Slow An’Easy…

This is the holiday that I have in mind – none of those shuttling from one tourist attraction to another, no sightseeing…and no shopping either. I just want to rest and relax in the cool and comfortable hotel room, listening to LiteFm on one of the channels on the tv, browse and blog online…and go out to enjoy the renowned Penang hawker fare…

This morning, I went to the corner coffee shop a few steps away from the hotel…

Penang coffee shop 1a

This was where I had some Penang char kway teow a few years ago and I thought it was really good, but it was closed the afternoon when I arrived…and this morning, the shop was open but not the stall. So I had the kway teow th’ng

Penang kwau teow th'ng

…which I loved a lot. I always love things in clear soup, which reminds me that I must go for yong tau foo one of these days. Anyway, the kway teow th’ng was from the stall with the old lady in the green blouse…

Penang coffee shop 1b

For one thing, I must say I was impressed by the ability of the people in the coffee shops to converse in English…and even the Hokkien that they speak seems very gentle and pleasant – certainly a welcome change from all that Mandarin and Foochow in Sibu!

Then, the char kway teow stall started operating its business for the day…and I just couldn’t resist…

Penang char kway teow

Oooo…it was nice! But I guess I should have more self-control! Can’t be eating like this every day, can I? Hahahahahaha!!!!

This was the coffee shop across the road where I had the wantan noodles the day before…

Penang coffee shop 2

There are also a lot of nice things to eat at this one…so you can imagine that I should be quite well-fed in the next few days. LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

20 thoughts on “Slow An’Easy…”

  1. with so many temptations left and right, self control is out the window. Must always leave some room for something else later.
    Will try to plan a trip there soon to try out all the delicious food there.

    Just the tip of the iceberg!!!….Lots and lots more to come!!! And this trip, I really have the time to try one by one, different each day!

  2. nom nom nom,
    thanks feasting us with your yummy pics =.=

    btw, i just had (tapao-ed) kampua this morning! very oily wei 😦

    Ya, saw ur post on hp! Will drop by again when I can get to use the laptop…

    1. ok, i just found out uncle made da kampua…not tapao-ed. my bad. still, it’s oily lo, my stomach feels very upset now T-T

      After falling sick, my stomach was topsy turvy for days and days. Don’t care! Just eat! Now, ok liao….

  3. Wow! Penang food fest for STP. Good for you to have one whole week to try out every possible good food in Penang.. after this trip you can come out with a Penang food guide… hehehe!

    No transport to get around that much…so will be featuring food from around my hotel area only.

  4. hi STP, have a nice holiday yeah. I love char kue tiow and I notice the one that you eat is the dry one. I wonder why some char kue tiow is dry just like a fried char kue tiow and other not, some a bit ..err berkuah, with ketchup I think, I love both. I went to every place at Malacca that they said have char kue tiow, but I admit Malaccan not really good in cooking that CHar Kue tiow, the northern people, yes, even it just a char kue tiow from an ordinary warong.

    I love yong tau foo too, and there were also have two type of yong tau foo the one that with soup, and the other one with chillies (their own sos). Also love both of it. Its like the different of south and northern Yong Tau foo, south is the one with soup.

    and yes I agree Penang Char kue tiow is the best one!

    I guess the one with gravy is the tomato kway teow…or the fried kway teow Cantonese style, not the Penang char kway teow. Here, they also have char hor fun, also very nice. Will be in one of the posts coming up! I had yong tau foo last night…so watch out for the post! LOL!!!

  5. No wonder u stay in cititel…it is right in penang road… u should try their infamous laksa, ice kacang, chow koay teow…at the corner shop further down the road… a small lane.. i think u should know …. if u drink outside, i mean the ice kacang, it will be cheaper…dont order into the shop, the shop owner ordered the one opposite the original one… it is different…
    anyway, enjoy makan-ing and quality time with your girl…

    I had the cendol before… Quite a distance up the road. Will see whether I will be passing that way or not… So many nice things to eat around here…no problem at all when it comes to food!

  6. Wah, all the good foods in Penang! I am drooling now looking at the Char Kuey Teow. Enjoy yourself there!

    Sure will, thanks. Watch out for more photos of all the yummy stuff I had, am having…and will have! Drool! Drool! Hahahahahahaha!!!

  7. Look like this is a dream holiday for you aye! 😀 penang people can converse in good English right?’d better enjoy your holidays because another few more days you’ll be back to your home. LOL:D

    Not a few more days lah… I have a whole week here, and then I will go over to KL and spend a few days there!!! So nice! Hehehehehehe!

  8. Now I know where to stay should I go to Penang.

    Just don’t come during Chinese New Year…as all the shops will be closed and all you will have is the nasi kandar shop across the road – which certainly isn’t much to shout about!

  9. gerrie:
    Sigh! Just two days and l feel l’m expanding already. Not a place for the health conscious and those watching their figure. They’re better off just staying at home…

    1. Hmmm….when I want to “let go”, Penang will be THE destination!

      Not much of a problem for you….still in pretty good shape. As for my case, I guess it can’t possibly get any worse! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Ever thought of moving to pulau pinang ? Hahaha… bet you’d go for an eating spree every single day XD

    God forbid! I would grow sooooo…fat the whole island would sink! Hahahahahaha!

  11. i say……i would love to have this kind of holiday too… planning to go to penang too 4 d great food that they have…STP, i will look 4 u once u come back here….just to check how many kilos or pounds u add during this trip hahahahahahaha cheers! Remember this WHATEVER TASTE GOOD IS HEALTHY!

    I’m surprised that you never ever came to Penang. Not even during your uni days??? So kesian…

  12. I can’t remember whether I have been to this coffee shop in Penang or not.

    I went all the time, used to stay at Cititel, a stone’s throw away. I actually liked the char kway teow here, more than what I had at the over-rated Lorong Selamat one. They said the chicken rice here, like the lor bak, was very famous in Penang, very nice and very popular but one look at the stall, never mind. I think that was the only thing I did not try there.

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