Evening falls…

Where else can you find such soothing and comfortable ambiance with its tasteful exotic ethnic decor…

PC 1

…and enchanting flickering lights and flowers…

PC 2

…simple, ordinary yet beautiful and colourful flowers…

PC 3

…here there and everywhere if not here…

PC 4

…and one evening last week, my daughter and I had the pleasure of dropping by for dinner – the mum had something on so we were left to our own devices.

To start off, we shared their mushroom roll (RM8.00)…


…which some of you may recall from my earlier posts on this place. Inside, there is thinly sliced mushroom cooked with cheese and whatever else and despite its outward experience that is no different from a spring roll or popiahΒ with a sprinkling of Parmesan on top, it actually tastes like some very nice mushroom quiche or pie.

I had their Bangladeshi lamb curry (RM17.00)…


…with rice. I think I had that a long time ago but I could not remember it as being so nice. It tasted like overnight curry which I actually fancy very much more than one that has just been freshly-cooked – the rich flavours of all the ingredients had gone into the very tender succulent chunks of meat and yet it was not too dry unlike curry that has been heated over and over again. It was very spicy and I particularly enjoyed having the gravy with the rice.

Melissa had their chicken chop (RM24.00)…


…with their own original special gravy – no, it wasn’t mushroom! She had just started to enjoy it when oops!!! Disaster struck! It seemed that the meat was a bit uncooked on the underside so we had to get the attention of the waiter and had it sent back to the chef. What happened next really impressed me – instead of just putting the meat back onto the pan to grill it further, they cooked a totally new dish for us – and the second time around, it was perfectly done! Now, THAT certainly impressed me very much and for that, I would give them a double thumbs up! Bravo! Bravo!

No doubt the prices here are a bit on the high Β side but I love the place as the food is good and the service is friendly and excellent. For one thing, it is not crowded plus it is not enclosed and air-conditioned, so the place would not be filled to the brim with an overly-noisy young crowd sharing a huge plate of cincaluk fried rice, the serving huge enough to feed an army and splitting the bill when it is time to leave. Never mind how nice the food may be and how cheap, I would not want my mood spoilt and my whole evening ruined and would rather go elsewhere – here, for instance, for an enjoyable dinner in its really pleasant surroundings…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

34 thoughts on “Evening falls…”

  1. The decor is lovely, so much color! I love color. Are the flowers edible?

    That’s nice that they cooked Melissa another dish. That was thoughtful of them to do. If I lived close, I’d pop in there just to support them for being so thoughtful. I’m sure there would be something on the menu that I could eat.

    The mushroom roll looks interesting. I must try that some time. I’m ordering mushrooms to cultivate. I love freshly harvested mushrooms so much flavor you don’t really need to add much else. πŸ™‚

    Beautiful, isn’t it? No, these flowers are not edible but they do have petals of the torch ginger petals in their rojak – our locasl version of the salad. The roll is very nice – you can give it a try. I think they just cook the filling, wrap in those spring roll skin and bake in the oven. My daughter loves mushrooms – just grilled in the pan to eat when in NZ but we do not get those nice ones here.

  2. I love photos of flowers. Flowers and desserts are my fav things to photograph.

    We didn’t have any dessert that night. Initially, my daughter wanted…but after eating our orders, she said she was too full to have anything else.

  3. You have blogged quite a number of times about this place. Very nice ambiance with beautiful & creative flower arrangment. Wow, they are so kind to prepare a new dish for you. For most, I would think they will grill it again and pass back to you. Another 2 thumbs up for them.

    Yes, I certainly was very impressed by that! Such great service certainly deserves special mention…and the chef came personally to apologise some more. That’s the way to do it!

  4. This Payung is one classy place! I love the decor and flowers. The food looks very good and the presentation is very professional. I am also impressed that they prepared a fresh serving for Melissa. That would make customers very forgiving, eh?

    Yes, definitely. A long time ago, I went to one place here and I liked the fish and chips…so I went again with my daughter and some friends and we all ordered the same. The fish fillet was uncooked inside – still frozen! Obviously they did not defrost it properly before cooking. We complained and they took it back to fry it again…and when it came out, it was still like that. We paid and left and never went back again…until more recently, when they have somebody new managing the outlets and a chef came over from a place that I liked before. There are some nice things on their menu now…but we would never order the fish and chips again. Once is enough!

  5. Hi. I ate at Payung upon your recommendation when I was there early this month. Really love the mushroom roll and hubby had the lamb curry too but he’s a gravy person so to him, not enuf gravy. Love the pisang jelly ice cream, mulu ice cream and the mango/quinie ice cream. Love the bumbung soda too! thanks for recommending. πŸ™‚

    Nice, eh? I told you so!!! You could ask the people there about the items on the menu – they’re all very well-versed with everything they have. They would have told you it’s a dry curry…though it may not be completely dry. Not too sure if they have any with a lot of gravy or not, not curry…but something else perhaps.

  6. wow, it’s payung again.. this must be a very nice place that serves very nice food that our Food Mayor if Sibu is not tired of going there again and again.. nice!!! πŸ™‚

    Same as people having kampua every day…or at your side, nasi lemak or char kway teow. At least I try different things and I do not go that often – can’t afford. 😦

  7. all i can think of is the song ummmbrella ella ella ehhh

    Or the Singapore Hokkien version: hor sua…hor sua…hor sua… πŸ˜€

  8. Yes, they are gracious enough to give you a new piece… you are their loyal customer of all times! Last time I had a bad experience with one established outlet here in Ipoh..their chicken chop was also not cooked and all they did was to Microwave it back cos the piece came out just the same when I gave them… lousy shop! No more going there though it is so popular in the Klang valley…

    Oh? KL franchise? I am not that keen on going to those franchise places – food usually ok though not really great, place nice…but relatively expensive. I guess it’s not the workers’ own shop – cannot throw away and give you another one – will not be able to account for the missing piece of chicken chop and may get into trouble with the boss.

  9. Ambiance for payung winssss!!! Too bad their food….errr… haha!

    Food is always good…just that they had that one not-so-good day and they certainly went out of their way to make up for it. Very nice of them, no complaint!

  10. I love mutton curry but lamb curry? Never tried before. Is the meat more tender?

    Dunno. I always assume it is one and the same thing? The nasi kandar and mamak shops over at your side use goat? Well, we do not have goat’s meat here…so I guess it is imported lamb from NZ or Oz…. Same with beef. 😦

  11. Most restaurants would just heat it up using microwave and serve back to you, good that they were able to serve you another new portion of chicken chop instead

    Yes, they do deserve a lot of credit for what they did. In the business world, one slab of chicken is not something to just simply cast aside and replace with a new one. Very impressed.

  12. Yes, very nice of them to cook a new dish for Melissa. I would be impressed too πŸ™‚
    And I must say your photography skills are really good!

    Credit should go to my digicam – fully-automatic… πŸ˜‰

  13. Oh oh.. i must remember to give this place a visit with my family when we’re going to Sibu this coming December.. must record it down in my Notes in HTC One.. hohoho..

    You MUST!!! Too good to miss, you’ll surely love it here!

  14. Payung really has a very creative menu! lots of choices… even after you have blog about this place, I am still seeing new dishes…. πŸ˜€

    kudos to them for cooking a new one for Melissa, that’s what I call excellent customer service!

    Absolutely! Can’t complain at all when they go through such lengths to ensure customer satisfaction.

  15. Payung is still your top notch?
    That Chicken Chop macam a bit pricey.

    Told you things here are not cheap but value for money – but that was a big slab of meat compared to the “quail” my girl had at the hotel cafe a few days ago. And I like the fact that things here are not all that cheap or the servings are not that huge for people to share – it will keep the noisy NCAA (no class at all) people away. Can enjoy the peaceful ambiance while dining and enjoying the very nice food…

  16. Wow! Your 2nd and 3rd photos are so artistic and well captured. You pandai to meddle with the colours and lighting to make it like a professional avant garde photographer! I hope Mr Lonely reads my comments here as his photos are often sucks! Muahahaha
    I also like to eat overnight curries as the taste tend to get matured and settled tastefully. I am curious about Bangladeshi curries as I had never tasted their food anywhere.

    The 1st one, no? Aiyor…leave that poor boy alone lah! His photos are clear and BIG and the subjects are very unique to his own blog – not those that you would get to see, never mind whose blog you log into.

    You haven’t? I’m sure you’ve eaten a whole lot of things cooked by them over there but maybe not curry. They’re all over the place, manning all the food stalls and shops in KL and the kawasan2 yang sewaktu dgnnya!!! Hahahahaha!!!! πŸ˜›

  17. Still didn’t get a chance to go here. Is it halal?

    Serves no pork. Used to have an Indon cooking but he got married – his wife came over and worked there for a while and when it was time for her to deliver, they went back – I understand he runs his own cafe there now. They have Indians/Banglas working there – dunno what religion…but I guess they’re not Hindus as they do serve beef dishes there.

  18. ooo, this is a memorable cafe! i do remember you posting about this cafe (as well as one of your friends who posted about his visit with you here, i think). it’s always great to read about a place that gives u such satisfaction and enjoyment πŸ˜€

    The one and only. I do prefer this one to all the rest in town…especially one that has great decor, very good and affordable food, HUGE servings…but when the shrill-voiced youngsters come in, it will put you off and you will not be able to enjoy your dinner in peace.

    My West Malaysian friend came to town and he was spellbound by the place, couldn’t stop snapping photographs all over – we went early, as soon as it opened for business that evening, but as we were eating, those groups came in…and he instantly changed his mind about it being a “nice place”. ‘Nuff said!

  19. Payung, it had been sometime you didn’t go there lei? Have not been to their new branch before, just passed by.

    New one good as far as food and service go, very comfortable but rather quiet and decor not as great – somehow the ambiance just isn’t there. I prefer the original one.

  20. I really how they treat customers. Most restaurants will only grilled the uncooked part, and some even steam it. A thumb up for Payung.

    Exactly. Impressive, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  21. LOVE that first pic! The flowers and decor look awesome! LOVE the deep red colors!

    They’re very good with the floral arrangement and decor at this place.

  22. The mushroom “popiah” looks yummy!
    What type of mushrooms did they use?
    Perhaps best served with chilli sauce?! He he~

    They gave you quite a huge portion of mushroom gravy for your chicken chop!
    It was rather thick too. Bet that would fill you up pretty quickly.

    The easily-available-locally oyster mushroom, I guess.

    With all that cheese in it, I don’t think it is compatible with chili sauce…and anyway, I would like to savour and enjoy the original taste of what I eat and I do not believe in drowning it with soy sauce, ketchup or chili sauce – will only resort to these when something is bland or does not take nice – if at all it is still worth eating.

    And read my lips – it is NOT mushroom gravy! 😦

  23. Definitely a good move of them to serve you a whole new dish. Too many places in KL including some well known restaurants are guilty of just putting it into the microwave to ‘cook’ it further.

    Oh? This would set a good example for all the rest then.

  24. That’s very nice of Payung! πŸ™‚

    I’ve always thought they did things different from other Sibu F&B. The premium for service and good food is worth it.

    Yes, a class above the rest…

  25. that place is really relaxing, i kind like the idea of having flowers and candles
    on that place. anyway each dish looks great the mushroom rolls seem very interesting but the last dish was i guess the best among this set

    All good. Yet to come across anything that isn’t nice here.

  26. Cooking a totally new dish is definitely what I would have expected the chef to do! πŸ˜€

    Ahhhh!!! They’d do that too over there, eh? Not at most places here, I would think…unfortunately. 😦

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