Anything you want…

When the girls were back here for the weekend, they said they wanted dim sum but then again, they wanted to sleep in and get up late making the most of the opportunity to have a well-earned rest after the gruelling week in the school. That, of course, meant that I would not be able to take them to my favourite Β dim sum place in town as they serve that for breakfast only. Come lunchtime, they would serve the regular stuff people would have for lunch and there may even be banquets for weddings or whatever at the restaurant. That was why we ended up here…

Mitsu shabu2 dim sum


We decided to just grab a table downstairs instead of going up to the nicer, air-conditioned level on the 1st Floor. Of course, we had the siew mai

Mitsu siew mai

– two lous (storeys) and the same for the har kao

Har kao

Both were good – the siew mai was very tasty, a bit on the hard side but that, of course, would probably be an indication of the amount of lean meat in the filling as opposed to those with a lot of fat. We liked the har kao though they did look a bit smaller than before.

My girl wanted the carrot cake but did not want the koay kak version – the one fried with egg so we had this…

Carrot cake

They said it was a bit bland but when I tried it, I felt it was all right with the fragrance of some of the ingredients used plus the fried wok hei as well.

I would prefer the chee cheong fun

Mitsu chee cheong fun

…skin to be thinner but it was all right, not tough and rubbery and on the whole, they did it pretty well.

I was kind of shocked when they served these…

Mitsu sweet potato tarts

I had asked for Portuguese egg tarts and this sure did not look anything like what I had in mind. It turned out that they had sweet potato inside…

Sweet potato filling

…and we all enjoyed them very much. My missus, for one, was no fan of egg custard so it certainly was a welcome change for her.

The menu was mostly in Mandarin and the boy who took our orders was non-Chinese and did not seem to know much about anything so it was quite a hassle to ask for what we wanted. The things took quite a while to come out…and another young guy who spoke only Mandarin wasn’t much better. However, when I went to settle the bill, the lady at the counter and another guy, probably the owners, were very nice and my long-awaited order for a second lou of siew mai was served instantly.

My friend has been sharing lots of photographs on Facebook of the things he would go for at this particular place, father of my blogger-friend, and the kampua noodles that he had here sure looked good so I just had to order and give it a try…

Mitsu kampua

For one thing, they used ang chao pork instead of the usual thin slices of boiled meat, coloured red. For the uninitiated, ang chao is the residue from the red yeast rice used for making the traditional Foochow red wine…and because they used that…

Mitsu ang chao pork

…you would find a slight hint of the taste in the lard-rich noodles. It was different from the usual and may need a little bit of getting used to but all of us agreed that it was really very good.

The bill for all that we had, inclusive of drinks for four persons, totalled up to only RM39.90. Oopssss!!! I forgot to order their char siew pao that day- they did it pretty well here, the last time I had those…but in the hassle of getting our orders across, it just slipped my mind. I guess that will have to wait till the next time we drop by then…

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22 thoughts on “Anything you want…”

  1. Portuguese egg tarts with sweet potato…I would have thought they were like Quiche. πŸ™‚

    We wouldn’t mind if they had been quiches. My girl would love that!

  2. Sweet potato as egg tart fillings? That’s a nice and unique idea! πŸ˜‰

    Yes, everybody loved it…but I still love my egg custard filling. 😦

  3. Oh yes, dimsum means waking up early and going there early, as early as 6.30am! After 7.30am the place would be crowded.. I alwas tapao my dimsum if I go there late.. All your dimsum looks delicious, can’t miss that siew mai and har kaw.. I also like fried radish cake..

    It’s ok here, no need to go early. The one I like is different as it is actually a full-fledged Chinese restaurant, just that they have dim sum in the morning so no more by lunch time.

  4. Since moved back to Kuching I have not have a dim sum breakfast. Kind of miss it. Haha.

    Lok Thian or Imperial Duck has a good one, I hear.

  5. It’s been a while since I’ve had dim sum. Reading you post makes me want to go again soon.

    Me too. Haven’t been for a while and since the girls wanted that, sure was happy to take them for it.

  6. Nice dim sum. Was surprised at the Portuguese egg tart but luckily it turns out nice. Never judge by its appearance.

    Exactly! The test of the pudding is in the eating!

  7. I suspect I would still prefer egg tarts with egg custard fillings.

    Me too…but not my missus and the rest, not fans of egg custard. Everytime I buy egg tarts, I would have to eat all myself.

  8. Sweet potato portuguese tarts sound great, wouldn’t mind to try that for a change but not the Har Kaw, the skin seems awfully thick!

    Didn’t feel it – just seemed smaller than usual. The chee cheong fun actually looked thick, not the much more coveted flimsy translucent ones. 😦

  9. ‘Siew mai’ and fishballs are the must-order whenever I go for dim sum….

    Not crazy about the fish balls here – nothing like my missus’ homemade ones.

  10. sweet potato tarts! i think i could happily eat three of those. at first glance, i thought they were salted egg tarts because of their colour πŸ˜€

    Great idea. Adding salted egg yolks would bring the taste to a whole new level. I sure would love that!

  11. My two favourites for dim sum is the siew mai and har kow. Were those tarts actually a variation of Portugese Egg Tarts or they had mistaken your order? Anyhow, I think I will like the sweet potato filling. Very unusual and I have not seen anything like this before.

    A variation. They must have mistaken my order. I saw my friend’s photo on Facebook – his had egg custard filling. Thankfully, this was good.

  12. When my girl comes back for holidays, she always requests for dim sum too! And like your girl, she wakes up late too and will only in time for another dim sum shop instead of the authentic ones… πŸ™‚

    Sigh!!! Young people these days, their life is so good. My time, woke up late = makan rotan for breakfast. 😦

  13. Now I am having dim sum cravings especially carrot cake. Gotta see where and how I can satisfy them later.

    I know one place at Jalan Alur, opens at night but not nice and expensive. πŸ˜› You’ll have to look elsewhere.

  14. The pixs of the dim sum looks good. I didn’t enjoy nice dim sum when I went back to Ipoh as the best dim sum restaurant just rush the food during CNY and it was not nice. nd , don’t mention dm sum in JB…its not popular. The only place to have nice dim sum for me will be Singapore where they will have those HK authentic cooks which dished out nice dim sums. Of course, these are restaurants like Tim Ho Wan and not cheap.

    Aiyor!!! That HK place, have to queue one…and I never queue for anything. Nothing can be THAT good…and worse, it is so very expensive! Those people are all so silly, just because it is so famous and from Hongkong. Dim sum must be good in Singapore – the place flooded with PRCs – they say they do all the cooking everywhere these days so that is why you cannot find good authentic stuff that we used to enjoy in Old Singapore anymore. Times have changed and with the currency difference, not worth going there at all.

  15. Sweet potato tart is something new to me. Have not seen anything like it before. I like egg tarts though.

    The radish cake is supposed to be accompanied by chili right? Maybe that’s why the girls said it is bland..

    Come, come and try the ones here. Very nice. Yes, chili sauce was provided but the radish cake was good eaten on its own like that. Maybe I am more sensitive so I could sense the light tastes of the ingredients in it, very nice. They were ok with it dipped in the chili sauce.

  16. That’s something new to me, Portugese tart with sweet potato fillings. Sounds nice. Dim sum choices are good too, the kind that I would normally order. But I prefer the fried carrot cake version.

    Ahhhh!!!! I thought my girl would like the one with egg but no, she insisted on this one.

  17. Portuguese egg tarts with sweet potato!

    That sounds like an awesome combination. I’ll be sure to check it out when I go back home! πŸ™‚

    When will you be back again? Didn’t get to see you much this time around, rather busy, sorry.

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