Up up up…

We had Vietnamese rolls on one of the days when Melissa was home for the holidays and I went to the Central Market in town in search of some nice prawns. There was a stall selling udang galah (freshwater prawns, also known as big-head prawns) – big ones…and when I asked for the price, I had the shock of my life. It had escalated to RM55.00 a kg…no, thank you. There were no medium ones and the smaller ones were by no means affordable either. In the end, I bought some pretty big tiger prawns at RM35.00 a kg which turned out really nice and sweet – very fresh and succulent indeed.

I removed the heads and the shell and I boiled those and kept the stock.  The following day, I decided that we could have a steamboat dinner, using the very sweet stock as the soup base…

SB 1

It was a simple one really, nothing fancy – we had sweet corn in it…

SB 2

…and meat balls, fish balls, two kinds of mushrooms, crab sticks (my daughter loves those – I’m not too crazy about them myself), tung hoon (glass noodles), green vegetables and more prawns…

SB 3

I bought these prawns at another stall for RM25.00 a kg. The lady put back about 4 or 5 as it exceeded one kilo and I remarked that she could just add a few, no need to be so accurate…and she put back ONE! But when I thought about it, that one prawn would actually cost more than 50 sen, less than RM1.00 if I counted the number of prawns altogether in the end.

This variety is kind of slimy and slippery and not easy to de-vein. My missus said that was why she did not like to buy those but they turned out to be very nice too – I particularly enjoyed the taste of the gooey stuff in the heads. We did not use all of them for our steamboat and one morning, I took some to cook the celebrated made-in-Singapore instant noodles that my friend gave me – the Laksa La Mian that the website claims to be numero uno


Of course, mine looked a lot nicer than what they had in the picture in their post…


…and as a matter of fact, it tasted very much nicer than the ones we can get at this place in town especially with the prawns and thinly-sliced omelette that I had in mine.

Since my previous post on the noodles – the time when my niece got me the No. 2 – the curry flavour one from Singapore, they have appeared on the shelves at a supermarket right here in our little town – at RM12.90 for a pack of 4. That would work out to RM3.225 a packet but actually it is quite big and can be shared by two so a bowl like this…


…could cost over RM1.50 only and if you add the cost of the prawns and the egg, it would total up to less than RM5.00 – not bad, cheaper than the one at the laksa franchise place (with hardly any ingredients and the noodles drowning in the broth) and of course, cheaper than our own local version of the prawn noodles here or even here. According to my friend, they are selling that at SIN$10.90 a pack in the island republic so what we have to pay here can be considered really very cheap, especially after the conversion of our currencies.

Well, back to the prawns, after using some for our steamboat and also the noodles, I still have about half left so I guess if we use and eat sparingly like that, it isn’t too bad after all. I certainly would consider buying this cheaper variety when I see them at the market instead of those ridiculously-priced monstrosities.

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32 thoughts on “Up up up…”

  1. so u like to suck the head eh… muahahaha… need a session of steamboat soon…

    Especially if they’re very big ones. Muahahahaha!!!! At your new house? When? When? I bring the prawns. 😀

  2. Mmmm big big prawns! I don’t like dealing with prawns but wouldn’t mind if it’s for laksa. The steamboat looks really comforting too.

    Easier to handle the way I had deveined them – having cut the shell all along the back but the truth is I do not know how to do it the right way. I see the sellers at the market cutting something at the tail and pulling the vein out, everything else still intact – looks so easy.

  3. Yumm yumm…. I would prefer ‘naked’ prawns since I am so lazy to buang kulit udang (time consuming… LOL!).

    I will usually order those when eating out at the Chinese restaurants – they call them prawn balls but they’re not like fish balls. Maybe because they will curl up and become all round like balls.

  4. Your bowl of laksa with the three nicely lined up prawns sure look good! I don’t like peeling and deveining prawns. I guess I am just lazy.

    You should have been my daughter. She never asked or complained or anything, just that she would not eat…and guess who would end up peeling for her… Hehehehehehehe!!!! 😉 Oops! You ‘re talking about preparing the prawns for cooking. Here, if we’re buying the big freshwater prawns, the sellers would do it for you – the rest, we’ll just have to do ourselves. So, you just cook with them like that, do you?

    1. Your daughter sounds like me! When I dine with my partner, he will peel the prawns for me or help me with crabs or else I won’t eat hee..hee…If I do buy prawns, then of course I will peel them and I devein by pulling the vein out after removing the head.

      From the top? I saw them doing it from the bottom…somewhere around the tail. I dunno how to do that…unfortunately! 😦

  5. Definitely the steamboat taste sweet with the prawn, sweet corn and all the things put in. If cook laksa I would use the prawn head boiled together with the paste to make the broth sweeter. Won’t go wrong with prawns.

    Definitely! I will also boil the prawns and keep the stock…and the shells & heads…and keep the stock too…and later use it all together with the stock from boiling the chicken to cook the laksa broth. That’s what makes it so nice…

  6. I am sure your girl will miss home a lot.. so much good food… even the noodles are so yummy looking!! 3 Prawns indeed… wow!

    Hah!!! That should be around RM2 already… 😀

  7. Surprisingly I just had steamboat dinner last night! I was really full but it’s a one off thing cause they don’t really offer a lot of meat since it’s not those all you can eat steamboat type

    We’ve a place here too, shabu-shabu – you pay for the sets and if you want more meat or whatever, you will have to order more…and pay for it. Can be quite expensive. Might as well have my own at home…

  8. I used to cook Lam Mee using Prawn Shells too, pan fry those shells then add boiling water to make as a stock, simple yet delicious

    Oh? Wouldn’t some of the flavour be lost onto the pan then or get sealed inside – like how they always fry the meat and stuff in the restaurants…for use in dishing out sweat sour pork and the like?

    I saw a man at a shop in Penang pouring away the leftover broth for his prawn noodles – all the shells and the heads inside the big pot. Dunno if he also fried them before use or not…

  9. i like buying prawns for my daily cooking too. i usually keep the heads for the stock for my meehoon soup! me too likey crab sticks 😀 *grab Melissa’s hand to high five* XD

    Eyewwwwww!!!! Give me chopped spring onions and Chinese celery anytime. She’s not a fan of those nor fried shallots as well.

  10. ooo, the prawns look gorgeous. i’m curious though, so for the udang galah, what price should they have been ar (instead of RM55 per kg)? love prawns (though like you, am not a fan of crabsticks, heh) 😀

    Normally, RM40 or to the most, RM45 for the VERY big ones…not RM55! That’s ridiculous! I do not like buying those though as only the head is big, the body is small. I’d go for the medium ones – RM30 or RM35, at times. Prices vary according to availability.

  11. The soup must be sweet! Got corns and prawns!

    Definitely! That certainly was a splendid steamboat dinner, all of us enjoyed it!

  12. What a delicious looking laksa! I love it.
    The prices of the Udang Galah scared me! My friend often boasted that seafood is cheaper in East Malaysia, so I guess it must be the season changes that escalated the prices temporary. We often eat the Buffet Steamboat and hentam the Tiger Prawns till the owner rugi. One blogger often ate over 50 Tiger Prawns at one sitting and now he has serious health issue in his 20s young age.

    Can’t be the prawns in one sitting, must be his eating habits. Ya…when there are plenty of prawns, the prices go down a bit…but just a bit – not all that cheap anymore these days.

  13. Prawns head and shell, keep to boil for stock–> wise choice!
    Your bowl of noodle look nicer than some served in restaurant. 🙂

    I know. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  14. i love steamboat and i am like Melissa, i love my crab stick for steamboat. And i miss the crab stick in Korea, it is big and very nice, a lot better than here one.

    This brand that I bought for her, not bad. The smell not so strong – that is what I don;t like about crab sticks.

  15. awwww, prawns prawns prawns.. don’t really like prawns in steamboat and in the noodles/soup (probably better if they are shelled already).. would prefer prawns cooked on their own like soy sauce prawns, steamed prawns, prawn fritters, butter prawns etc..

    So fussy! At those prices these days, you’d be lucky to get any to eat eventually… 😦

  16. Everything looks delightful as normal. A steamboat dinner? Hmm, never heard that term before? Is it basically a seafood dish?

    No, it may be called hotpot in some places e.g. at Korean restaurants. You just boil the soup and add in whatever you want – very nice and very sweet…and the longer you boil, the nicer the soup gets. These days, they have herbal or tom yam soup, if one so desires. Some people use the rice cooker for this…

  17. You make the instant noodle look so scrumptious by adding big prawns in it!
    And your steamboat looks yum yum! The broth must be so sweet and delicious!

    Yes, can’t go wrong with prawns – everything will taste great…even instant noodles. LOL!!! 😀

  18. Prawns nowadays so expensive ah? No wonder in Laksa they actually sliced the prawn into half but display them like it’s one prawn.. huhuhu..

    Ya, now you know why! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  19. lovely steamboat… always good when its homecook! never really like those outside…

    I cannot believe this… my favorite pack of Sg Laksa is only RM3.225 there??? I paid RM6.90 a packet here….. guess its my turn to ask you to send some over to me… lol…. I just love this creamy laksa…. 😉

    Me too!!! Outside, it’s ALL msg…so thirsty after eating their steamboat. 😦

    Hahhhh!!!! Bad news!!! Somebody asked me to go and buy so I went yesterday – ALL sold out…or they must have under-priced it and quickly took them off the shelves. Then, I saw at another supermarket in town – RM6.99 a packet. A little cheaper over at your side…so I guess that’s some consolation for you. LOL!!! 😀

    1. ai ya… oh well… at least u got some at a good price! maybe that first place will stock up and still have the same price?? hehehe… wishing, just wishing… 😉

      But prawns kept (frozen) too long will not be so nice anymore, must be fresh and succulent.

  20. Another Colorful dish! You know I like colorful dishes! I need to start making more soups and broth bases VERY soon! Thanks for the reminder!

    Somehow, colours make a dish look more palatable and enticing.

  21. that was a very scrumptious dish, i like the shrimp(or prawns? if there’s a difference)
    and also that corn included on it, now im craving

    Prawns are supposed to be bigger and shrimps are real tiny…but sometimes, those tiny shrimps, they call prawns as well…

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