Sabar Menanti…

Don’t worry! This is not going to be a post in BM but I do like this song and others by the late Indonesian singer Broery Marantika (including “Angin Malam“). If I’m not mistaken, “Sabar Menanti” was featured in the movie in which he starred with Datuk Sharifah Aini, “Hapuslah Airmatamu“.

However, this is not going to be a post about songs either – in whatever language. It’s just that the other day I dropped by this new Sri Menanti place here in Sibu…

Sibu's Sri Menanti 1

It is located in the new shophouses in the vicinity of the Sibu bus station, the corner lot from the Rasa Sayang Cafe – two doors away from the kampua place, in fact. I never asked them, so I’m not exactly sure whether it is a branch of the Sri Menanti that has been in business for a long time now at Jalan Hardin, and there is another outlet in the block behind the building where the Sugar Bun Gateway is.

There is the cafe downstairs…

Sibu's Sri Mananti 2

…and upstairs, it seems that they have a restaurant and a karaoke joint…

Sibu's Sri Menanti 3

I wanted a quick lunch that day so I opted for the nasi campur (mixed rice) or what they call the economy fried rice though I feel “economical” is the correct word to use. I had the sweet and sour fish fillet, the black pepper calamari (sotong) and the long beans fried with belacan (dried prawn paste)…

Sibu's Sri Menanti 4

…and I must say it was very delicious (although a bit cold, except for the rice) and very cheap too! Only RM3.00! The complimentary clear soup that came with it was actually very tasty too! At most eateries, the soup tastes like salt water with a sprinkling of fried shallots!

Well, that was a good first impression and I certainly will go back there again to try the other things that they have in store! In the meantime, they can sabar menanti (wait patiently)… LOL!!!

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26 thoughts on “Sabar Menanti…”

  1. I used to go to one of their first restaurant behind Shabu Shabu but it wasn’t that nice so I didn’t go after that first and last visit. Give me Rasa Sayang kampua any time of the day! LOL! 😀

    Not for me. Kampua for breakfast, rice for lunch! I have very square meals regularly…and that’s why I’m so “well-rounded”! LOL!!!

  2. OMG RM3 only?!! what a steal! Saya sedang menanti juga…

    It IS cheap…and nice! Not like the usual heavily msg-laden stuff we get at most fast food stalls!

  3. Fast food :O) Yummy yummy… delicious. Thanks for sharing. :O)

    I like H2O at the Sarawak Plaza (Has it reopened for buisness?)…and the Malay stalls at the food court at Tun Jugah. The stalls at the food court below Star Cineplex also quite nice…but the place not very conducive!

  4. Yes, H2O at Sarawak Plaza already opened. I went to see what they have to offer for lunch just now, not bad-looking the food, a lot of choices too…but i wasn’t in the mood for rice for lunch so I had Malay-style mee goreng.

    Once I had the (pounded) tapioca leaves with chicken there – I thought it was kacang-ma….but it wasn’t. Very tasty though!!!

  5. RM3? I thought it’s hard to get such a rock bottom price nowadays. 3 dishes with rice for 300 cents, steal indeed. Looks nice too. =)

    It is nice…and I thought it was really cheap too, especially when compared to eating at those cut-throat nasi kandar shops over at your end!!!

  6. Owhh.. That’s cheap !! The one at Kuching’s Mandarin Hotel also very nice and cheap wor according to a lot of ppl but I’ve yet to try it out 😀

    Dunno where that is. Last time, Mandarin Restaurant was at the Odeon Cinema…I don’t think the building is there anymore! Hahahahahaha!!! I’m so old!!!

  7. sob Sob, sad romantic songs? Ha ha!
    RM3 is good deal for the food. Fried sotong with black pepper, must try out the recipe. See this weekend can find some sotong in the market. LOL

    Truth be told, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, the sentimental old fool that I am! Hahahahahaha!!!! Ya, give it a try! I’m not really into black pepper sauce but surprisingly, I found it rather delicious!

  8. i haven’t gone there yet.. Beside “Mixed Rice”, any other food that is nice?? or special?

    I did not try. One of these days, I’ll drop by again and see what they have. The photos on the panel above the counter show a lot of nice dishes…

  9. H2O food nice kah? Been working in this building for 3 years but have yet to taste the food. haha. For some reason it didnt look appealing to me. Probably becos i see the same thing being displayed at 11am and 6pm. hehe. I think the Kuching Mandarin Ahlost is referring to is the one at Liwah hotel. Thats where i attended the Xmas wedding dinner.

    I wouldn’t want to eat at such fast food stalls for dinner. Who knows the food has been there all day? Unless I tapao…and heat it up myself at home. Xmas wedding? Whose?….Ummm….never mind! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. RM3 bucks is indeed very cheap. but most soup will be stuffed with lots of ajinomoto….hehehe. too much will make you go botak…lol 🙂

    This place is ok. I’m also very sensitive to msg…and at some places, I’ll tell them to reduce the amount they use.

  11. Rm3 only really a bit cheap at sibu cause usually dishes as show in the photo will cost at least rm3.50.

    Seems like another place for me to hunt after back later. kakaka…

    You call me lah…and belanja old teacher!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Haha! No wonder you name this post Sabar Menanti. At RM3, that’s very very cheap! I tidak sabar menanti to go there! : )

    Yes…and nice. A lot of places, you see the food, already no appetite to eat!

  13. omg! RM3 lunch? that is very economical. if you keep this budget i suppose you can even go around the world with your missus soon 😛 hehe.

    like to see the black pepper calamari even tho i have a hard time to figure it out at first.

    you are my best flogger at the moment! like it!

    Yalor…where got like Penang nasi kandar so expensive! Bankrupt if eat there everyday! LOL!!!…Ya, at first I thought it was beef!!! Btw, tomorrow’s post no food…and hey! U didn’t comment on my good taste in music/songs??? Hahahahahaha!

  14. RM3.00 for that is a steal compared to K K. How come there is no inflation in Sibu??? Just found out that the special lunch (special as being the cheapest)in Chung Hwa PRIMARY school cost RM4.00…and the supplier claims just doing a favour only.Rentals must be very cheap in Sibu or maybe everything tax free kah? KK’s cost of living must be the highest in Malaysia now.No wonder you cannot increase your tuition fee…or maybe you have.

    Nope, no increase…and those who have dunno how to explain now that the price of petrol has gone down. The fuel price hike was their excuse to jack up their fees. Sibu people do not earn so much, so prices cannot be too high – everybody will just go home to eat (every place is so near mah!)…

  15. Broery ok ok only la…made up my mind to see Peter Cetera..let me know if you change your mind…or maybe he is too young for you? 27 Feb…come earlier

    And I wonder who sings Angin Malam at karaoke all the time! Hahahahahahahaha! No tnx, if Madonna…or Tina Turner, I’ll go! LOL!!!

  16. Ive always noticed of that restaurant but never dare to try as ive always tot that malay food are very expensive

    When they opened the 1st one at Jalan Hardin, I heard it was a Thai or Indonesian restaurant…but when I went to try, it turned out to be like any other restaurant like Ruby or Dynasty. Nothing great! Then they ventured into fast foods – varieties of chicken rice and stuff…and now they’ve opened this one. Not Malay food lah! In fact, they’ve a sign that says, “Non-halal!”

  17. yum yum….better than the stalls across college any day….huhuhu

    Wah! Belum tidur? LOL!!!…But if you eat every day, also the same…will get sick of it!

  18. To the response above, inflation also hits Sibu, but I think Sabar Menanti is an exceptional case maybe? LOL!
    RM3 is really blardy cheap nowadays, I wonder if their other foods are ok?

    Will go and try one of these days…and post. The photos of some of the dishes available in the restaurant look very attractive.

  19. the price will increase if the owner is reading yr blog after all the comments.

    Just like Ruby. People are starting to complain. I think I’ll have to post on that one of these days!

  20. Fast food :O) Yummy yummy… delicious. Thanks for sharing. :O)

    I like H2O at the Sarawak Plaza (Has it reopened for buisness?)…and the Malay stalls at the food court at Tun Jugah. The stalls at the food court below Star Cineplex also quite nice…but the place not very conducive!

    Err…nice kah. I think so so ler. anyway different people different taste. :O) THANKS FOR THE VALUE INFO :o)

    There may be other nicer places…but these are the ones in Kuching that I’ve tried before.

  21. Yeap, belom cuba belom tahu sekali cuba hari hari mau…. Wakakakekekekeke….

    Most of the time, go to Kuching…will stay around that area, so mostly I’ll eat at the places around there only…unless somebody comes and takes me around to eat the good food at places further away. I saw the fast food at the food court at Spring, looked very nice…but they told me very expensive. I dunno, didn’t eat there!

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