Everyone can fly, the tagline says…but at times, it may be a case of everyone can wait. Of course, whenever I fly, I do not mind a little delay as long as I can get to my destination safely sooner or later.

No, I was not flying anywhere but I was at the airport here in Sibu to pick my friend, Philip, who is currently home again for the summer holidays. I must say it amazes me greatly, the wonders of the internet. These days, you can go to one of these websites and see the progress of any flight…

Flight route

…and they will also tell you if the aircraft is on time…

Flight details

…or delayed.

Well, Philip’s flight was on time and he even boarded the aircraft on time but when I reached the airport, I checked the website and found that it would land at past 6.45 p.m. instead of the scheduled time – 6.20 p.m. I went to check the information board inside the airport – no, it did not say the plane had been delayed but it was confirmed to arrive at 6.50 p.m.

So, I waited…and waited…and eventually, the word CONFIRMED was replaced by LANDED on the board but by 7.20 p.m., half an hour after the time it was supposed to have landed, still no one had emerged from the arrival hall. Oh yes! There were lots of people but they were on another flight, the MasWings flight from Kuching and whatever other flights from elsewhere. Maybe it was just my imagination but it sure seemed to me that when several flights landed at the same time, the budget airline would have to give way to the others. Perhaps that was why Philip said that he had to sit in the aircraft for a long time before it finally took off – maybe there were many other flights at KLIA taking off and landing at the time…so where this airline is concerned, everyone can wait!

He came out at around 7.30 p.m. and we promptly made our way back to the town…and as I had not had dinner yet, I gladly accepted his suggestion to stop by one place along the way, round the corner from where his mum lives…

Ying Siang Corner

…for a bite to eat. If anyone is interested, it’s at the t-junction of Jalan Teruntum and Lorong Merdeka 15 (2.305101,111.840016). You can go straight into Rejang Park, go straight ahead – past the shops and the defunct cinema in the commercial area – till you see a block of only two double-storey shops on your right at a corner of the aforementioned junction. Generally, this place is very crowded, lots of cars parked by the roadside, and is most popular for its steamboat.

I remember telling Philip that the food here would be pretty good but despite staying just around the corner, all these years, he had never got down to checking it out. I could vaguely remember that their fried kway teow with beef was good but when we were there that night, we were informed that they did not have it on the menu. Maybe they have discontinued the item as we can’t get fresh beef here and the imported ones do not come cheap…but they told us that they had fried kway teow with cockles so we decided to have that…

Fried kwayteow 1


Wowwwww!!!! It was so so good! If there were others elsewhere that I loved before, they would have to step aside now and make way for the one we had…

Fried kway teow 2

…here. There were hardly any ingredients other than the egg and a bit of taugeh (bean sprouts) and whatever – even the cockles were so few and far between, so difficult to find but the taste, the wok hei fragrance sure blew us away! Both Philip and I enjoyed it a lot and the fried cangkuk manis with egg…

Fried cangkuk manis with egg

…was really good too.

Philip insisted on paying and when I asked him, he said that the total came up to RM15.00 plus, less than USD4.00. He did not ask for the breakdown but my guess would be that minus the drinks, it was RM6.00 for the kway teow and RM8.00 for the cangkuk manis, the standard price for a plate of vegetables at such places around town here. No wonder there are always lots of people eating here – not only is the food good but it is cheap too…but of course, that may depend upon what you order.

Well, since I did not have dinner at home that night and I don’t think the rest ate very much either after a late lunch and a trip to the Ramadhan stalls, there was a lot of leftover rice the next morning which I fried in my simple kampung (village) style…

Kampung-style fried rice

…and we had that for our breakfast and lunch before our special Dumpling/Dragon Boat Festival plus Father’s Day dinner that night.

It sure was nice seeing my old friend again and I really must thank him for these goodies…

From Philip

…that he brought all the way from the US. Ooooo…Godiva, no less!!!

Well, in  case anyone’s wondering what the crème brûlée dessert truffles look like inside, here’s the cross-section…

Godiva truffles

Nice – lovely creamy chocolate but very sweet. Thankfully, there weren’t all that many in the pack so no, I did not over-indulge…and no prize for guessing what I used the Made-in-Canada Ma Ling luncheon meat for…

Fried rice with luncheon meat & salted egg


I also sliced and pan-fried the rest…

Luncheon meat & egg breakfast

…for breakfast with my old school-style fried eggs and tomatoes by the side. Yum yummmm!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Wait…”

  1. i am drooling already. the food looks so yummy.

    my favourites. khey teow and fried cangkuk manis with egg. i will never fail to take some cangkuk manis with egg. usually at those economy rice 😀

    Stuff like these make you miss home, don’t they? Well, as they say, no place like home! Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. I like your breakfast platter!! Delicious. But I already made my breakfast. Fried rice with sausages and egg. Hehe.

    You know what? I stayed so near to that shop but I never eat there! Always so packed and cars caused jam some nights. We thought we could walk and eat here but never happen. Lol. At least my Jan and Jay been there. My sil brought them once for dinner while I were in my confinement.

    Did they like the food there? Yes, so near yet so far! You were even nearer – Philip’s mum’s house is just about 100 metres up that same road as yours. Yes, always a lot of people and hard to park by the roadside – one reason why I have not been there all that much. Fried rice too eh? Looks like it’s contagious. Hehehehehe!!!!

    1. My girl only told me she likes the chai poh omelette there. Lol. She likes the dad is egg lover.

      Haven’t had that for a long long time, great with porridge! I love eggs too! 😀

  3. Godiva chocolate…mmmm. 🙂

    Very creamy, very rich…very nice. Wish it wasn’t so sweet, not into sweet things so much. 😦

    1. I also like it, actually I like every types of chocolate.

      Which young people do not like chocolates? Me too…when I was younger – now must cut down on everything, not too sweet, not too oily, not too salty. Moderation is the key, I always say. Once in a while is all right, a long long while.

  4. Yup godiva is good, price also cantik LOL

    Indeed! That I know only too well – that was why I told my friend he shouldn’t have bought it knowing that it sure would not come cheap!

  5. I have to say your fried rice and luncheon meat+egg look more appetizing than the char kuey teow.. I cooked fried rice with bacon last week, and hubby said it was the bestest on earth, just 3 ingredients – eggs, bacon and shallots.. That’s all.. And soy sauce.. Yummehh…

    I guess that depends on the individual – my girl would have the kway teow anytime. She is so so off fried rice already, having had that almost every day at the stalls opposite the teacher training institute in Sg Petani. I told her not to go for the nasi campur as there were more flies than people – you see them all lined up along the sides of the food trays!!! And they did not bother to cover the food. So disgusting!

    Your version of the fried rice is more or less the same – luncheon meat or sausage as in the case of Rose’s fried rice, ham or bacon…all serve the same purpose but if it’s smoked salmon, it has an edge over the rest, extra fragrant – same with smoked ham.

  6. Yes the char kueh tiaw and lah kia chai were truly awesome. Actually I didn’t mind the slight wait on the runway. Good to see you my friend!

    Same here, always nice to have you back – can go round eating… 😀

  7. Loves the fried rice and the breakfast, hehe…

    You haven’t tried the kway teow…

  8. Oh dear…the breakfast. Luncheon meat is what I love and preferable to sandwich them in between the egg and tomato. Yummmm

    Yes, I love it that way too…but we did not have bread in the house that morning. 😦

  9. All looks so good. Worth the wait. Hihihi!!!!…I love your tagline…Everyone can wait.

    Prequel to that Everyone can fly mah…or the sequel, if one is waiting for somebody. LOL!!!

  10. They should change their tagline to “Everyone can wait, and prepare to pay for the excessive baggage” Lol!

    Have to buy. I just bought a ticket to Kuching, the fare less than the payment for 20 kg baggage, apa lagi if you check in with excess baggage – habis, sure kena slaughter!!!

  11. Yummm you always make fried rice look SO good! How come my fried rice always looks soft even though I fried it to death??? 😦 Maybe I don’t have a gas stove top? Anyway I had Spam for breakfast today too, just one slice with 2 toasts. Found them to be so salty to be eaten alone! Didn’t you think so??

    Yes, Spam and luncheon meat are too salty to be eaten in their own. Must eat with rice or bread…or egg. It is ok to fry with Bombay onions and egg and eat altogether (with rice) – the other ingredients will help balance off the saltiness of the meat and add to the taste too.

    For fried rice, use overnight rice – straight from the fridge. People say must rub to separate the grains – make fingers dirty only. I do not do that, just dump everything in. The grains will all come apart in the course of frying. Of course, it also depends on how the rice has been cooked originally – not too much water till a little extra soft and soggy. I do like cooking rice this way but this way, it is not all that great for fried rice.

  12. Those flight trackers are pretty cool. I wonder if they are actually tracking the flight or if it’s more of a simulation of where they expect the flight to be calculating departure time?

    I think they get signals of the progress from the control towers or they catch those from the aircraft to the control towers. See the (?) in the second pic – the plane has landed but no info or signal from the control tower or anybody else for that matter so they cannot supply the info. They will tell you that when you click on it. Can be quite worrying, I would say – what has happened to the plane? Has it landed..safely?

  13. fried rice with luncheon meat and egg always reminds me of comfort food that my grandmother and aunts might make for lunch … thanks for bringing back happy memories 😀

    Standard old school recipe, eh? My mum would fry with luncheon meat and egg like this too sometimes…or lap cheong and egg.

  14. That happened to me too on my flight from Subang to KT. We boarded the flight on time but was kept waiting for 20 minutes of so before takeoff. Somehow char koay teow when properly done, it is so good just from the wok hei even though there may not be much ingredients. As usual your fried rice looks very enticing!

    No need to ask what airline that was – Everyone can wait!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Yes, it’s the same with everything. Sometimes, with the minimal ingredients, something will taste really good. Add an extra ingredient – the taste will be affected, may not be for the better. Like the very nice Foochow fried noodles from the stall at the hawker centre near my house. Very nice! I always buy RM5.00 but once I asked for RM10, RM5 noodles and the extra 5 for extra ingredients – prawns, squid and all. It turned out to be different – not as nice as usual. Same thing with the curly vegetables in my beef noodles the other day. I did not like those in the soup, not at all.

  15. what happen to the whole missing hour? Adui…lucky you tarak booked any restaurant to belanja them makan else habis la the reservation.

    If here, no problem…can arrive late. I saw at one hotel, I was waiting – my girl was there for the very very very long meeting that day. I was outside the VIP room, somebody was hosting a dinner there – 7.00 nobody, 8.00 only a few had showed up – dunno what time they started. I left already. KL biasa lah things like this – invitation says 7, 9 even the dinner has not started. 😀

  16. CKT looks very good, but a bit oily, or is it the lighting? Ying Siang Corner at Rejang Park? Cannot figure out where is the place.

    Always love your fried rice, the other day i fried, taste good, but a bit soggy, but kids still happily finished it all.

    Further in from the shops, halfway along that road. Yup, the lights…a bit dark too, sitting outside, had to edit big time.

    Soggy, maybe the rice you cooked earlier, you added a bit too much water, so it was soft/soggy in the first place. Frying will not make it soggy…unless your ingredients are too wet or you add water. 😀

  17. I dont’ think we get cangkuk manis in KL…

    I am sure you have – they add that in your pan mee, just that it is not so popular there cooked in other ways. There is also the stunted version, small – they call it sayur manis…also nice and sweet…from Kundasang but I guess we will not be getting much from there at this point in time. Sad.

  18. that kuey teow tho!!! Looking so goooddd!!

    It sure tasted great too.

    Welcome, Syazana, your first time here, I see. Do drop by again, and thanks for commenting.

  19. It’s one of my must-go places when I go back to Sibu every time. Besides kueh tiaw, their “honey pork rib king” (蜜汁排骨王) is superb too!

    Yes, I had those the last time I went – dunno why I ordered that – maybe I heard about it or it was suggested – signature dish of the house.

  20. nope, sorry to said this but i won’t onboard on that “everybody WITH REALLY DAMN PATIENTS can fly” tagline airline as long as other premium airline available, simply because their service is HORRIBLE.

    Patience, you mean? 😉 Though if you’re in private practice, I bet you would a lot more…patients. Hehehehehe!!!

    Actually, the service here is very good, dunno about their Indonesian counterpart, much better than our other option – the self-proclaimed five-star airline that disappeared without a trace/was so unlucky as to get shot down/is going bankrupt soon right down to the ground staff here and their boarding system for passengers.
    It’s not the world’s No. 1 budget airline for nothing, I’m sure…but of course, it’s budget – cheap.

  21. Oh my goodness, that was a delay. It seems like you both made up for it with good company and food.

    The fried cangkuk manis with egg is really appealing to me. I will have to Google the ingredients.

    It’s just chopped garlic fried till golden brown…followed by the veg…and egg – plus salt and seasoning, according to taste. We do fry thinly-sliced Cabbage…or French beans this way too. Probably, a Foochow dish – always very simple, minimalistic but nice.

    It was all right, just a 30-minute delay…just that it took a while – probably had to wait for the luggage…and visit the washroom upon landing as well. Guess it’s the same everywhere – some airports are so huge, it would take 30 minutes or even longer just to walk all the way to the arrival gate alone.

  22. The kampong fried rice looks good but I suspect your version of fried rice tasted better. Got luncheon meat! And I am drooling just looking at the slices of luncheon meat..thick slices with burnt crispy edge..😋

    Different recipe, different taste – I would say both are nice. 😉

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