Yummy yummy yummy…

Well, the other day my friend asked me to take him to buy a suitcase (as I know where to get suitcases at very special prices), so we agreed to go for breakfast first. We went to this Yum Yum Cafe, one of the shops in the Sibu Bus Station commercial area. They say that they have the best Foochow mee sua (longevity string noodles) in town but we did not have that. I had that there before and it was as nice as they said it was, but the portion was a bit small. My friend had pan mian, something that I do not really fancy but he said it was very delicious…

Pan mian @ Yum Yum, Sibu

His wife had this bowl of beef soup…

Beef soup @ Yum Yum, Sibu

…while I had the beef noodles, the dry variety…

Beef noodles (dry) @ Yum Yum, Sibu

I quite liked it and would not mind having it again. Of course, they just can’t compare with what I had in Kota Kinabalu but these are only RM3.50 each compared to RM7 over there. Upon leaving the place, when my friend turned round the corner, we spotted this in one of the blocks of new shops in the vicinity…

Rasa Sayang, Sibu

It certainly looked like Rasa Sayang is back in business. The last time Bongkersz was here, we went to the original venue but somebody else was running the place under a different name. We decided to give it a try, but unfortunately, what we had was a letdown. We could have much better kampua elsewhere! So without wasting any time, I went there the next morning and yes! It’s the ORIGINAL Rasa Sayang!!! Of course I had the kampua noodles…

Rasa Sayang kampua, Sibu

…and this bowl of pian sip aka kiaw in Kuching and wanton in other places…

Rasa Sayang's pian sip

Ooo…they were just as nice as I remembered them to be and both of those plus a glass of kopi-o peng kau (iced thick black coffee) came up to only RM5.60. Here’s another photo of what I had…

Rasa Sayang's kampua & pian sip

Coming to Sibu again, Bongkersz? This time, we’ll go for the real thing – the original Rasa Sayang kampua. After that, you will never settle for anything less! Yummy, yummy, yummy…!!!

P.S. If you remember the cabin-size baggage that I bought for RM50, Swiss Brand no less (Just click the above link to have a look, if you have forgotten!), my friend got one that was EXACTLY the same, Swiss Brand too but bigger (check-in size) and guess how much he paid for it? RM70.00! You can’t get it any cheaper elsewhere!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “Yummy yummy yummy…”

  1. i should have known u earlier lo…
    didn’t try all yummy food in Sibu when i was there last February… =.=

    So very near…around 2-3 hours only! Can come anytime. My daughter will be home by Nov 14th…u gone back to Melaka on holiday? If not, can hop over sometime!

  2. Besides the super yummy pictures, OMG how could you get that luggage bag at that price?!! Is it because you’re doing free publicity for them?!! Lol

    The proprietor my father’s good friend…so can get at cost price, or almost cost price. It pays to have the right connections! Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!

  3. try make your own wanton..put a small pc of century egg in the meat n wrap with the skin..boil n take up n toss it dry like u make kampuamee..its very yummy.

    My sis buys the skin from the market, puts lots of minced meat…taste very nice! Outside, they just “wipe” the skin with the meat only…and the meat also lots of fat!

  4. Hey there! Come and join us for a BBQ buffet at the beach in Penang this Christmas with watersports activities included! Sign up now! Check out my website at http://www.runwiththewave.com Thanks!

    Thanks for the inivitation! No immediate plans…but I guess I won’t be going anywhere round Christmas time.

  5. Swiss brand suitcase-the imitation from China is very fragile..I bought in China RMB400 for 3 bags-L/M/S — my daughter complained when she reached glasgow-the L n M bag handles broke – now she need new suitcase. just hope yr friend have better luck.

    I used mine 3 times already…and once, I even checked it in. No problem!!! Ur daughter carrying gold bars? Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    P.S. I had Samsonite before – genuine! The handle came off also! Got one wheel in one corner and a bar on the other side that could be released to pull the bag, that one also broken! Egg shell – hard!!! But dented all over! Dunno how the airport people handle the luggage. Since then, I never bother anymore. The cheaper the better!!!

  6. Your friend had pan mian, kon lau style .. I prefer the soup style.. which I had the other day … hehehhee … and it was tasty, good portion and reasonably priced too!!! I’ll post that sometime soon 🙂

    Somehow I feel that fried ikan bilis and Chinese noodles are not very compatitble. OK if with nasi lemak or kampung fried rice!…But one man’s meat is another man’s poison.

  7. I miss Sibu. Will go during the holidays i think. By then PMR over also.

    About time too!…Not coming for All Souls’ weekend?

  8. yep. so I must start making the right connections now…starting with you?!! (to get cheap luggage)

    Come! No problem! Ummm….maybe I can charge 10% commission? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  9. hmmm….somehow the rasa sayang in kch offers something entirely different, as far as i can recall…

    i think knb can testify to that 🙂

    Haven’t heard of it…nor seen it anywhere. Has it got anything to do with the literal translation – the feeling of love? Wah! You two frequent such joints kah?

  10. Yeah, it’s absolutely heavenly ! Me like it ya *nods head*… Haha… am going to try it again tomorrow

    Again tomorrow? You’re going every day???…Goodness! You people live in Sibu and you do not know where the good eating places are? What do you guys eat? Duh!!!

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