The longest day…

I woke up at 5.00 a.m. yesterday and left for the Sibu Airport around 30 to 45 minutes later, and my flight took off for Kuching at 7, maybe 5 to 10 minutes behind schedule but that was o.k. Transit in Kuching was uneventful – went to get immigration clearance and also a quick puff before reboarding…

Boarding a MAS flight

…and got to KLIA by 10.oo a.m. I headed to the transfer counter as I had to get my boarding pass for my KLIA-Penang flight but that only took a couple of minutes – everything went smootfly and efficiently. Now, what on earth could I do until my flight at 1.55 p.m. ย – almost 4 hours? I browsed through all the shops, bought a book, sat around and made a few trips to the smoking lounge…and had lunch…

KLIA fried noodles with egg

This cost around RM10.00 with the extra egg and it would not be so bad if it had tasted nice, which it wasn’t! Not at all! It was too salty, too oily…and despite having quite a bit of ingredients, it did not taste good at all! I did not think it was worth it, not even for want of something to do. The flight to Penang left on the dot and landed on the island at 2.45 p.m. After collecting my luggage, I headed to Cititel Penang and checked in…

Cititel welcome

Everything was dealt with promptly and efficiently and I was in my room in no time at all. After resting for a while, I went for tea at a corner coffee shop. The char kway teow stall had closed for the day…so I had the wantan noodles instead…

Penang wantan noodles

It was all right…but I had my mind set on a plate of Penang char kway teow the moment I set foot on the island. Never mind, it can wait a while longer….

Then, I went back to my room to wait for Mandy, my friend from my radio-family (on the former TraxxFm Pat & Mag in the afternoon show), to pick Melissa in Sungai Petani and bring her all the way to the island…and to the hotel. Thanks, Mandy, for taking all that trouble to do that. You’re such a gem!!!

So here I am in Penang… Stay tuned and hopefully, I will keep everybody updated from time to time!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “The longest day…”

  1. i bet stp mz b having a really gd time on penang food dy…..

    Yes, of course…had a feast last nite but didn’t take any pics – nite time, not bright enough. Have to wait for my friend to email me the pics.

  2. The Hungry Ghost has been unleashed in Penang.. hahahaha

    By the way.. you should have gone to Burger King and have their burger instead… and actually.. since you have like a 4 hours wait.. you should have taken the KLIA transit and go down to KL.. which gives you 2 hours on the train for going and return journey and 2 hours in KL town.. enough time to feast on a good meal in the city.. hehehe

    I had the burger my previous trip in May and didn’t feel like having it again. Wonder if there’s anything good at Jonker Street…but that’s around the B gates, not near the smoking lounge! LOL!!! Will try it next time…

  3. The char sio on the wantan noodles looks like Sibu char sio, with colouring ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yalor…not the typical authentic char sio they usually have on wantan mee, but the wantans were nice. Only two though… Namind, can have that again some other day!

  4. glad to know you had a safe journey. I’m sure lots of good food posts coming up soon!

    Praise the Lord!…Well, I cretainly hope so… Hehehehehehe!!!

  5. WELCOME TO PENANG!! I m back around 4pm yesterday..will be going again on the 29th aug to send son back to college…

    have a ravishing time in jalan jalan cari makan in Penang!!

  6. claire:
    Doesn’t look l’m going to meet u, l’m leaving 29th. Am at Queensbay, just met the handsome and young (looking) Eugene and his sweet and pretty wife!

    1. wah..handsome young man and sweet young wife… so did they belanja u makan puas puas??
      never mind..there will be other opportunities next time.. i m going early on th 29th with my kids… coming back to ipoh on sunday… perhaps in time to send u off at the airport.. hahaa…

      No lah, where got? Called me when I was already out for lunch…and again after I had gone back to the hotel after dinner….mana ada belanja I makan puas2. Hint, hint…eugene! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Other opportunities? Ummmm…not really! I may just come over one last time end of the year to help my girl move all her things back. Next year, she’ll be in NZ…so I will have to scrimp and save to go over, not coming this way anymore!

  7. hei you should have called me when you were stuck in klia. the food there is lousy and expensive. i would have brought you to have nasi daging in putrajaya or claypot chicken beriani in sleepless serdang. are you going to have some free time on your way back? may be we can buka puasa together.

    Ya…you’re actually quite nearby! Next time I’m on these so-called connecting flights, I’ll surely let you know in advance. I’ll be going to KL on the 29th and stopping by for a few days… Will get in touch with you.

  8. by the way, don’t forget to try nasi kandar line clear and chowrasta cendol. what a combination! of course you have to eat the nasi kandar first and walk for a short distance towards komtar to find the cendol.

    The turkey nasi bryani, you mean? Hope to try that one of these days…but I’m pretty wary of those nasi kandar people. Daylight robbers! Have tried the cendol before… May go again one of these days.

  9. u are updating!!! GOOD!!!
    mr stp, do drool us with more food pics ar haha

    Using my daughter’s laptop… Everything seems so small, compared to my desktop, and not very familiar with what goes where… Never mind! I will survive! Hope you’ve recovered from your flu!

    1. small? contrary to your size eh? im so bad ๐Ÿ˜›
      im okie now, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚
      btw, there’s one more fatal case in Sibu =.=

      Yakah? Aiyor…so scary! I wonder when all this will end. …Ok, ok…I know I’m BIG, real tuapui, right? Hehehehehehehe!!!

  10. Ouh…so you did bring your laptop aye Suituapui? Haha ๐Ÿ˜€ 4 hours at the airport? Do what some more? Eat lar!

    But RM10…for that piece of sh**! My…I wouldn’t wanna try it at all. Not even appetizing to look at. :p

    So now you are in the cititel hotel lar! Ok lar, you have a nice trip ok. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yup…blogging from Cititel Penang, using my daughter’s laptop…so I can only go online when she’s sleeping and not using it for her assignments! Ya, next time, anybody travelling – bring your own food! Boycott those airport shops!!!

  11. Wah… Already enjoying Penang food and the company of your daughter..Hehe
    I’m flying off to KL tomorrow. Leaving for Langkawi on 27th… Cuti2 sekolah!

    Cuti sekolah sudah tiba,
    Murid2 senyum gembira,
    Guru pun bersukaria!”


    I’ll be in KL 29th-1st. Don’t like Langkawi… If not for the duty free liquor and cigarettes, not much point going there as I’m not a beach person (and if beaches and islands, Sabah has the best! Langkawi…blerk!!!). Have fun…

    1. I’m in KL again from 29th-31st..Hehe
      Well, since the holiday is ‘sponsored’ can’t complain much lar. Haha… Looking forward to buy the duty free stuffs. *wink*

      I’ll be there at the same time. Can sms me if you’re in the Bukit Bintang area. I’ll be staying around there. Sponsored? So nice! How come nobody wants to sponsor me lah? Sulk! Sulk!

  12. uh u brought along ur laptop to update ah? wahhhh.. not bad not bad…

    merdeka plan still unknown, mujurlah i’m a person who kenot plan too much.. miss gf maybe coming down to johor so if anything also, i’ll let u know!

    What do you mean “not bad not bad”? For an old man like me, izzit? Humph!!! You’ll be amazed by the things that I do! LMAO!!!…OK, just let me know if you’ll be in KL next weekend. For one thing, you do not get that many chances to meet THE….stp, you know! Many are still waiting and trying to…! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

  13. The egg on the mee goreng looks as rubbery, as though they microwaved it! Bet it didn’t taste nice either. Hehe

    They probably did! I hate microwaved eggs, mrs loves to cook ’em that way, so lazy!!! Or maybe they grill them on an iron plate…using those tiny rings into which they break the eggs, hence the cylindrical shape. They do that at the roadside burger stalls. Don’t like! Give me my kuali and oil…and the golden-coloured fibrous edges of the sunny side up fried egg!!! That’s how I like it!

  14. sorry…..accidentally tekan ‘send’ before i edited my msg. Should be ….egg on the mee goreng looks rubbery…..

    Ok…didn’t even notice! LOL!!!

  15. Muahaha… i’m back in east malaysia, and you flew to east malaysia… Yeah, i wanna set my eyes on some authentic penang char kway teau.. wantan mee taste just like kampua.. no idea what’s the difference

    Good grief! You must have rather retarded taste buds! Even Rasa Sayang and Soon Hock kampua are worlds apart, what more to say kampua and wantan mee!!! Chesh!!! Some people are just not born to be…gourmets!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  16. argghh!! with the time you had, you should hv gone to the food court at the other building of LCCT. at least it’s cheaper and slightly better than the restaurant you went to. their nasi lemak’s sambal taste like canned sambal, not nice at all.

    I didn’t use the cheap airline lah! Got class, used the golden airline! Hahahahahahaha!!!

    1. oohhh LOL!! if that’s the case, i thought the one on the MTB, the shop there is much better. On the arrival hall, there’s a shop there selling curry mee. nice wor… don’t know whether still there or not..

      Arrival? I hear there’s a food court in the basement or something but I never ventured there. Would usually just go to KFC or McD at departure hall…

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