, can get fresh fish, prawns and meat there…and also frozen imported stuff like salmon, cod, mussels. I go there once in a while. Sometime ago, before Chinese New Year, they opened this place with the adjoining coffee shop beside it.

  10. “Pleasant and delightful…” your header alone had me in a cheery mood before even reading on. πŸ™‚

    Aptly describes our experience at this place that day.

  11. Food looks good in this shop… for me, five quiche are a lot to me… I think I can eat one or the most two… as usual, I am the type who likes to try a bit of this and that…. You are very observant.. any chips on the utensils do not escape your eyes… hahahaha

    They were small, not the usual quiche size so you should be able to manage two…or three, if you do not eat anything else. Ya…I have this thing against this kind of upscale places using chipped crockery. If those cheap no class at all kopitiam, ok lah. I would just close one eye.

  12. hah..hah…that wooden paddle for spanking πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ The quiche come in fives and the 3 of you managed to finish all?

    Don’t tell me that turns you on. Notty, notty you!!! Muahahahahaha!!!

    My girl and the mum had one each and the remaining three miraculously disappeared. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ They weren’t big, like coconut tarts.

  13. Since the tarts weren’t big, think i can eat 3 if didn’t eat anything else…

    Yup, that was what I told Claire. For me, no problem – 3 and the pasta. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  14. The western food is so affordable! Food wise I won’t be complaining even though they taste average but the boxes are so exposed, kinda bring down the ambience of that place.

    The food is more than just average unlike some places that I’ve been to – the chops were very good, mighty popular too as I saw many people having those, the pasta was to me just so-so, others may love it plus it is also relatively cheap compared to those elsewhere and my friend liked the quiche – to me, they were also just ok. Dunno about the rest on their menu – I guess there are bound to be some hits and misses.

    At least, they do not pretend to be what they do not aim to be – high class, fine dining – not at those unbelievable prices plus the boxes said it all though I hope they would have removed them by now. Some places are so classy, so exclusive but the food may not be all that great or not to me, at least, and at times, I wonder if they are actually making us for the decor. I don’t belong to that class and I don’t pretend to be so I would be quite uncomfortable at those places, I must say. Would rather go elsewhere, cheaper and nicer.

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