Any day…

You can drop by here…


…any day of the week and it would be very crowded and it may be hard to find a seat, especially on weekends. It sure does not help one bit that everyone wants to park their vehicles as near to the place as possible so there is always a congestion around there.

That Sunday, my girl felt like having some meat porridge and I remembered that the one I had here was quite nice and there would be all the other options from the other stalls for us to have. That was why we ended up heading there and yes, we did have a problem with the (huge) cars going in and out of the parking spaces in front of the shop. The last straw was when we were waiting for one to reverse out so we could take that space, another one right beside my car started reversing quite oblivious to the fact that we were behind him – I had to blast my car horn to alert the guy and thankfully, he did stop in the nick of time. That pissed me off…and we went straight home right away! I would say the things here are all right, quite nice but I would not say they are THAT nice to merit all that hassle – I would much sooner go elsewhere.

Anyway, the next day, we decided to drop by that same place – it was 11 something, past the morning tea break and before lunchtime, so as we had expected, it was not really packed…even though we did hear the kampua noodle guy telling somebody that he was sold out for the day and the meat porridge was sold out too!!! That was why my girl opted for the lor mee

Chopstick lor mee

…instead except that she asked for bihun as she is not entirely fond of yellow noodles. She said it was nice but she seemed to be struggling through it and no, she did not manage to finish it all. Maybe she was not really hungry or the serving was a little too big for her.

The mum had the kueh chap special…

Chopsticks kueh chap

…and she liked it. Yes, the one here is pretty good. I did not find out how much each of those cost but in total, I forked out RM11.00 so my guess would be RM4.00 for the lor mee and RM7.00 for the kueh chap or RM5.00 and RM6.00 respectively perhaps.

I ordered this bak kut teh soup (RM7.00)…

Chopsticks bak kut teh soup

…from another stall to share and for myself, I asked for the black vinegar pork leg…

Chopsticks black vinegar pork leg

…with rice (RM11.00). Ouch! That sure did not come cheap but I did hear that pork is mighty expensive these days, RM38.00…almost RM40.00  a kilo!!! Good grief! Go ahead, jack up the prices some more – we sure can live without it, not a problem at all! Tsk! Tsk!

Anyway, back to what I ordered, the bak kut teh was good, nice herbal fragrance – not overly strong, just right. However, between the two, I loved the black vinegar pork leg a whole lot more. It was sourish though not too sour, just the way I like it. I hear at some places, they make it sweet and a lot of people are not too fond of it that way. The meat was nice and tender but it was the gravy/sauce that I enjoyed most of all – it went so absolutely well with the rice that came with it.

It was already past noon by the time we finished but no, it was not all that crowded. This place used to have the best chicken rice in town – the rice, that is and sometimes, I would even tapao some home…but some new people took over from the previous ones and though initially, they did maintain that same standard, the last time we had it, it was not nice anymore and a lot of people agreed when I shared my opinion on Facebook. I wonder whether that was the reason or maybe, it was a Monday…or perhaps, it was still a little early and most people would knock off work a little later to come by here for lunch.

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…for verification purposes. I tried at least a dozen times yesterday in my attempt to comment on a friend’s blogpost but in vain. I checked out some other blogs and it was the same – at times, the comment box refused to appear even, just a grey rectangle with an unhappy face icon. If this is what it is going to be like from now on, when you do not see me dropping by your blog to comment, you would understand why. My sincere apologies to all concerned.

Thankfully, they’re back to using pictures (of food) now. Hopefully, they will keep it this way…