Making today a perfect day…

I’ve shared the video clip and lyrics of this song here sometime ago but unfortunately, it has been removed “due to multiple third party notifications of copyright infringement” even though it is still available for viewing on the website proper

I love the song so much as it holds a special meaning for me in my heart.

The lyrics in the song are somewhat relevant where my girl, in her capacity as a teacher, is concerned like when it says:
Journey far and travel safe
Make this world a better place
…even though the school where she is teaching now is not all that far. One thing’s for sure, she is trying her utmost best there to
teach your children how to sing and dance
…teaching the little kids in the hope that it will make the world a better place for them specifically and for the society and country at large.

And these lines, later in the song, of course, say it all:
Try to be the best you can
Show compassion to every man
And always take the higher ground
I’ll be right by your side

I hear your laughter echo through this house
I miss you, all of this there is no doubt
I wasn’t perfect, this I would admit
I was always trying to make the pieces fit

Don’t ask me now where all the time has gone
I’ve loved you since the minute you were born
So many times we have laughed and cried
I see you now – it fills my heart with pride

Her actual birthdate is today – the 17th of September but when we went to collect her birth certificate, the people at the office somehow got the date wrong and it is registered officially as the 18th instead. We celebrated it earlier last Saturday

Melissa's brithday cake

…but nonetheless, there will be another round when she comes home tomorrow for the weekend, followed by the mid-term holidays.

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, love, and here’s hoping that today and every other day will be a perfect day for you. As I always say in my prayers, may the Good Lord protect you and keep you in good health and safe from all harm each passing day and may He grant you strength physically, emotionally and spiritually and guide and guard you always in all that you do.