Let’s go somewhere else…

Last Sunday, after the Sunday service in the cathedral, we dropped by here as I thought Melissa would want to eat their fish and chips which she likes and I personally feel it is the nicest around. However, it turned out that she did not want that and decided to try their chicken chop (RM13.00++) instead…


Good grief!!! That piece of meat was so small that I was wondering if it was quail. It tasted all right but Melissa said that the ones that she had here and also here were much nicer.

My missus had the Penang char kway teow (RM10.00++)…


…which did not look anything like the real thing unfortunately and as for the taste, it sure wasn’t anything to shout about. If that is what you want, I think you can get something better here.

I chose their nasi lemak (RM12.00++)…

NL 1

…which was very nice – the rice, that is. It was fragrant and cukup lemak (rich enough with adequate santan/coconut milk) but it fell a bit short when compared to my favourite in town – the one at the roadside stall at Bandong here. I did wish they had removed the heads and cleared the insides of the fried ikan bilis (anchovies) – they do not particularly enjoy bustling business, I must say, so they would have ample time to do that…instead of browsing online on their ipads or smartphones (I saw the waitress doing that when I went to ask for my bill – no wonder she did not notice when I was waving frantically to get her attention! Tsk! Tsk!) Besides, I would think that they could have easily fried their own peanuts as well.

Other than that, they could have served it in a smaller plate as well, I thought…

NL 2

…so it would not look so bare. The fish was a bit over-fried unfortunately and the beef satay was kind of tough but the chicken one was good and tasted great…and the sambal was good too.

Ah yes! The chef forgot the egg so it was brought to me a little later…

NL 3

…and it certainly looked like somebody was in dire need of a refresher course in cooking hard-boiled eggs and peeling them. That looked like somebody had been nibbling on it… Eyewwwwww!!!

All in all, it was, at best, all right…a bit pricey but all right but for that kind of money, I think we’d much sooner go somewhere else for some much nicer stuff unless it’s the fish and chips or their nice and quite affordable set lunches that we are looking for.

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25 thoughts on “Let’s go somewhere else…”

  1. wah… the nasi lemak so so expensive! the Village Park version much much nicer… orang kaya, nvr mind… the ikan goreng, no thank you very much…

    …and in the menu, it was stated “tilapia” and don’t we all know that is NOT tilapia!!! Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  2. The food here seems expensive… Guess you wont be coming by for some time…

    I’ve had some nice stuff here…but these that we had that day were not among them. Maybe the chef went on Hari Raya leave and one of the not-so-capable helpers had to cover for him… 😦

  3. you guys really eat nuts with rice huh, coz here we eat nut for snack not for lunch or what not, but anyway among these set of meals, first and second seems the best for me

    Yes, it’s the must-have condiment for the standard Malaysian breakfast, the nasi lemak. The Chinese eat them too – one of the condiments for Teochew porridge and also, there’s the peanut soup, braised peanuts…and there is also a refreshing peanut (dessert) drink. Peanut fried with anchovies are popular as a side dish or as a snack among boozers in the clubs…plus it’s an essential ingredient in satay sauce and other delights like popiah. So many things you can do with peanuts, other than just having it as a snack. You’re sure it’s not so there…or you just dunno about it?

  4. A plate of nicely arranged nasi lemak. Owh?…I got that nasi lemak plastic plate too. I don’t like over fried fish, stiff, hard & tasteless, more or less like eating tree bark. Oh boy!!!…poor looking egg.

    Yup…me too! And that egg looked real miserable indeed – nothing like what I cook, of course – me, the eggspert! Hehehehehehe!!!!!

  5. Quail chop? LOL! That penang char koay teow looks wrong either, shouldn’t be that wet 😑

    I think I can fry a lot better than that…

  6. Come la kl…we go fierce curry leaf restaurant banana leaf rice

    If Indian, we have pretty good ones here too, maybe even better…just not served on a banana leaf – no need to go all the way to KL. Hehehehehe!

  7. The presentation of the nasi lemak is really below par. I also thought the chicken was a bit small. I would have been very unhappy with that serving size.

    Double thumbs down for all that we had that day…and if they keep this up, we will certainly not bother dropping by ever again – lots of other nicer places around here.

  8. ooo, if given a choice between chicken chop or fish & chips, hmmm, i think i’d opt for chicken too. i need something that i can really bite into! heh πŸ˜€ oh, the char kuey teow looks like it’s missing my favorite ingredient: cockles. the nasi lemak looks interesting … don’t usually see it served with satay πŸ˜€

    Their fish & chips is pretty good – breadcrumb coated, that’s what I like…not the batter ones. All these, I can strike off my list already – will not bother having them ever again. 😦

  9. I’ll go somewhere else too… the only food that i can find cheaper here in pj or kl is western food! A good plate of chicken chop for RM7.90 baby! πŸ˜€

    Not at the hotels or the upper-end cafes and restaurants there, I’m sure.

    We do get cheap ones at some hawker stalls or coffee shops here too – but I don’t think I can recall any that is really nice and worth going back for…and yes, there is one nice place where the western food is pretty good and very cheap but it is always crowded and sometimes, one would need to stand around to wait for a table – no, thank you…you would never find me doing that.

  10. Very subtle title. So I guess it wasn’t exactly a garden of love that morning. Well, doing facebook on your Ipad is certainly more important than cleaning the insides of anchovies so I guess the waitress got her priorities right.

    LOL!!! The management would not be too happy to hear about that, I’m sure…especially if it means losing fussy customers like me. πŸ˜‰

  11. The chicken chop looks ok but kinda overpriced compared to the food you shared in ur blog.
    In KL, chicken chop is almost the same price!

    Hotel cafe/restaurant. Usually more expensive but not necessarily nicer… 😦

  12. Pricey la! RM10 for CKT and RM12 for Nasi Lemak… Even in KL not so expensive…

    Hotel mah. You pay for the class and everything else…and plus-plus some more. Wouldn’t be so bad if the food is really good. 😦

  13. Such a huge plate for that serving of nasi lemak! Hmmm…not many places actually serve cleaned up anchovies these days!

    Not at the classier places, I’m sure! For the prices that they’re charging, they can jolly well afford those with the heads and insides already removed – more expensive, of course. But I would rather eat those with everything than the factory-made fried anchovies, sold in the shops packed in plastic – not nice…and I know some hotel restaurants use those. What a let-down! 😦

  14. “I was wondering if it was quail.”… LOL!! Judging from the food portion…its indeed pricey. French fries so few pieces only. And char kuey teow…were there any prawns in it?

    Dunno, didn’t check. So put off by the fact that it looked like such a horrible mess. 😦

  15. The chicken chop look so miserable, even the side dish, plate look so “empty” and your nasi lemak, the arranging look “funny” too. This morning i had nasi lemak for breakfast, after one month break.

    My favourite in the kampung also RM2.50 and a whole lot nicer. This one, hotel mah… At Bintang Warisan last time, RM13.50 a plate…also expensive.

  16. Oh, my nasi lemak look a lot better and it is only RM2.50. But minus the fish and the air cond. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Got class punya nasi lemak…plus-plus some more. The set lunches are cheaper and are usually very nice but I did not feel like having that that day. 😦

  17. Always a bit of a disappointment when you go to a restaurant and the food isn’t the greatest. You’re right, the eggs do look like someone nibbled them! Hehe

    Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  18. err.. the fish really looks like it has died several times… ya I agree, I also like to have the ikan bilis head remove pls… πŸ™‚

    Yalor, and at a supposedly-classier hotel cafe, that was so disgusting! 😦

  19. I know what you mean – sometimes portions are CRAZY HUGE and then there are tiny portions that they overcharge for in some places! Most of the time around here it’s a stance of them thinking their food is better but that’s not always the case!

    …and we need to know where the places worth going are.

  20. as for this set, i like the first one the most
    i was indeed a complete meal and the side dish were
    very complimentary, anyway it’s been ages since i get to have young corn
    i kinda miss eating such

    You like young corn? I prefer the grown ones, nice and sweet.

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