Same place…

After stopping at the SSPCA fund-raising event that day, it was time for lunch and we decided to just go to this place since it was very convenient, being located in that very same mall.

They have some  kind of promotion going on in conjunction with the Mooncake Festival…

Tom's Too Mooncake Festival promotion

…but unfortunately, it would only begin the following day.

My missus opted for the other on-going promotion…

Tom's Too curry rice set promotion

…the chicken curry and rice plus a huge glass of iced lemon tea (RM20.00, exclusive of GST)…

Tom's Too curry rice set

The curry was nice…

Tom's Too chicken curry

…spicy and had a lot of meat and potatoes in the bowl but it was not anything sensational, nothing to shout about. One would be able to get the same, more or less, at any Malay stall or shop in town…at at least half the price.

I had the lasagna (RM18.50, exclusive of GST)…

Tom's Too lasagna 1

…and yes, it was very nicely done…

Tom's Too lasagna 2

…with a lot of minced beef in between the layers of pasta sheets plus the garlic bread toast that came with it went very well with the bolognese sauce in the dish.

My girl was not in the mood for pasta so she had the lamb shank (RM33.50, exclusive of GST)…

Tom's Too lamb shank

…which seems a little cheaper than elsewhere with the prices usually bordering around RM40.00. The meat was very nicely done, very tender and bursting with flavours and we liked it a lot except that I missed the bed of mashed potatoes underneath that one would usually get when having the dish at most places elsewhere. There wasn’t much else other than the little bit of coleslaw that my girl said was very good and the french fries that came with it…and what on earth was that? A little saucer of tomato ketchup or was it chili by the side of the plate? No, it was not even served separately…or given upon request. Good grief!!! For a classier place like this, surely they can do a lot better than that? One would expect these off-the-shelves tomato and chili sauces at the cheap hawker stalls serving western food where they would give you these in their original bottles for you to use as much as you like.

Iced water was RM1.00 a glass and I was wishing they would turn off the not-very-nice music which they eventually  did and then they turned on the tv instead. Tsk! Tsk! I don’t know about other people but at places such as this, I would like to enjoy the peace and quiet while I eat or to the most, some very light and soft music or songs would be good.

Service was o.k. – two young girls, and one of them seemed to be struggling a bit with English and our orders, probably a newbie on the job, but she was nice and friendly so it was perfectly all right with me. The bill came up to a total of RM78.45, inclusive of GST and though we quite enjoyed the food, as far as the overall dining experience went, for that kind of money, perhaps it would be quite a while before we may decide to come back again.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Same place…”

  1. i guess this looks about right for a shopping mall meal at a restaurant, in terms of prices … nearly RM80 for three persons … i’d probably opt for the lasagne, since i haven’t had lasagne in a long time 🙂

    Prices to be expected at such classier joints and I would say they were all right for things not readily found elsewhere unlike the curry. As bad as eating at one of those nasi kandar places and getting slaughtered there. The lasagna was good but I think the one we had at our favourite Italian joint here has an edge over this one. Theirs seemed better.

  2. I love Malaysian style Chicken curries, one of my comfort meals. A good roti paried would it would be heaven in a plate

    The one here was like any other, nothing to shout about…and to us here, since we can get it here, there and everywhere, cheap, this is really very expensive. Convert to NZ currency and compare to the prices at Malaysian/Asian restaurants there, I guess it is not too bad, eh? Less than NZD10.00.

  3. The lasagna tempted me. Looking delicious.

    It was good but I did think the one at the Italian place had an edge over this one here. You’ve been to their eatery in Kuching? The cakes there are, according to many, the best in town and the food is very good too.

    1. Been there many years ago for lunches when I used to work in the city centre. Now no more.

      Somewhere opposite Hong Kong noodles where you went to the other day. Bet the kids would love the treat!

  4. Speaking of the mooncake festival – do you prefer the snow skin or the traditionally baked ones?

    The traditional ones for me, no snow skin, thank you very much…or worse – something that they have these days, agar agar (jelly). Eyewwwwww!!!! I am very sure they did not have those in ancient China, those days of the “Kill the Mongol in the house” era.

  5. I agree with you about unnecessary music and tv in restaurants. Some of them are way too loud and interfere with your conversation.

    Dunno what goes through their minds – not that theirs is a club or something.

  6. Struggling with English? Speak with Indian accent! or local dialects like Hokkien to her LOL! Make her more pening, i always make fun of waiters/waitresses that could not understand my orders xD

    Can’t say I blame them. When I was supervising those Oral English exams, I found that the kids in the rural schools could understand the examiners a lot better and more easily if they spoke like them, with their accent. I would give due credit to this one – at least, she could speak English…unlike many at the wannabe upscale classy western cafes in town.

  7. Curry & Lasagna would be something I like to have and I agree that blasting loudly with music would make ones’ head spinning instead of enjoying the food.

    I do not mind enjoying my food in peace and quiet. Even when it is not all that loud, I am fussy about the choice of music or songs too. Actually, they should pay for the license to play music at their premises, some copyright control thing but I doubt any of them do – just play as they like. Malaysia boleh!

  8. Nice but the curry rice is quite expensive la

    VERY!!! And it wasn’t anything special, not at all – I can get that anywhere else a whole lot cheaper. 😦

  9. Rather strange for the lamb shank to be served like that. And no gravy?

    I would not mind the missing gravy as the lamb was very nice and flavourful and very tender, very nicely done but they certainly could work on the presentation – serve it on a bed of mashed potatoes, have the coleslaw in a leaf of lettuce…and leave that saucer of chili sauce out – give when people ask for it, some people like it with their fries…or anything else for that matter.

    It used to look a lot better:
    Perhaps the chef had left for greener pastures…

  10. Same with Rose, i was tempted by the lasagna…

    You can get that there – a lot nicer, I’m sure…cooked by authentic Italian chefs!

  11. Their printed promotional (and marketing) table top cards look lovely! Well done!

    Yes, I would have to give them that. I guess the printing costs go into our bills. 😀

  12. I’ve been to Tom Too several times but still am constantly surprised when the prices are listed. RM 20 for a plate of curry chicken rice and it’s on special?

    That’s a lot for Sibu. I wouldn’t mind paying those prices in KL coz it’s standard mall prices, but I guess you’re paying for the ambience too and I quite like the quiet and peace at Toms.

    The lamb shank is quite reasonably priced though, as you said, below the standard pricing. I think the 2X.XX price is a psychological thing, coz RM 18.50 for your girl’s pasta doesn’t sound bad at all, maybe they should make the chicken RM 19.90. Haha.

    Yup, the curry was very expensive and it wasn’t anything special to merit that price, really. Our other orders were o.k. – to be expected at places such as this.

    I did not like the music they were playing and switching on the tv instead did not make it any better. Would have enjoyed the peace and quiet there a lot more. 😦

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