Ask me…

I am not an avid photographer – it is not my hobby and neither am I one by profession. Yes, I do take photographs using my cheap and simple digicams but they are mainly for my blog posts, solely for the purpose of illustration.

When I first started, I was using my handphone camera so of course, the snapshots then were far from nice but it did not matter much to me then – as long as they served the purpose, that was fine by me. However, after much nagging and pestering, I switched to a small pocket digital camera. Now let me rephrase that! I bought a new one for my girl then so I inherited her old one, a hand-me-down that I could then use in place of my handphone one. The new one did not come cheap, around RM1K then as it was newly released – I did buy the same one sometime later for only RM800.  I bought a newer model during the Hari Raya sales recently for only RM299.00 (as I was struggling with the one my girl bought for me at the end of last year)…and the other day, I saw that they still have it in their current promotion…for only RM277.00. I guess that would give you a fair idea as to the kind of “equipment” I have at hand to take all my photographs. Nothing fancy, nothing sophisticated, that’s for sure!

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that many, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, take a long time to snap a shot of just one dish, trying to get a good angle and all that, right down to even rearranging the presentation or doing something to make up for the lack of it. Not me! I would just go click…click..let’s eat!!!

Well, I guess some of the photographs that I took did turn out pretty good, by hook or by crook – good enough for people to want to take for their own use. I did mention about one instance here where my photograph was used by some writer and published on what I think is an online magazine. I did comment to complain that it was taken without the decency of asking for permission and somebody replied saying that yes, they have credited the photograph now and added that they take these things very seriously. I wonder about the other photographs though – I do know for a fact that a few of them, at least, were taken from other blogs…but I guess since they never said a thing, they just let sleeping dog lie, so to speak. Then, there was also the case of a photograph of mine being used on somebody’s Facebook post on Kelantan cuisine – I did go and comment but whoever it was, he or she just turned a deaf ear…or as they say, there is none so blind as he or she who will not see.

More recently, I noticed some links on my Site Stats from pinterest so I clicked on those to have a look. I found out that some people have shared two of my photographs there, complete with the links and the complete posts some more. I mentioned that on Facebook and somebody told me that that is the whole purpose of that website – for people to pin photographs of interest to share with everybody. It seems that some of my friends are among them and there are quite a number of my photographs, a lot more than just two, that have been pinned…by them or by some strangers, whoever they may be.

That prompted me to go on some kind of a witch hunt to see where my photographs have gone to and I found these…

Sibu Airport 1Sibu Airport 2

…from this website of the Sibu Airport  taken when it was newly-opened.

This one on the left…

Kueh kosuiSumber Rejeki

from this blog was probably taken during the days when I was using my handphone camera, hence, the poor quality but it did not look too bad, reduced to a very small size. The original of the one on the right that I got from here was very much nicer but in the process of being downsized, it seems to have lost its quality.

This one of the durian flowers

Durian flowersTelur ikan terubok masin

…was also taken using my handphone camera, if I recall correctly whereas around the time when I took this one of the telur ikan terubok masin, I was already using my girl’s hand-me-down digicam. I definitely have some very much nicer photographs of the flowers in my very recent post on the delicacy.

This one…

Midin belacan

…was taken and used in an article in another of those online magazines, I think while I found this one…


…from this blog, probably belonging to somebody in Singapore.

Now this one…

Penang lobak

…was used here to promote the Cebil Market Food Court at Lebuh Cecil in Penang but I have never been there before! That platter of goodies actually came from the Red Garden Hawker Centre along Penang Road – I don’t think it is the one and the same place.

No, no, no, don’t get me wrong! I do not mind these people taking my photographs and using them, not at all. I guess I should feel somewhat flattered that they liked what they saw and chose mine over so many others that they could have chosen from. So don’t ask me to watermark my photographs – I certainly would not bother to do so. For one thing, if you have your watermark at the sides or the top or bottom, they can easily crop it away and if you have it right in the middle, that may spoil the photograph…or they may still use it just like that, like this one here in their menu, dunno if they paid her for the use of her photograph or not.

At least, they have given me due credit for the photographs – I am sure there are others who have helped themselves as they like and kept very quiet about it. Whatever the case is, I do think it would be very nice to just drop a brief comment to ask me. Instead of simply taking and using like that, just let me know about it beforehand. I would think that would be a show of sheer courtesy, doing something like that. If you look at the comments on this post, you will see a few people asking for permission to use the poem that I wrote and of course, I said yes! Why not?