Yes, my darling daughter…

Last Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in June, was Father’s Day. We had a delightful family dinner together the previous night to celebrate that simultaneously with the Dumpling or Dragon Boat Festival, with a lovely cake thrown in for good measure.

My girl did get me a present – some lovely t-shirts and believe you me, it is not easy trying to find any my size these days…and I would insist on white ones some more so that would make it even more difficult but somehow, she did manage to get me quite a few at one go. Then, she said she would want to take me out for a nice treat after the Sunday service in the morning (we could not go for the sunset one the previous evening as we were having our special dinner at my parents’ place) but I said that would not be necessary as we had celebrated the occasion altogether at one go and she had got me a present as well. However, she would not take no for an answer and in the end, I had to give in.

Most of the nicer/classier cafes and restaurants would not open till 11 or noon and that would be rather late as it being a Sunday, I would have to drive my girl back to her school for the week so in the end we decided to drop by this Chinese restaurant

Good Happiness dim sum

…for a dim sum breakfast.

They have some things on a trolley now – something that I did not notice on my previous visits but I did not really fancy what they had on it that morning – chicken claws (Shudders!!!), steamed pork ribs with black fermented beans and these…

Rolls 1

…which we decided to try. They were very nice but I think these…

Rolls 2

…that I ordered from their menu were nicer – prawns wrapped in bean curd skin or something.

I asked for these dumplings…


…for my girl – she seems to love those a lot and yes, the lightly pan-fried ones here were pretty good and very much to her liking.

We also had their very nice yam cake…

Yam cake

…steamed and pan-fried lightly as well. They really did it so well with the fragrance of the fried shallots and garlic and the sweetness and taste of the udang kering (dried prawns) and they had tiny chunks of yam in it – unlike most others where they would just mash the yam and add flour, lots of it, to come out with something very wobbly and not at all nice…and no, it was yam, not chai thow (Chinese white carrot/radish) – I did ask but they did not have that unlike another place here where they would serve that this same way or fry it with egg (chai thow koi/koay khak).

Other than those, we had the usual dim sum favourites – the har kao (prawn dumplings)…

Har kao

…and the char siew (BBQ meat) pao

Char siew pao

…and we also had their Foochow-style fried noodles…

Foochow fried noodles

…so after that rather heavy breakfast, we could skip lunch for the day.

The bill came up to RM61.40 (exclusive of GST) for the four of us, including my girl’s colleague/housemate who was down for the weekend too and while she was paying at the counter, I walked around the place and spotted this lovely vase…


I have this soft spot for blue and white but then again, I don’t think I would want a vase – whatever would I want one for.

That certainly was a scrumptious Father’s Day treat and we all enjoyed it very much – thank you so much, my darling daughter.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Yes, my darling daughter…”

  1. I miss my father, sorry, I am being emotional again, you do dote on your daughter, lovely father-daughter bonding, belated happy father’s day to you STP

    Thanks. Your father must have been pretty young when he left, not much older than me seeing that you are still so young. That is why it is most important to spend as much quality time together with one’s loved ones, live every day like it is your last, too late when they’re gone.

  2. Oh yes, Father’s Day! Glad you were spoiled by your girl. And dim sum brekkie… it’s been ages since I’ve indulged – now you’ve given me a craving that must be satisfied. πŸ™‚

    Plenty where you are…KL or Oz? Bet there are very good ones to pick and choose.

  3. That’s indeed a lovely Father’s Day treat. It’s alright to get pampered once a while especially on this special day. Chicken claws, I want…cos I need those collagen, hahaha….but not the butts, eweeeee!!!!

    Yes, hubby got a treat from son? Working now, earning big bucks! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ There’s collagen in pig skin too, they say…and that, I will eat! πŸ˜‰

  4. My father died in 1984 and I miss him. This is such a lovely post. πŸ™‚

    That’s a long time already but of course, the memory lingers on.

  5. Father’s Day is different here – occurs in September. I think Mother’s Day is the same as elsewhere.

    So I’ve heard. The US has it on the same day as here.

  6. Sweet sial. The dim sums look really so much better compared to my hometown’s.

    I guess your hometown is not like Sibu – I would say Sibu is 80-90% Chinese, quite different from towns over at your side.

  7. Hope to see pictures of you wearing the t-shirts your daughter gave you…

    I wore one that day, Father’s Day. Did not take any pic – saving the rest till my current ones wear out…

  8. Rm 60+ for all these sounds reasonable. I bought my dad some durians only (for father’s day), few bijis more than rm100 jor T.T

    Aiyorrrrr!!!! This useless son. How much did he spend on you all these years, over RM100 already complaining? Didn’t even take him out for a nice meal, oh dear!!! The t-shirts that my girl bought already way over RM100. Thank goodness she’s not like you! I’m so blessed. Hehehehehe!!!!!!

  9. How sweet of Melissa! Her papa deserves a pampering on Father’s Day:) You like white t-shirts? Me too! White is my favorite but I have since given up because it is hard to maintain.

    White is cooler than coloureds – and when soaked in my perspiration, it is not so obvious. Black and dark colours give me heat stroke unless it’s a cold rainy night or at an air-conditioned place.

  10. Chicken claws is gooooood. Good for our joints and complexion too so quick, start eating πŸ˜›

    Too late – my complexion is like crocodile skin and my joint pains have taken up permanent residence. 😦

  11. You can wink wink and hint hint at Claire, she can easily get your size in the US! πŸ˜€ … In fact, I have been getting my clothing loot from the US for the past years, can’t get my size too over here nowadays. Don’t know when (or even if there will be) my next trip will be… 😦

    I used to go to one shop at Pertama Complex in KL – Action Wear brand. They have huge sizes up to 5XL – 3XL is big enough for me, and they have trousers too. I bought 2 there, Lee’s, dress pants not jeans, size 50 – very nice. I first bought those t-shirts a long time ago in Miri at over RM80 each…and then I found a shop selling the same at over RM30 only but eventually, they no longer stocked this brand. Now, we have this place here – no problem at all…no need to get from overseas, different brands but big…up to 5XL too, around RM50 each.

  12. har kao is my usual favorite also, every time I must order it when we are having dim sum for breakfast.

    Everybody loves prawns – the more the merrier!

  13. So sweet of Melissa!! I have yet to try the dim sum place. Will put it in my list on my next trip back.

    Wahhhh!!! You’ve been home so many times and you’ve never been here? Been around for quite long now and it is good, worth a visit. Never mind, next trip home, we’ll go here – my treat! πŸ˜‰

  14. It’s so nice to see that love that’s shared between the two of you. That is how it should be. Throughout her life, you treated your daughter with kindness and love and she continues to repay by doing the same for you. nods

    What goes around comes around, they say. Children are God’s gifts – to love.

  15. So lovely of Melissa. It’s been a while I had dim sum. Your choices look delicious. And I wouldn’t mind the chicken claw or ‘Phoenix claw’, the Cantonese called them.

    Yes, I an truly blessed with such a sweet and thoughtful girl. No, thank you…you can have all the claws you want, none for me. πŸ˜€

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