More than that…

I’ve been to this place in Kuching a few times before…

Tom's, Kuching

…but only for the cakes which many say are among the best, if not THE best, in town.

But according to one of my cousins, it is more than just cakes. When it comes to western cuisine, this place is her favourite and wins hands down. That was why when my missus and I were there for the weekend recently, on our first night in the state capital, we all communed there for dinner – my uncle, aunties, Β cousins and a nephew as well, 12 of us altogether, I think.

I did not manage to take the photographs of everything that everybody had but somebody had their grilled prawns aglio olio…

Grilled prawns aglio olio

…and another had the grilled fish version of the same…

Grilled fish aglio olio

A cousin had their beef ribs, I think that was what it was…

Beef ribs

…while I had their lamb shank…

Lamb shank

I loved the taste and thought it was really very nice, quite unlike what I had at their outlet in Sibu. I wouldn’t say it was better than this other place that I liked a lot – the best that I had had anywhere so far but this one was really very good too in its own way.

My missus had the grilled fish…

Grilled fish

…and a number of the rest had their fish and chips among other things. I did try a bit of the fish and chips and I thought it was very nice too – despite the fact that I normally would prefer the fish to be coated with breadcrumbs instead of batter.

Of course, you can’t dine here without indulging in some of their cakes for dessert. Somebody had the Horlicks cheesecake…

Horlicks cheese

…and their tiramisu…


…as well as their chocolate indulgence…

Chocolate indulgence

I tried their red velvet cupcake…

Red velvet cupcake

…and thought it was really very good even though one of my cousins said their cupcake version wasn’t that great compared to their cake per se.

Another cousin had their durian cheesecake while yet another one had their Napoleon coffee cake. We ordered the latter whole from their outlet in SibuΒ once and I did not like it at all. What I heard then was that they would send their cakes, frozen, to Sibu…and what I had was hard and the biscuit layer had gone all limp and difficult to bite. I sampled a bit of the one here and it certainly was a far cry from the one we had before – this was definitely a whole lot nicer.

It was some kind of a happy family get-together really and we certainly had a lot of fun, chatting and sharing jokes and everything. Normally, we would go dutch on such outings (or one of the many would give me a treat and pay my share) but this time around, when it was time to call it a day, they told me that they had settled the bill already. So, to whoever it was that picked up the tab, thank you so very much. What more could anyone ask for – a wonderful night-out with great food and fabulous desserts and with such delightful company. Thanks to one and all.

And I must say thank you so very much also to my uncle and aunt and their family for inviting me and my missus to their house for their home-cooked lunch that Sunday afternoon. Gosh!!! There was so much to eat that I was so engrossed in the feasting that I forgot completely to take photographs of anything that we had that afternoon – the most delightful chicken curry, cooked from scratch and it went absolutely well with some Kelabit/Lun Bawang-style rice, ground and wrapped in some kind of leaf and cooked, the ultra-expensive Kapit fish – the empurau , masak kuden (pot-cooked, Melanau style)…so many things that I cannot exactly remember them all!

Don’t bother asking me how many kilos I put on during that short trip to Kuching – I didn’t check and I wouldn’t want to know either! LOL!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

28 thoughts on “More than that…”

  1. ok ok… maybe can slot in Kuching before EOTW…. claire interested?

    So? When? When? When? Claire IS interested!

  2. The prawns are HUGE!!

    I love Tom’s too but I haven’t had their red velvet cupcakes before – I don’t think they had that on the menu when I was in Kuching.

    I have a friend who makes the most awesome red velvet cupcakes – it’s a huge fad over here last year and this, with lots of places offering it, some good, some awful.

    Glad you had a great time! πŸ™‚

    Last year? And that was the first time I had one…and their cupcake some more, not the cake. Hmmmmm…I’m quite lost in time. I wonder if they have it at their Sibu outlet…but then their cakes here aren’t so great – all who tried complained that they were dry and hard – better go to Secret Recipe, they said. Ya, it certainly was a really nice weekend trip indeed – short and sweet.

  3. The cheesecake, chocolate cake and etc certainly look very good and would not lose out to the “west” anytime. Do they have mousse cake?


    Dunno. Didn’t check out everything they had in their counter…but we have nice mousse cakes at one bakery in Sibu – bought one for my friend on his birthday and his whole family loved it – said it was very nice. I’m not really into mousse cakes myself – would rather go for the real thing. Btw, this is your first time here, I see…welcome, welcome…whoever you may be with a fictitious email address thrown in for good measure.

  4. That sounded like a really fun and joyous family gathering. What with lots of good food, and oh…the desserts certainly very tempting, I wouldn’t know which to choose.I want them all!

    It certainly was. We all had a really nice night out… Ya, good to go in a big group – one can order one and everybody can sample. If alone, you’ll get to eat one only. LOL!!! πŸ˜‰

  5. the aglio olio looks good, I can just have that without the prawns or the fish.. hmmm, I was wondering do they have another version with pork chop?? wakakaka, I rarely heard there’s any, pork doesn’t go well with spaghetti maybe?? geez..

    I think this place is halal so you will not get pork. Most of such places here are like that – they do not serve pork. You can always cook your own – it is not difficult at all.

  6. I would prefer the cakes too rather than the cupcake.. why did you choose that?? looks smaller so you feel less sinful?? kekeke.. BTW what is the red velvet made of?? so brightly red that it looks scary to me..

    I have never had it before so I simple MUST order to try. It’s actually beet root or food colouring – I thought perhaps they use dragon fruit, but no…they don’t. It was very nice…with the cream cheese topping, very nice and the cake was nice and moist. I enjoyed it very much. Oh? You’ve never had it before? Hmmm…that makes you more kuno than me then. Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  7. Family gatherings and good food always go hand-in-hand. One wouldn’t be complete without the other. Sounds like you all had loads of fun – and calories. haha…

    I most certainly did. Calories? Dunno…don’t care. If I’m concerned about that, I would not even bother to eat – can’t understand foodies – want to eat but nibble like mice…so scared will put on weight. How to be a foodie like that – they do not really really enjoy food, seriously! Should just go and blog about something else…

  8. *Salivating for the sweet desserts!* They looked so “seductive!” LOL…

    Hey!!! Somebody’s asking you… When do you plan to come over? Come, come, let me know… I’ll join you all in Kuching. Would be a lot of fun!

  9. Mmm.. actually I am attracted to the cakes! Cause I am a cake person πŸ˜‰

    I used to be but these days, I’m ok with them. Will eat the nice ones, if and when available – otherwise, I’ll get along fine without them.

  10. Oooohhh…I love the cakes. The red velvet cupcake certainly turn me on. Got durian cheese cake summore. Now still in season? I have this couple of months back at secret recipe.

    I’m not into those rich creamy cheesecakes, be it durian or whatever flavour. Has too much of those at one time when I loved them so very much… I would prefer “real” cakes.

  11. Wow, all looks so good, from the food to the cakes and the best part is still the great company with the laughter, joy and fun.

    Ya, nice place. You’ve been there?

    1. Facing problems logging into your blogs since last week. Don’t know whether is my internet or your wordpress problems. Sometimes when I log in, it says, page not found, server not found or problem loading.

      No problem at all at my end…and so far, no complaints from the rest. Maybe your connection isn’t so good – when I was in Kuching, I brought along my wireless modem and it was not so great – better here (but at home, I’m on PC not laptop) or when I was in KL or Penang.

  12. Put the spaghetti aside, I’m going for the cakes!

    I shouldn’t have come at this hour, my tummy is growling, it’s 10 minutes to lunch and I will only have economy rice later. Sobs!

    Muahahahahaha!!!! Hope you enjoyed your economy rice… Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. prawn seems perfectly done love it but i was drooling for those desserts they seems so scrumptious ill let them take all my money for that hoho

    LOL!!! Yes, they were all ready good… We certainly had a delightful dinner. Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by. What took you so long? Will link you in my blogroll…

  14. The big prawns and cakes look so delicious. Reminded me to buy a slice of cheesecake tonight….. didn’t have that for a long time already.

    Enjoy your cheesecake! Hehehehehe!!!! πŸ˜‰

  15. This Tom’s same as Sibu Tom’s Too or different?

    If same, food look really different!! All foods look really good and yummy!!

    Ah! What a pity you forgot to take the picture on your Sunday afternoon lunch, i would love to see how your aunt cook that Emprau, sure very nice.

    Ooooo…everyone feasted on the empurau. My aunties & cousins happened to drop by and they all brought some nice stuff too and joined in. It certainly was a merry gathering. The empurau, some relative in Kapit gave to my uncle – if masak kuden, Melanau style, we just rub with a bit of salt, put on a banana leaf in a pot and cook very slowly over a very small fire till all the fat and juices come out – can only do this with good and very fresh fish. Then, we will be able to taste the natural original sweetness – not adulterated with all the sauces and what not.

    Yes, this one is the original Tom, the one in Sibu is the branch…run by another member of the family. So far, I’ve yet to eat anything that is really really nice there…and worth the price.

  16. wow i’d fly there just for the prawn aglio olio. looks amazing! the prawns here are “ciput” in comparison.

    Come, come… Let me know and perhaps I can join you there? πŸ˜‰

  17. So sayang that you did not manage to photograph the Sunday lunch. I would be very interested to see how those dishes looked as I’ve never heard or seen of any of them. The rest tu okay only la.. I can bake and cook them myself.

    Ooooo….I guess I can look forward to eating all those when I’m in Auckland then. Wink! Wink! LOL!!!! πŸ˜€

  18. I am going home soon for dinner STP, otherwise I sure regret coming here at this hour. Those cakes were so beautiful.

    Enjoy your dinner! Hehehehehehe!!! Come over for breakfast tomorrow… πŸ˜€

  19. The grilled prawns looks really good!! I hope it was fresh πŸ˜€

    It must be as fresh as it looked good. No complaints from the cousin eating that…

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