Bless the beasts and the children…

Last Saturday, we dropped by this shopping mall (2.311785,111.846904) near our house where they had this event going on…

SSPCA event launching

…to raise funds for the SSPCA (the Sarawak Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

There was a lot of stuff for sale including The Kitchen’s instant kampua noodles…

The Kitchen's instant kampua

The nice and generous proprietor said that all proceeds from the sale at the event would go to the association. I’ve blogged about it very often and I’ve given/sent some to friends and family for them to try but if you have never heard of it nor seen it before, you can click these links to see the reviews here and here in this blog that is solely on instant noodles.

I bought these umbrellas…

SSPCA umbrellas

– RM30.00 for the big one and RM15.00 for the smaller foldable one, not that I am in need of any umbrellas at this point in time but I thought they do look quite nice and at least, I would be doing a little bit on my part for a worthy cause.

My girl bought their t-shirts…

SSPCA t-shirt, front

…two for RM50.00…

SSPCA t-shirt, back

…and she loved the material very much – very cool and comfortable.

We saw Rilakkuma


…there. I think anyone could have a selfie/wefie with the character and donate by putting his or her contribution in the box being carried by the boy in the white t-shirt on the right at the back. I did ask my girl if she was keen but she was not. However, we met this clown…


…that was going to do a show and hand out balloon sculptures to the kids at the event and she did have a snapshot with the character – she likes it very much as she loves the colours and it is now her Facebook profile pic. Coincidentally, that was the same clown that Rose engaged for her daughter’s birthday party sometime back – they must have flown him in from Kuching specially for this event.

There were other activities such as a colouring competition for kids…

SSPCA colouring contest

…but we did not linger around to watch as it was time for lunch but that will be in the next post.

Well, in case anyone is curious as to my choice of title for this post, this video clip says it all…

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21 thoughts on “Bless the beasts and the children…”

  1. How do you identify the clown being the same as the one from Rose’s party? To me, all clowns look alike πŸ˜€

    I am one of the lucky recipient of the instant noodles and I love it so much. Thank you again Arthur πŸ™‚

    Most welcome. I would bring you some more if I go over to KL…or if you come to Sibu. Not worth sending – the postal charges are double the price of the noodles. Heart pain.

    Rose saw the snapshot of the clown and my girl that I posted on Facebook and recognised him – she shared a photo of him, one that she took at the party. I went to check her post in her blog, same costume, did the same thing, tied balloons into all kinds of shapes…but of course, it could be somebody else who went to the same shop selling clown suits and went to the same clown school to learn the same things. πŸ˜€ For one thing, we do not have an SPCA here – this SSPCA is in Kuching, I did visit the animal shelter there once so maybe somebody brought the clown over…or maybe, he’s a member of the association, who knows?

  2. It’s worthy cause. One of the heads of the organisation over here was telling me about the number of dogs put down every week – it’s mind blowing.

    A major problem here is people rear dogs for dubious reasons – that’s right, rear…not keep them as pets and they just let them run around, neglected, fighting and creating a din, emptying neighbours’ rubbish bins, leaving their shit in the middle of other people’s driveways…etc…etc…etc… I hear they round them up here – no, they’re not strays. They actually belong to somebody and are let loose in the streets and the owners can go and claim…and pay to get them back. I think they should impose a hefty fine to teach the likes of those a very good lesson and those people in the associations also run campaigns and make house visits to educate the people on how to keep dogs the right way.

    A big issue in Penang now – there’s an outbreak of rabies there.

  3. An event for a good cause. I would have loved to contribute by buying the instant noodles. Good for all of you to take part. How do you know it is the same clown Rose engaged for her party?

    When I went, I thought if there was nothing to buy, I could buy the instant noodles…but I loved the umbrellas…and my girl went for the t-shirts. They did not have my size, unfortunately. 😦

    1. I see you already answered Merryn question on the same clown query. πŸ™‚

      Yup! At first I thought it was my cousin – he does these events professionally so I went to check his photos on Facebook. No, it was not him – his hat was something like a pirate’s and no, he does not paint his face all white like that – has a red nose too though. Was wondering how come he never acknowledged us – it was someone else.

  4. A very worthwhile event, and I love the T-shirts and umbrellas. πŸ™‚

    Yes, we thought they were very nice too and not expensive as well. All for a good cause.

  5. Your title sounds like children’s fairytales, those in Grimm’s storybooks, haha.. Oooooo, give me 5! I would have bought the umbrellas too – the big one..They look so so cute, and I’m sure we can’t get it outside.. Not in need of those small foldable ones though.. I only had those when I was in secondary school, everyday must put inside my school bag.

    Grimm’s? Hmmm…the modern interpretations, not so suitable for kids. Very dark and grim, indeed.

    The foldable ones are good and convenient for ladies – carry in their handbags or tote bags, eveready when the day is too hot or when it starts to rain. Not so good for me, my shoulders would get wet. πŸ˜›

  6. At least you are doing your part for a worthy cause event. I love those umbrellas.

    Yes, very nice. Probably available at the association’s animal shelter in Kuching. Not sure where that is – a friend took me there and I did not take note of the directions.

  7. Usually i will have the small foldable one, it’s always inside my bag…

    Exactly what I said in my reply to Princess Ribbon’s comment. You come to Sibu, I give you that foldable one. I don’t really need it. πŸ˜‰

  8. The red umbrellas are pretty. I do not mind buying them. Umbrellas come handy sometime and judging how my umbrella always not long lasting. Lol.

    It was the same clown that I had. Maybe like you said, he may be the member of the association. Sspca always do annual event in Kuching such as pet show, competition etc. I have not heard of this year event though. Maybe this year they were heading to Sibu to give awareness and fund raising.

    It’s the quality of the umbrellas these days, made in China. I always buy, around RM15.00 – either they will spoil very fast or I will forget and leave them somewhere. Hehehehehe!!! Old man like that lah. πŸ˜€

    Ya, I know they are very active and they have volunteers helping out at the shelter too, very nice. I don’t mind dropping by at any of their events to chip in a bit.

  9. Lovely umbrellas, especially worth while when they’re for a worthy cause.

    Yes, I like them very much, though the colour is somewhat feminine. Never mind, old man…who cares? πŸ˜€

  10. Do you think i can find those instant kampua noodles at Kuching/ Miri? Or exclusively to Sibu only?

    I know there’s GK Supermarket in Pujut in Miri though I do not know where exactly that is:
    In Kuching, you can get it at a number of places – check out their posts in their Facebook Page to see where:
    You’re going to Kuching and Miri and not coming here to Sibu?

  11. I would gladly buy those umbrellas too….for a worthy cause and they’re nice too! πŸ™‚

    Yes, bright red colour – sure will be good when using on the road – the cars just can’t possibly not see it! πŸ˜€

  12. awwww, a heart-warming post … i like the t-shirts a lot! timely post, with all the news this week about dogs and rabies and culling in penang …

    Not much else to buy, I think. Some dog food and stuff which I do not need – I don’t have a dog.

    I saw the news, did not really pay much attention – the dogs have rabies, would be very bad if somebody get bitten.

    If it is like Sibu there, there are lots of dogs loitering around the streets but they’re not strays. Somebody’s dogs, sadly neglected and not properly taken care of. Like the shop with my favourite kampua noodles – lots there, must have come from the houses nearby. They’re harmless but while you are eating, they may come into the shop and lie down beside you on the floor. I could see that my friend, home from the US, was not too comfortable with that. We never went back there again…but I did, with others.

  13. so you’re starting to write on events too, welcome to the club! hehehe

    what a great cause . I’m all for doing good.

    Unfortunately, I gatecrashed! Not there on special invite for celebrity blogger like somebody. Wink! Wink!

    As a matter of fact, the organisers did not do a very good job – no publicity whatsoever, no banners, no posters around town, nothing in the newspaper…or maybe they had in the Mandarin ones which I do not/cannot read. I would not have known there was such a thing going on had I not seen it on The Kitchen’s Facebook page. 😦

  14. The red umbrellas are quite nice. Useful to shield against the sun and rain. During my school days, there would be jokes about being chased by bulls/cows due to the red color πŸ˜€ How silly!

    Yes, always the subject of ridicule. I’ve always liked red though. Centre of attraction. πŸ˜‰

  15. Sounds like a great event and those umbrella are cute! The T-shirts look nice as well!

    Yes, they are very nice…and we were glad to chip in that little bit for their worthy cause.

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