So near yet so far…

This place, an affiliate of the one in Kuching, is just round the corner from my house. In fact, for a café in this category, it is the nearest but for some reason or other, I do not frequent it all that much. Since it opened some time ago, maybe I’ve been there around five times, more or less, whereas there are others that I go to so very often.

Maybe I was put off by the tacky plastic flowers that I saw on one of those earlier occasions when I dropped by this place but they’ve certainly progressed from those…

Tom's Too, Sibu

…and the food is pretty good, the service pleasant and efficient.

The Christmas decorations are up…

Tom's Too, Christmas tree

…and I absolutely love these miniatures that they have on display in their glass cabinets…

Tom's Too miniature 1Tom's Too miniature 2
Tom's Too miniature 3Tom's Too miniature 4

Don’t you find them absolutely enchanting?

I do think this little effort on their part is kind of nice too…


– if everyone does something, no matter how little and insignificant it may be, it is a step in the right direction.

Well, we dropped by for lunch last Friday and my girl had their fish and chips (Rm16.50)…

Tom's Too fish & chips 1

…which she said was good and they did not use dory…

Tom's Too, fish and chip 2

…unlike at a number of places in town which can be quite a put-off, really!

My missus ordered this sambal seafood fried noodles (RM14.90)…

Tom's Too sambal seafood fried noodles

– she isn’t really into western cuisine quite as much as her daughter and would much sooner go for stuff like this but I did get to try a bit and it reminded me of what I had cooked myself at home not too long ago. Hehehehehehe!!!!

I went for seafood too…

Tom's Too pasta 1

…their seafood pasta (spirals) in creamy sauce, baked (RM18.50)…

Tom's Too pasta 2

…and I would say that I did enjoy it…

Tom's Too pasta 3

It was nice – not over-creamy and rich that one would get put off after a few mouthfuls, the pasta was al dente and they were very generous with the prawns and squids…but at that price, I am sure they could have added one New Zealand mussel as well, or maybe two.

All of us were very full after we had finished our individual orders but I just had to order a slice of this…

Tom's Too Blue Velvet

…to try. This was their Blue Velvet (RM11.90) as opposed to the red counterpart…and the name reminded of this oldie from way back when. It was all right – I thought the cream in between was very nice but I would prefer the cake in the red ones – those that are truly well-made, of course!

All in all, it was a delightful lunch and after we had had our fill, we went shopping at the mall where this place is located…and yes, I was using my new camera and no, I did not go back to the more familiar old one. There was sufficient light at this place to allow me to take decently nice photographs…except the one of the cake perhaps which I feel is slightly out of focus, not very sharp. Now, I would have to try using it in dimmer conditions again to see how the snapshots will turn out…

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17 thoughts on “So near yet so far…”

  1. lovin their generous portion…
    oh i guess my western licking gonna be pleased there!!!

    Serving was all right, would not say the portions were big – they’ve huge ones elsewhere…but on the whole, the food here is good, worth dropping by for.

  2. yikes! the shade of the blue velvet cake looks a bit scary… i guess we’re a bit more used to seeing red. heh. cool change though 🙂

    Variety is the spice of life…and in this present day and age, one should be more inclined towards being colour blind instead of sticking to what we are used to, I’m sure you would agree on this. 😉

    But yes, red’s nicer…with the very light chocolate taste in it and what I had was a bit “coarse”, a little dry and hard – they’ve better cakes in our own local bakeries.

  3. First time I see Mel having fish & chips.. Usually chicken chop, hehe.. Oh yes, I don’t like it too when they use dory, and almost ALL places use dory in their fish & chips here.. I love your cheesy baked seafood pasta, looks so so so creamy, yummzzz.. Blue velvet? First time I see this.. Butter cake but in blue, with cream cheese filling? Nice, maybe in future they have it in green, and call it green velvet pulak, heh 😀

    That’s because we do not get nice fish and chips here – it’s always dory, and we’re no fan of that, thank you very much…and worse if they do not defrost it well and you get it served…still raw in the middle. Terrible!!!

    Green? Not likely. Don’t recall seeing that colour in the rainbow cake…but I do know they have green tea cake already – reminds me of green moss, rather than velvet. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Blue velvet caught my attention LOL, but the color seems more towards turquoise instead of blue 😡

    Can’t say I’m fond of the colour…nor the taste. Red’s better.

  5. All looks good and like your missus, I am not into western cuisine. Therefore I vote for the sambal seafood fried noodles. Colour of the cake looks too dark, maybe with the pea flower blue it looks good, lighter shade ofs colour.

    Like that, go Malay shop or stall better – cheaper…and may be nicer even!

    Not sure what colouring they used, not fond of that shade of blue – I still prefer red. Tastewise too – that faint chocolaty flavour in the red ones.

  6. Usually i see red velvet, blue velvet, something new to me…

    New to me too. That was why I just had to try.

  7. That was very nice miniature. I like them too. Is that lok lok stall miniature?

    Used to go to the Kuching outlet when I worked there. Food was good. They are still known for their cakes. Don’t know now as it has been ages since I eat there. Parking is a headache in Padungan.

    I am ordering my Xmas turkey from there this year. Had it once and it was good and tender. Will blog about it so watch out for it. ^^

    *jeles* Turkey’s so big – you and your hubby and your three kids can finish kah? Hint! Hint! 😀

    Yes, some say their cakes are the best in Kuching. The ones in Sibu are extra expensive…and not as good – I hear they’re flown in from Kuching. Went to the Kuching one for dinner a while ago – food’s good there too. Earlier visits, we just went for the cakes.

    Yes, that’s lok lok all right – they have all kinds of miniature hawker stalls in their display – I only took four…or rather, four came out quite nice…using my new camera. 😦

  8. Yup, no matter how small the action is, it still change something!! Like my eldest sister, she will pick up bottle that people dump along the road when she saw one from where she park!! =]

    Yes, starts with the “man in the mirror”. Many people are all talk, no action…some not even a sound – just don’t care. Often see people throwing things like tissue paper, empty packet drinks and water bottles even…out of their luxury car windows. So disgraceful! No class at all. Real sad.

  9. I think the fish and chips look very nice!
    On a side note, why do everyone seem to not like dory? What’s wrong with them? Is this another of those “I like because many people like, I hate because many people hate, just so that I can be part of the trend” thing? I think dory is nice, in fact for someone lazy like me, dory is my preferred fish.

    I hear there are imitations – those frozen fish fillet – labelled as dory but not exactly dory. I would not know.

    A cook at one restaurant here says – do not soak in water to defrost, leave it there to defrost slowly and make sure it defrosts completely before cooking and then it will not turn out to be jelly-like like some that I’ve been served at some places. Inside, it was like agar-agar…or corn flour starch. So you’re asking why everybody does not like the dory – for me, that is the reason. Some say it has an unpleasant smell…but not for me. That is never one of my considerations – I think salmon has a stronger (oily) smell that needs getting used to as well.

    Most Chinese restaurants here use dory or the frozen fish fillet for their sweet and sour fish fillet- some do it well, some don’t…but they always deep-fry the fish first, coated with batter. The one that I will always enjoy, without fail, would be the ones from our very own Sarawak franchise – the Sugar Bun – they even put a notice outside once that they were using New Zealand dory…and all these years, theirs have never failed to please. VERY nice!

  10. Your seafood pasta is very creamy. Not for me, I would prefer the fish n chips. Somehow blue coloured cakes don’t come across as very appetizing. They should have stuck to the red.

    It was all right, not over-creamy but I guess you’re like my missus – not into such things at all, would rather stick to her good ol’ sambal fried. Otherwise, she would just eat for the sake of following us when we go for stuff like this, not her cup of tea…so to speak.

  11. Wow blue velvet! That’s the first time I’ve seen or heard something like that. Interesting… I wonder what they used for the blue, perhaps just food colouring eh?

    Dare to be different, perhaps? Tasted a bit different too…but not as nice as the red, I feel.

  12. Lovely miniatures! Would love to have one. ahaha…

    I wouldn’t mind having those too. Maybe you have to buy the DIY sets and make your own – my girl is working on one now…a kitchen!

  13. I’ve always liked Tom’s Too, however they used to price themselves out of the market.

    Not anymore though coz there’s a lot of other places serving food at similar places in the last year or so it seems.

    Good to hear that the fish Melissa had wasn’t dory fillets, I hate those fillets in restaurants – they taste good, no doubt about it, but it’s only 50% fish and you can get it in hypermarkets anyway. I like to have real fish when I eat out too.

    Blue Velvet eh? Nice play on the red velvet cake and it looks good too! 🙂

    I prefer Red. Yet to come across one cake there that is really worth the prices…but the food’s good and the place is very nice. Service is very good too, all very proficient in English too…not like at some places.

    Of course I can manage now but I just can’t imagine how people can run a western restaurant and employ people who cannot speak a word of English. Many of those from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia or wherever at Payung arrive here, not able to speak it but give them a while, they do not have a problem already – it is just a matter of attitude among young people here, their mentality/mind-set…their unwillingness to learn a language even though their work/education calls for it – they are very comfortable the way they are. Sad, so very sad!

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