Nothing much…

There wasn’t anything much other than the usual routine last Saturday. We stopped by here again for the very nice nasi kerabu

Sri Tanjung nasi kerabu

…for our lunch that day and talking about that, it really pissed me off that somebody had just helped himself/herself to my 2011 photo of this and used it without even the simple courtesy of asking for permission. The irony of it all was that this dish was supposed to be one of the masakan Kelantan (Kelantan cooking) selections and looking at it, it certainly seemed that the best looking nasi kerabu was this one right here in Sibu. Then, there was this article in this website that took the liberty of using my 2010 kacang ma chicken photograph, also without permission – I wonder if the writer got paid for that.

Of course, it is very easy to get the photos and use them. One would just need to google for the images and he or she will have a whole lot to pick and choose. However, the links to the sources of the snapshots are always given and the onus is on one to click on that and go to the blog or website to ask for permission instead of just helping oneself to them with that devil-may-care kind of attitude. According to my blogger friend:
It doesn’t matter if you
– cited or sourced the photo
– didn’t know what you were doing was wrong
– didn’t make money out of it
– didn’t claim the photo as your own
– have a disclaimer on your blog
– or have taken down the photo after the photographer asked you to,
basically, if you did not get permission from the photographers themselves to use their work, you are in the wrong and can get sued. You have to either get permission from the source to use their work or get it from a copyright free/public domain site. Having someone else’s photos in your blog without permission is basically having a ticking time-bomb ready to blow up at any given time.

Well, I have no intention of pursuing legal action against anybody – after all, my photographs aren’t all that great and I really wonder why people would want to take and use them (and there are more than just the two aforementioned instances) – but it would be nice to just drop a comment on the post to ask. Some did so with regard to this poem that I wrote here and of course, I said yes!

Anyway, going back to what we did last Saturday, we went for the sunset service at a church here as we had something to do the following day, Sunday, and we went here for a very late dinner. I asked for the sweet and sour spare ribs…

Ruby sweet and sour spare ribs

…but no, I think their honey one that we usually had was much nicer. Besides, I had expected a lot more sauce but what we were served was somewhat dry.

The sotong (squid) with dried chilies…

Ruby sotong with dried chilies

…wasn’t all that great too. I thought it would be dark with black soy sauce, the way they would cook their pork belly with dried chilies and salted fish in a claypot.

Our regular orders, the cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Ruby fried cangkuk manis with egg

…and the sea cucumber soup…

Ruby sea cucumber soup

…were good as always and I enjoyed the peanut with sago pearls drink…

Ruby peanut drink with sago pearls

…that I opted to have that night.

All in all, inclusive or rice and drinks for three persons, the total came up to RM49.00…and as always, the nice boss gave me a discount and returned to me RM2.00 change for my RM50 note.

Incidentally, I did hear that there would be two Korean restaurants coming up soon. I heard one is already running but it is not officially opened yet as they are still trailing the food and finalising their menu. I have not dropped by to check it out though. As for the other one, I had a vague idea of its location but I did not know exactly where it would be until I spotted it that day…

Coming soon, Omaya Korean restaurant

…when we were in the vicinity for lunch. It was still under construction – we saw the people there busy setting up the place and if anyone is wondering where it is, it is in the same block as the Italian place we went to – right at the end, to the left. Rest assured that my girl and the mum would love to drop by and check this place out as soon as it opens its doors for business…