Hotter than fire…

Ok, it was VERY hot…but not that hot – actually, I’m exaggerating a bit there but it WAS hot and that much, I would say, is true.

Well, if you’re wondering what this is all about, I’m referring to the instant noodles that I mentioned in my previous post – the one I got from Annie-Q


…who went through the trouble of sending it all the way from KL.

This is the Penang white curry noodles, My Kuali brand, made in Bukit Mertajam in Penang…


…and if you remember, some guy came out with a list of the top 10 instant noodles of all time and he thought the ones from Singapore – the laksa and the curry were the No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. He blogged about this one here and it is No. 7 on his list of the top 10 spiciest instant noodles of all time and in his own words, “I’m very pleased with this one – 5.0 out of 5.0 star” and he also said that this was Malaysia’s first time on any of his top ten lists.

Ok, say what you want but as far as I’m concerned, the test of the pudding is in the eating and I wasted no time at all in getting down to cooking a packet to give it a try. There were three sachets inside…


– the curry paste, the seasoning and what is that – a non-diary creamer! I suppose that’s santan or coconut milk powder so it is indeed a non-diary creamer – I’m quite sure it isn’t what you add to your coffee or tea in place of milk.

As always, I cooked the noodles first and drained them thoroughly and after that, I cooked the broth and poured that over the noodles…


…and served, together with one poached egg.

Well, as you can see, it wasn’t in any way white! That was red to the max…and good grief! It was so very hot that I felt like I was blowing fire and I was pretty sure my lips were as thick as Angeline Jolie’s – it was THAT spicy but I really liked it a lot! My missus tried a packet too and she loved it to bits – she loves anything that is spicy hot (LIke the hubby? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!!) and she went as far as to say that this was much nicer than the ones from Singapore.

If I’m not mistaken, this is not widely distributed so it may not be available at the supermarkets here…or in KL. Annie said that she got it from the Taman Tun market or some place but they get sold out very quickly and is not always available so if you’re heading out right away to search for this, good luck!!!

Ok! Ok! I know – my poached egg turned out looking quite miserable…

Poached egg

…worse than the previous time even but rest assured that I will keep on trying till I get…the perfect poached egg, you can count on that. Hehehehehe!!!!

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31 thoughts on “Hotter than fire…”

  1. oooo its spicy eh? Time to hunt it down. Have not found any local noodles to be spicy enough!

    When it comes to being spicy, this one takes the cake – spicier than the Thailand ones.

  2. Another poached egg pictures. Must learn from you lah how to make poached egg like this. hehehe

    This one not nice leh…but I’m getting better at it. Watched some youtube videos – and it seems they were all not much better. Some of the egg white went floating in the water too – and they just left that behind…and they use kitchen scissors to cut the uneven edges away. No wonder theirs look so nice… Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  3. instant noodles again?? thought you just had the same thing (sorry ah, looks all the same to me) the other day?? tsk tsk tsk, not good to eat preserved and processed food so often lah.. go out and have your kampua dei~~ 😀

    People give one…though some, my missus bought and not the regular brands, so just sampling to see any good or not. Not going to eat the rest just yet – will usually eat when there’s nothing in the house which means that I still have a lot left… You want? 😉

  4. Nice, the bright red soup tell us how hot it is! I wish to get myself some spicy stuff to eat. The chilies and curries I had here is not spicy at all.

    In the Philippines, you mean? This one’s from Bukit Mertajam, Penang – very near Ipoh…so you should be able to get them quite easily either in Ipoh or Penang.

  5. The gravy is so very red! I love it hot and spicy too but will get a tummy ache the next day 🙂 Your poached egg is quite alright except that the shape is distorted. I have yet to try poaching an egg and I expect disasters 😦

    Was better the previous time…but seeing what they did on youtube, I don’t think I would bother anymore – never mind the shape, I’m not going to do what they did to make sure it looks nice and presentable, no need. 😦

  6. I ll cry eating this fiery bowl of noodles @@lll

    You don’t take spicy? Ok, over there in that corner…together with Claire and Annie-Q! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  7. See the packaging written white curry and curious to see how it looks like. Surprise it turns out so fiery red. Can feel the burning sensation. Looks good though for a cold & rainy day.

    Yalor…I thought it would be milky or like green curry – mana tau…just like curry, no difference.

  8. Never seen this brand before! Usually I had nissin, its very cheaper in SG. myojo’s kim chi also nice.

    We have Nissin and Myojo here, but not sure what flavours. Kim chi? No, thank you….

  9. If ask to pick instant noodles, I’ll always pick the spicy flavor!!! =]

    Like my missus…and she’ll add MORE chili of her own! @.@!!!

  10. Wonder where i can buy this hmmm, Bukit Mertajam eh, so far 😡

    I’m sure they do distribute to the supermarkets and grocery stores in Georgetown – if they do not sell them on home ground, where else?

  11. I can see and feel the “hotness” from the colour of the soup!! Phew!

    My missus loves it! I’m ok…more into taste than in the spiciness of any dish.

  12. Lips like Angeline Jolie after eating? I wanna try then.. hahahaa…

    You like kah? Here, we call those – mulut macam kueh lipeng – the flat round deep-fried Malay kuih with the curled up edges – just like that kind of lips. LOL!!!

  13. Oh boy, if you think they’re hot, I have no chance!

    Oh? Then you can’t be friends with my missus then. She doesn’t really enjoy anything unless it is super spicy… 😀

  14. Okay…this post made me drools oso. Cos its instant noodle :-p
    Hope someday I could find this brand here….

    Should be a lot easier to get them there than here…just like getting Sibu’s Mee Daddy here compared to over there. 😉

  15. I wonder if it is any easier to get it from Penang.

    Anyway, the poached egg looks fine. Do you cook it separately or same time as the noodles?

    Separately and it did not work out too well. The one in an earlier post on the made-in-Thailand noodles, I just dropped the egg into the soup/broth as I was cooking it and that one turned out a little nicer…

  16. Aiks! Never heard of Penang White Curry before and it’s definitely not white hahaha
    Kena tipu? Anyways, I can’t even tahan Maggi Curry so this is a no-no for me XD

    Maybe somebody from Penang can clarify? Why is that called white curry when it is far from white?

    Good grief!!! Maggi? That’s not hot at all… Gee!!! ^.^

  17. It’s raining here, it would be nice to have a bowl of hot curry noodles now. Hmmm..maybe i should cook it for my dinner tonight. hahhaha. You know what, actually this one i just try one mouth while my hub eating, i should try to cook a pack and see i like or not, but it is quite spicy. My family member all go crazy over this one. tsk tsk tsk

    It is VERY nice…but with the coconut milk, the pleasure is much reduced after about two-thirds of that.

  18. I’m gonna be trying another variety of MyKuali soon! This one was really good!
    Your post was great! Your egg was just fine – eggs can be tricky but if they’re tasty that’s all that matters 🙂

    Best regards from The Ramen Rater!

    Oooo…so flattered that you took the trouble to drop by. Blush! Blush! Thank you for your kind words about my egg. 😛 Thanks so much for commenting too, much appreciated.

  19. ooo, this one would kill me, cos my tolerance for spiciness is quite low! it looks good though, even though i’ve never heard of white curry before. and the egg looks nice la. your standards are just too high, heheh 😀

    Neither have I. Ask Penang people – all I know, other than the usual curry, is green curry which at times may be grey. like korma. This one is definitely not white.

    Hmmmm…my standards are high? No lah…always room for improvement and as they say, practice makes perfect. 😉

  20. Go ahead whack all of them but leave the poached egg for me, please

    You want! I can always cook one for you – slowly getting the feel of it now – will blog about it once I can be sure of an eggscellent poached egg at every attempt.

  21. Wow!!! This one got such a high rating from you. I must try! I am from Penang and had never heard of this brand. Shame on me.

    So now you have…

  22. Oh I love spicy food. In our garden, I have a row of habanero pepper. We love them, and hot peppers have so many amazing health benefits that I make sure I eat them weekly. That broth looks very rich and savory.

    Ya, all these things have health benefits – the tumeric, the lemon grass, all the herbs used in cooking…and they all add that special fragrance to the dish. Anytime better than using msg – I don’t add that to my food anymore, tasty enough without it, just a bit of salt as and when necessary.

  23. wah you also got it liao… hehe… I bought mine in Pg as my mom said its good.. she forgot to tell me how super spicy it is… nevertheless, its pretty good, very creamy and spicy.. .got a nice kick!

    Yup…so spicy that we have not had it since. Will have to brace ourselves for another round of that extra strong kick! 😀

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