The Hourglass Song…

Well, I’ll be leaving on the very early morning flight tomorrow – 7.00 a.m. to Kuching on transit to KLIA and then, to Penang. My daughter will be having her one-week break but she doesn’t want to come all the way back to Sibu. All this travelling first by taxi from Sungai Petani (Kedah) to Penang Airport and then the transit stops along the way can be quite dreary…and after a couple of times, I think she has grown quite tired of it all. Besides, she has a lot of assignments to do…so with me ย going over there, at least she can do them in the comforts of a nice hotel and we can take breaks in between to go out and savour the culinary delights of Penang right outside the doorsteps.

We’ll be staying at Cititel Penang where I have been staying everytime I stop by the island – the first time for a night in July 2007 with my missus on our way home to Sibu after sending my daughter to the teacher-training institute in Sungai Petani and again in August that year when I came over to spend the one-week break in Penang and also in KL with her and in 2008, the whole family were there for the Chinese New Year break and in August, I stayed for a night on my way back from Sungai Petani to Sibu.

If you’re not familiar with Penang, the following clip will let you have a glimpse of the hotel…

I find it much nicer than the one at Mid Valley in KL, the rooms are bigger and the people are very nice and friendly. They have special promotions and right now, I’m getting a room for RM125 nett per night with a 20% discount if I’ll be staying for more than 3 nights which of course, I am. That means it is just around RM100 a night, cheaper than the better hotels in Sungai Petani which are not even half as nice.

Believe it or not, there is not even one decent hotel in the town centre in that town. The nearest is SP Inn where I stayed with my daughter last year for RM88 per night, and it is at least 30 minutes’ walk to Central Square. By the time we got there, I would be totally drenched and dripping in my perspiration…and I would no longer be in the mood to walk all the way back. Taking a taxi would mean around RM10 one way for a very short distance! Besides, that hotel was undergoing renovations last year and they did say that the rates would go up once completed, so I would expect that it is much more expensive this year – they said it would be a hundred plus even for the rooms in the old wing!

Besides, finding a place to eat is such a chore…unless you have the transport to go to those secluded spots, and what makes things worse is some only open at night! All the way to Central Square from SP Inn, you will pass by ONE nasi kandar shop and no more, and after Central Square, you will find another nasi kandar shop. In Sibu, in one block of shops alone, you can find at least one or two or even more coffee shops!!! So, we did not have a choice and had to eat at fast food joints like KFC, McDs or Pizza Hut…or we could go to Old Town or Master Choo…or even Secret Recipe – they all have their outlets at Central Square.

If you check out my last year’s posts, there is another area where they have Tesco. They have a one shop-lot hotel for RM85 and above a room…and though going out to eat may not be a problem there, you will still be stuck with the same old places as in Central Square, maybe a few more like The Chicken Rice Shop.ย All things considered, I told my daughter that I would not want to go to SP again and suggested that it would be better for her to come to Penang instead. So, she is coming…

I do not know whether I’ll be updating my blog in Penang or not, no promises. Maybe I will just take a break from all this…and then decide whether I would want to continue or not when I come back. I bet many of you are already getting quite bored of it all and it doesn’t make any difference whether I close shop or not. Well, it may seem somewhat cliche, but I would like to leave you all with a song, this song…

This has been one of my best-loved songs from my younger days and I love in particular the lyrics in the chorus:

Before the rivers run dry
Before the last sad good-bye
Let us be kind to one another.
We can try…
So don’t just throw your love about
It’s not too late to find out
Before the sand has all run out, of the hourglass…

I do hope you all love the song….. Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim relatives and friends, and do take care, everyone!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

25 thoughts on “The Hourglass Song…”

  1. wahahaha finally d day has come…. Mr Wee is going to hunt down Penang delicacies… I saw smiles on d hawkers’ faces…

    Not yet lah! Early tomorrow morning, too early for another post…so this has got to be it! Hope my appetite gets better when I’m there…

  2. Have an enjoyable trip and hope the traders there will be smiling their way to the bank when their place gets free advertisement on yr blog. Someone should comes up with a logo for you to be placed at all these places you visited(Only the recommended ones) like the “jom, cari makan” on TV3 or “Ho chak” show.

    Thanks. Well, last year on a similar trip, I did feature some places in Sg Petani…so if I do come back, it will be places and food in Penang this time around….

  3. Ooops… hope u can read this when u r in Pg… Call me when if u r coming to IPOH… get my number from Eugene… Have an enjoyable trip…. God Bless!

    I’m not leaving till very early tomorrow morning, so yes…I can still get to read this. You can get my contact number from Eugene too…when you drive into Penang tomorrow. I will only be there by mid-afternoon, imagine starting out from here at dawn! It’s like going halfway around the world…and my poor girl has to go through this everytime she wants to come home for a week’s holiday…..

  4. Hi STP! M taking a break too n doing some packing so thot i clicked yr blog quickly and surprised to learn u may close shop!I just want to let u know that yr blog has been very informative n entertaining,therapeutic even! From yr blog,i get to know the rest of the commentators better,like i learnt the word ‘persek’, again,gundot’s hubby is Tom,Gerrie likes baking,get to see Pollie’s lovely fruitcake u post up,(which she has been telling me how nice it is),get to know more abt KNB,TOC,Sophia,Clare etc n also meet Kongkay n learned that Bukit Assek actually used to live there,very entertained with K.Penyu’s ridiculously funny comments sometimes,n also the rest of yr ‘kaki’ who leaves interesting comments. Hope you have a great/safe holiday n quality time with your anak. Seriously hope u have a ‘think’ about closing yr blog up for good n will change your mind! It has been very entertaining for me,esp.when I have nothing to do,oops,rephrasing, Imean,m being constructive when reading yr blog n I can sense u r very passionate about it,esp.judging from yr efforts to put up all the nice photos n articles,n from here,i learned how to cook sup rebus!I hope my comment will be encouraging enough for you to keep on blogging! Cheers n take care too!

    Wow! You’re going on vacation too? That makes two of us! I just want to nice, good rest… As for the long story, well…I’ll see about it as the days go by. Hehehehehe!!! Have fun!

    1. Wah! My name got mentioned! I feel so honoured ๐Ÿ˜€ Yea…don’t close shop lar…If you do, I will create an online petition and gather signatures from everyone and go on hunger strike. ๐Ÿ˜›

      Hunger strike?…Gosh! That would leave only a few people who will be willing to sign then… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Apa ni? Want to stop blogging? Go for your holiday, take a break and then continue your blog la. I need some entertainment in the office. hahaha. Besides, where else can the cousins tembak-menambak each other using their fake names?…. all for fun of course. hehe.

    Till then…. have a happy holiday and dont forget to go on a rampage at the ramadhan stalls in penang. bon apetite!

    Thanks, sure I’ll have a happy holiday…but I’ll think twice about the ramadan stalls this year! Not with the H1N1 – now I avoid crowded places and peak hours… Luckily Cititel has 6 lifts, so can always wait for another if one is too crowded… Anyway, don’t think we’ll go out a lot – just to eat and the rest of the time, relax and sleep in room. LOL!!!

  6. WHAT?!!! CLOSE SHOP?!!! DON’T!!! I need entertainment in the office too ๐Ÿ˜› This is the first website I go to the first thing after I switch on my PC. Not the news. Not other blogs. Not my e-mail. Not Facebook. Not even my own blog.

    Besides, where else can I see the cousins tembak-menembak each other using their fake names? Hahahaha!!! Comments by KNB, TOC (he missing kah?), kpenyu (he also missing kah?), Stella, Gerrie, Gundot & the gang plus your reply are so entertaining. I like! ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t have that many cousins to tembak with. Besides, most of them are not internet savvy even though most of them are much younger than you.

    Don’t lar close shop…

    Will see lah! Maybe it’s just the post-illness depression, not eating properly…lethargic! Once I’ve rejuvenated…filled up the tank…maybe, I’ll be ready to roll again! LOL!!! Ah well…I guess you don’t have a motley crue of cousins like mine – all same wavelength – gluttons and a bit crazy! Hahahahahaha!

  7. mr stp! ๐Ÿ˜€

    wongfeihongshaodong? u better dont wei! u have so mnay fanatic fans like us(oh well!)…u shouldn’t u can’t and u mustn’t close down can u hear me *fierce roar*

    Fuyoh! So fierce! Me scared!…Wong Fei Hong *cues in Once upon a time in China theme song… Hahahahahaha!!!! Well, we’ll just to wait and see…

  8. RM100 per night is really cheap. Not bad if you can get such price in Penang. Cititel hotel. Ok, gonna look out for it when I visit Penang. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The earlier promo – must book before 30th June was even cheaper…but I missed that one, Not sure of going yet at the time. Something to do with their anniversary celebration! Very nice hotel, certainly worth giving it a try…and Penang Road, the soul of the city!!!

  9. So you are going to Penang tomorrow lar? All the best for you Suituapui. Enjoy your trip ok. Take care…and don’t forget to buy my souvenirs ya. LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you. You want buah pala? The jeruk…not the kampung! Hahahahahaha! Then you can meet me in KL to collect…or come to Sibu! LOL!!!

  10. Enjoy your vacation and errrr…. don’t jump around too much in Penang.. the Island just had an aftershock after the earthquake in Sumatra.. the foundations might not be that settled yet.. HAHAHAHAHA….

    Enjoy the hawker food and we shall await your report on the standard and quality of the food there.. not forgetting the famous Penang Kueh Tiaw.. (since you are so into Kueh Tiaw.. haha)

    Always the 1st thing I would have after checking in – without fail each visit! LOL!!! Ya, they felt tremors in KL too then, and I think I was sick and bedridden at the time, so it definitely wasn’t me!!! You haven’t been stomping around, have you?

    1. Nope.. have been a very good boy.. not sure about KNB however..

      That’s for you to know and for us to find out…LOL!!!

  11. Have an enjoyable stay in Penang. Maybe you do need a break from blogging. After your hols, maybe you can start blogging again. Perhaps you don’t have to blog everyday – can be quite tedious.

    Thanks. Ya…maybe once a week…or as and when applicable! After all, I’m no spring chicken anymore and it can be quite a chore.

  12. Have a good break!
    Gosh! Robby Benson! Wonder what’s happened to him…or if he’s still even alive. It’s an overcast day here, and listening to that song brought about some nostalgia of sorts, even though I am not familiar with the song..perhaps it’s the melody of yester years….haha.

    Thanks. Loved the song then and still love it now. Love the piano…the accompaniment! Soothing and moving… Old songs – they don’t make them like they used to anymore!

  13. ermm.. the earlier promotion was the same ley.. rm125 per night. no breakfast.. anyway, enjoy yourself, i’m sure u’ll do!

    Nope…there was a better one, either RM88 or RM99 nett per night, can’t remember but booking closed on 30th June…and I was not sure I was going until recently. I posted the advertorial that they emailed me in one of my posts sometime back. This one is the current promotion, which they also emailed me more recently, slightly more expensive and also no breakfast. Anyway, so easy to get nice and cheap food in Penang and no need to eat the same things every morning… I think you can add, if you want but I don’t think I’d like that.

    1. yep… no point to have breakfast there, it’s the land of food.. buka mata straight away go kopitiam down there first thing in the morning hahah!

      This morning, had char kway teow AND kway teow th’ng!!! Yum…yum!!! Now, what’s for lunch? Hahahahahaha!

  14. Wow…. haha… maybe i will visit penang next year during sem break….. will start home staying in friend’s house… muahaha

    Yeah…during my student days, we would bunk at friend’s houses when we travelled. Where got money to stay in hotels? Now old already, must pamper oneself a bit…after all the years of hard toil and labour! LOL!!!

  15. I enjoyed all your posts. Please don’t close shop. You make the world brighter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy your trip. Relax, eat and enjoy your girl’s company. Then, come back, and share with us your insights.

    No need to update everyday. Mon, Wed & Fri only? Like tuition time? Hehe…

    You are my sunshine,
    my fleshy sunshine,
    you make me happy,
    when skies are grey…

    Hey! My tuition twice a week only! LOL!!!…True or not! So seldom comment, sometimes I felt like talking to the wall…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  16. my wife laughed when she read my song to you…

    see, that’s two of us here, waiting for you….

    Ooi…both busy reading blogs, who jaga anak? Hehehehehe!!!

  17. close shop?? Oi, cannot la. Your blog is my only link to what’s going on daily with all my chin-lang back home.

    Hah!!! So comment more often… At least, got motivation to carry on…

  18. peteformation:
    Thanks, Pete. Give me a tinkle if you’re coming over.

    Guess you’re feeling better, thank goodness for that. Sure will! Hope we can get to meet this time around…

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