More ways than one…

I got this from my friend the other day…

PT - L 1

…and I guess we all know by now that their curry laksa is nothing like our Sarawak laksa and to me, it is more like masak lemak (something cooked with rich santan/coconut milk) and I still have one packet of their laksa la mian anyway so I decided to use this in some other way.

I remember that I quite liked the lontong I had in Singapore way back in 1973 and the broth in which it was served also came across as being something like masak lemak to me and I did get to buy some at my regular stall at Bandong that sells all these Malay and other local delights once but that one was not all that great as it was kind of diluted – not lemak enough for my liking and anyway, I’ve not seen them selling that since. Well, all things considered, I thought I would be able to use it to cook some sayur lodeh or what we call sayur masak lemak in my family and dish out my own lontong.

There were three pouches in the box…

PT - L 2

…but the last one was the sambal cili (chili dip).

I poured 750 ml of water into a pot even though the instructions said 600 as I wanted more broth and I emptied one of the pouches – the laksa premix (that reminds me of cement *chuckle*) into it and stirred well for it to dissolve…


To me, I thought that looked like santan (coconut milk) powder. Anyway, I added the laksa paste next…


…and once again, I stirred it well to mix everything together before turning on the heat and bringing it to boil.

Once it had started boiling, I put in the prawns and the sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into small cubes…


The bean curd sticks, soaked to soften, went in next…


…followed by the cabbage, hand-torn…


…and as soon as I had brought it back to boil, I turned off the heat.

When my mother cooked her sayur masak lemak, she would add a whole lot of things – paku (jungle fern) or cangkuk manis/mani chai, tofu pok (fried bean curd cakes), long beans and even tung hoon (glass noodles) but as you can see…


…the pot was already too full and I should not be adding any more things in case it overflowed and made a mess!

The sambal cili (chili dip) was kind of dry and I did not think it was all that nice so I squeezed some calamansi lime into it…


…and it sure tasted a bit nicer after that.

I cooked some ketupat – the ones in little packets available at the supermarkets and then I cut two into cubes and poured the broth over them. I added a bit of everything into the bowl and sprinkled some serunding udang (the bottled chili shrimp floss) over it and served with a spoonful of the sambal cili


So, was it good? Well, you can bet it most certainly was…and I really enjoyed it thoroughly.

As for whether I would cook it again, maybe I would or maybe I wouldn’t…as sadly, that box of the “ready-to-cook sauce kit” does not come cheap here – more than RM17.00, mind you, but of course, it is a lot more convenient (and perhaps, even nicer too) to use that instead of starting from scratch and cooking my own.

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31 thoughts on “More ways than one…”

  1. That does look good and I must say I love the color. Were there leftovers? 🙂

    None at all. It states on the box – serves 3-4 but we were able to stretch that to 5-6.

  2. I love the colors as well – I agree with Opal! I will be working on some sauces, here, soon, too!

    Asian cooking can be quite colourful – this colour is owing to the use of chili and tumeric…

  3. Bought all the stuff n may cook this Saturday n I bought purple cabbage hope will blend in just cannot resist the color.sayur lodeh powder so readily available in your side fresher n cheaper I reckon…

    I saw the purple cabbage here, thought of buying for my sandwiches but changed my mind.

  4. That ready-to-cook sauce so expensive. Looks delicious and to me , it is more like vegetable curry. Love bean curd in my curry. Yum!!!Yum!!!..

    Nope, it’s like sayur lodeh/sayur masak lemak, not vegetable curry – that would be curry except that they have vegetables in it like those at the Indian shops. The taste is quite different…more lemak with the santan, no curry (powder) taste.

  5. Looks like lontong (minus the big prawns)… Ok, time for me to go for breakfast..

    It IS lontong…with prawns added and you can’t go wrong with those. Would bring the taste to a whole new level.

  6. Wow, your sayur masak lemak looks good! Very creative use of the ready made paste which was meant for something else. It has been ages since I ate sayur lemak. Must cook one of these days. It is great with sambal belacan.

    Of that, I am pretty sure…but the sambal that came in the box was not all that great. Next time, I think I’d pound my own… 😉

  7. Hope i have the honour to eat your homecooked food when meet you? kaka….

    Depends on how long you’re staying – if two nights only…cannot lah. Too many nice things in town to go and eat, not enough time. If 4-5 nights, then the possibility is there! 😉

  8. Looks good but for me, anything more than 4 steps I’ll skip them altogether. Me very malas.

    In that case, put all in together – one step only! LOL!!! Aiyor…you true nyonya or not? Cetak rompak lah ni… Nyonya very fussy, very particular about their cooking one. Nothing else can be good enough.

  9. oooh.. i would like to have those bean curd sticks!! they sure must have absorbed all the essence of the curry and must be very very nice and flavorful!! yummy~~

    I love those. My daughter did not like them till quite recently – said it was like eating plastic. 😦

  10. Encik Arthur, one plate please xD you know my mailing address right? Dijamin sampai hari esok *wink* LOL!

    I can send you the paste in the box, you’ll have to cook it yourself. Can’t courier liquids, unfortunately…and without refrigeration, it will go bad even if it’s only one day. Other things, you can send to me…no problem one. Hehehehehe!!!!!

  11. Does it really serves 2-3 pax? Compared to Laksa Sarawak, which one is nicer? 😛 Seems quite expensive eh… yeah normally i go for the ready make curry mix as well but it’s alright cause it’s only about rm3.90 per pack.

    There are 3 in the house and we had two helpings each…and I also tapao-ed some for my mum.

    It is different, completely different from Sarawak laksa. I would think this is something like curry mee or curry laksa over in KL or Penang. Will look for the local brands, hopefully they will taste as good – definitely a lot cheaper…and very convenient when intending to cook sayur lodeh/sayur masak lemak.

  12. seems like a hearty, delicious-looking result 😀 my preference has always been for creamy laksa, maybe cos i grew up with malacca nyonya laksa that’s really thick and topped plentifully with cockles. therefore i’ve never really loved non-creamy laksas, like penang’s assam laksa, heh 😀

    Me too! Not crazy about Penang assam laksa…and Sarawak laksa, I would like it more lemak – which is a no-no for Kuching laksa lovers. They say it would then be like curry, not so nice anymore.

  13. Looks good, especially after you add in more ingredient. Yum yum.

    Very soon, i will sent you the famous Penang white curry instant noodles, it just rated as world no 7 spicy noodles. Selling like hot cakes, everyone is looking for it. So far, i think still can’t get it from supermarket. It is product by My Kuali.

    Ya…actually even ordinary instant noodles, the not so nice ones…if you add extra ingredients, sure will be nice one…especially when there are prawns. Oh no! Oh no! Don’t buy! No. 1 and No. 2 also so-so, not that great…don’t think No. 7 will be nice. Hehehehehe!!!!

  14. I love lontong so this is definitely up my alley! Yummy, that pot of good stuff!

    You have it there? I’ve never seen it anywhere since so very long ago in Indonesia…and once, here – that’s all. Sure would love to try if I had seen anyone selling…

    1. Oh yes, we do have lontong here in KL but not so common. A few places you could try: a Malay restaurant (would be more expensive, of course), a medan selera or a stall operated by a Malay at a foodcourt.

      However, since it’s a Johore dish, if you happen to be in Johore, give it a try. I believe it’s more authentic there. Enjoy!

      Johore? Hmmm…all this while, I thought it was Indonesian… Let me check! Ahhhhh….they have lontong there too and there is lontong Johore as well.

  15. To be honest, I prefer Singapore/ Johore laksa. :0
    Malacca version is too rich.
    Penang style is too sour.
    Alamak so picky huh?

    I haven’t tried Sarawak laksa though.

    The same, it depends on where you go…or what ingredients you add when you cook it yourself.

  16. Never a fan of curry laksa but the way you used the paste is certainly creative.

    Neither am I…as it is – like the celebrated Katong one but this “lontong” is good. Should be nice with glass noodles too – always love that with sayur masak lemak.

  17. ohh….I love those bean curd sticks too. They must be heavenly since it absorbed all the laksa essence. I feel so hungry in these rainy days.

    The rain has stopped – hope the flood has subsided too…but anyway, I’m sure there’s food in the hotel?

  18. RM17 definitely is on the high side but if its good and makes life easier…why not?

    …and I don’t intend to eat it all the time anyway – only when the craving sets in. 😉

  19. Reading this at this hour is surely not a good idea, hungry la! :p

    Gee! You’re still awake? Anything went bump in the night? It’s the Chinese 7 1/2 month wor… LOL!!!

  20. Nice! I found that Singapore noodles including ramen are all super expensive though.

    It’s like eating out! Even Myojo’s dry black pepper crab noodles costs RM 6 per packet and you need 2 packets to be full. It tastes better than Malaysian ones though.

    VERY expensive. Would rather go out for kampua…or cook one’s own.

  21. that seems to have a very strong, distinct and yummy taste,
    which makes a dish more enjoying however i would want to
    have such with rice to balance the taste

    There were compressed rice cubes in the broth – we call them ketupat or nasi impit.

  22. lovely! so creative to turn this into sayur lodeh…. and you even make this so lavish with big prawns. I like the addition of beancurd stick… gonna try and add it my next laksa dish.

    We always had those sticks in our sayur masak lemak…and lots more, in fact.

  23. Wow Arthur! Your version of lontong surely looks very very appetizing! Well done!

    Thank you, thank you. It was nice, loved it…but one box of the laksa paste is way too expensive for us here. Can’t be cooking that too often.

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