Right here waiting…

I had a post on this place sometime ago – Sri Menanti, located in the Sibu bus station commercial area, two doors away from Rasa Sayang Cafe at the corner of that block of shophouses.

We stopped there for brunch on Sunday morning and my missus had their mee mamak (fried noodles, mamak-style)…

Sri Menanti's mee mamak

…which was very nice but a bit pricey at RM3.50 a plate, despite the fact that it was listed at RM3.00 in the menu. If you go for fried noodles (dry) at the Chinese stalls, it costs RM2.80 only but then, I find those rather bland (and heavily msg-laden) and not as nice. I wanted to try the nasi lemak (rice cooked in santan/coconut milk) to see if it was any good, and I got this…

Sri Menanti's nasi lemak

The rice was very well done – very rich with the fragrance of santan (coconut milk) and not hard like in many places around here. But again, I have a bone to pick over the price – RM4.40. If I’m not mistaken, elsewhere it’s only RM2.50 and the nasi lemak special is RM3.50 except at Thomson Corner where it is slightly higher at RM4.70 the last time I was there. Other than that, I was not too happy about the miserable bits of fried chicken at the side and they used canned peanuts instead of the freshly-fried ones, skin and all, that we usually can expect with the dish. All considered, I think the one at Thomson Corner is nicer, albeit its slightly higher price.

I would not say there are no customers but unlike the other eating places in the vicinity which are always filled to the brim, business seems a bit slow here. There are a few people eating at any time of day but so far, I have yet to see them really busy. Perhaps the place serves halal food and the location is not quite right to cater to that category of customers, or maybe people feel that the prices are a bit too steep.

For one thing, I like the tissue paper dispenser…

Sibu's Sri Menanti

In some places, they give you that horrible-looking toilet roll holder and provide you with toilet paper. Well, for the prices you pay, I guess it is only fair that they pamper you a little with a bit a class. The place is nice and very clean and more often than not, my head will start spinning from the commotion at places that are too crowded, so considering that the food isn’t too bad, I may go back there again.

In the meantime, they can just sit there and keep singing, “I’ll be right here waiting for you…” LOL!!!

If you’re a movie buff, you can click the link to the song and see whether you can name all the movies in the clip! Have fun!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Right here waiting…”

  1. I remember that I had Malay-style mee goreng for lunch when I look at the mee mamak picture. Sri Menanti behind Shabu Shabu still there kah? Is this the branch? I think you mentioned it before but I forgot liao.

    Dunno if it’s still there as I haven’t been around there for a long time. The one behind Sugar Bun (Sibu Gateway) is still there… This is a brand new one!

  2. finally. n am back online n back to work with STP. still have lots of reading n comments to look thru.. response is still vv slow – maybe need some upgrading.
    Wow love the food posted in.
    will drive back for ChingMing..there will be another family reunion-those living overseas are coming back this year.

    You’re staying at that Ah Hock’s hotel again? They’ve opened a BIG place on the ground floor – Bus Station Food Court. I think so many things to eat but I haven’t gone to try yet. Sundays very very crowded!!!

  3. I am salivating at the egg!!! It looked so horribly delicious! And the tissue paper holder is nice….

    You love eggs too? Me as well…hard boiled, half boiled, scrambled, bull’s eye. omelette…anything, as long as it’s eggs! Hehehehehehe!!!! The holder, usually in hotels, they screw onto the wall in the toilets….

  4. Nasi lemak looks yumm! Missed the real coconut rice,m sure they do used fresh coconut milk to cook wherelse here is all canned ones. Only movie have seen is spider man in the clip cos son is a fan. M not a Heath,Ben or Toby’s fan,more Brad’s,George’s n Matt’s. But thks for the effort to include the music clip,always enjoyed listening to good songs.

    Canned ones not bad, better than the ones in packets. I find those stink of coconut oil. Hey, how can an Ozzie not be a fan of Heath? Btw, that Ben’s movie in the clip – is it Pearl Harbour?

  5. wa wa wee wa…look at that mee mamak…nvm teacher for the steep pricing… as long as its nice…have to change sibu mentally teacher, quality is the most important. and gawd dang look at that egg so nicely done.. can so imagine punching a hole thru it and melting in my mouth… *wipes away drool*

    Eggs Canada got lah! Sure you can cook your own! Hahahahaha!!! Actually the mee mamak quite a lot – big serving, compared to some Chinese stalls. Can serve in a tea saucer!!! And some may be even more expensive esp. with clams…

  6. cant expect much from a price like that. you’re lucky they added peanuts. some may not even get to smell the ikan bilis…. 🙂

    I thought nasi lemak SO cheap at ur side? RM1.00 a bungkus and SO much? Everything got, quarter egg, sambal, kacang and ikan bilis and a slice of cucumber… Drool!!!

  7. Nasi lemak, IMO, should always be served with hard-boiled eggs, not a sunny side up. Am very particular when it comes to nasi lemak, eating a lousy one will leave me feeling soooo cheated!

    Kimberly-Clark….my friend owns this relatively new coffee-shop, C121, and related horror tales of bales (ok, this my exaggeration)of tissue paper stuffed in the toilet bowls. After the third plumbing service in a month (RM500 a pop!), she decided to dismantle all the tissue dispensers. I suggested she employ a sentry to check everyone who’s patronised the toilet. Apparently this was what happened in Singapore when they were educating citizens about toilet habits.

    p/s:Please tell your missus I am looking high and low for very yummy pulut “rempah udang”…she’ll know what I mean….LOL!

    The best I ever had – at Cititel Penang. When you open the pot, the fragrance will blow you away! You help yourself to the rice and add the condiments yourself – including hard boiled eggs! Must have that every morning when I stay there!!!

    Well, this Kimberly-Clark used outside, placed on tables and not in the toilet!

    What pulut sambal? She made some before? Don’t dream…!! Anak comes home, craving for pancakes till she goes back, pan pun tak nampak! Apa lagi cake!!! LOL!!!

  8. Bet that tissue paper dispenser won’t last long! Soon, the disgusting-looking toilet roll holder will have its place. Sorry, on a Tuesday, I can afford to be not so positive, right? Weekend is a day nearer from your positive-thinking Monday!

    Why not?…Nobody’s going to steal it, I’m sure. Come to think of it, even if we get toilet roll, good already. Most places do not bother to provide anything at all. Hmmm…why the foul mood today? Got up on the wrong side of the bed? LOL!!!

  9. gerrie: So C121 is owned by your friend…I see the business is very good, all the time full – morning and night. But food there nothing to shout about la. Hahaha! 😀

    Why C121? They’ve run out of names? Gee! If the food isn’t nice, why would there be so many people?

  10. Ching ming is April 4th ka ?…long time didn’t meet pollie ..I’ll bring the aircraft life jacket for her then.

    Yup…that’s the weekend you’ll be here. Wah…so kiam siap! What would she need a life jacket for? Just take the cardboard fan on MASwings…. *prawns…prawns…prawns…

  11. The place is really nice lor. Not your friendly neighbourhood dirty kopitiam. The tables, chairs, tiles, etc are different. People are there for the environment lah I think.

    Summore got a lot of parking space (there’s always a jam in front of the kopitam because somehow I think Kuching people will drop dead if they have to walk 10 extra steps from the proper parking space to the shop).

    Oh, C121 is very clean too. But sometimes if the wind blows to the kopitiam’s direction, it’s ‘bad omen’ because…there’s a huge rubbish dump right across the street from the kopitiam for the people in the Stutong Market to dump their rubbish, and the stench is unbearable. It kills your appetite altogether. 😛

    Wah! This is contagious! What a long comment! Hahahahahaha!!! Here, Rasa Sayang also doesn’t look like our regular coffee shop…and there’s a new one – One o One but I haven’t checked it out yet!

  12. Ooops! “not *LIKE your friendly…” for the second sentence. Typo 🙂

    LOL!!! Wouldn’t wanna go if it’s not our friendly neighbourhood kopitiam!

  13. The mee mamak look nice. May go there this weekend to try it out. For the Bus Station food court,I went there last Sunday. It was so crowded but I managed to get a table. I had fried bee hoon dry and it was not bad. The workers attend to you very fast here. Not like others that you have to wait for ages for them to come to you and ask “mahu minum apa?”

    OK…maybe I should go early on a weekday then. Not so easy for me to squeeze through a crowd…if you know my shape and size! LOL!!!

  14. Clare: I agree with you about the food. I complained about the coffee as well..hehe. The kedundong drink however is very nice. What I did the last time I was there, I sat at C121, ordered a drink there, and then ordered “char kueh” from the other coffeeshop.

    stp, C121 = see one to one I suppose, a meeting place perhaps. The name works though cos a lot of people know about C121 now, including you…hehe.

    I see….!!! I still can’t figure out the one in Sibu – One o One. I wonder if there’s a missing “n” in the middle! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  15. Oh, it has the best “kopi tiam” toilet, for now. If they follow boss’ orders, it should be cleaned every hour.

    stp: no need to ask me more about the kuih…you just tell her and you have to say “rempah udang” verbatim.

    Hmmm…now I’m curious! When on earth have u two been communicating? Rempah udang??? Will ask her…..

  16. It’s not as mysterious as you make it out to be lah…..

    I asked her already and she couldn’t make head or tail out of what I was/you were saying – “rempah udang”…or “pulut rempah udang”…. Sure you’re asking the right person?

  17. wah .. kimberly clark eh!!! normally only corporate offices have that .. ha ha ha

    Yalor! That’s why I said got a bit of class!!! LOL!!!

  18. KK has 2 terminals..rrreeemmmeember?? I am on the one with No Duty Free shop.

    Oh, I see!!!…Using cheap airline! Hahahahaha!!! Still flying or not by then? Can terminate route anytime one…like that day, Kuching-Bali or something! So many here already booked to go there on holiday fuming mad!!!

  19. Not kiamsiap…remember your post on hobby collections and she warned me when I said mine was collecting life vests from aircrafts..hahaahahaha

    The cheap airline…harap2 got! Ever checked under the seat or not?

  20. will be staying at Cherry Lane this time.
    Kpengyu- I dont want the life jacket-dont want to see u the BP headlines..haha.
    Hope to see u both in Kuching.

    Kuching? You mean Sibu lah!!!…Don’t worry! He’s using the cheap airline!!! LOL!!!

  21. Oily food is not healthy pal! I thought you’re going to put a song in here LOL.

    Hey, you didn’t update me with your daughter case. What happen then?

    The best things in life are not healthy! Hahahahaha!!! Got song lah! You put the cursor on “right here waiting” and then you can watch the video on snapshot!

    My daughter’s case not settled yet…wait till weekend. Planning to get her to go to island on Thursday pm, squat some place for the nite…and then go airport early morning on Friday. Still looking for good samaritan!

  22. don’t worry pollie….I’ll take the one in my front row…so very save ma..hahahahahahaha. who from overseas???

    Must be from her hubby’s side lah… Coming back for Ching Ming!

  23. Aiya, I thought your missus watches “the little nyonya” as well….

    oh never mind….the moment is gone

    Oh….so that was all there was to it. Hmmm…sometimes she watches tv, sometimes tv watches her, so dunno if she noticed that.

  24. STP, re Sa Sa..did you contact bdq.She is in the island.
    Benson… at first I tot you wanted to go Benson the sea food centre here. I see..Benson anak Edges!
    Gerrie..looking for sambal hei bee? Remember the classic JFV sambal. Sophia’s mum is the only person who makes now. I found one shop here selling something similar. Not too bad. I enjoyed eating with my bread!

    That sambal hay bee…Sigh! I’ve yet to get round to making it! So lazy! Maybe one of these days. Bdq…maybe too busy with her social activities. Will KIV and see when the time comes…..

    P.S. Bdq smsed me liao! More or less arranged liao, thanks… So Sa Sa WILL be coming home for the hols after all…


    But I’ve gained weight since CNY !! My CNY tees cannot be worn anymore.. too tight edi T__T

    Never mind! Look on the bright side! You still have a loooooong way to go before you get to be like me – so tuapui! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  26. 1 star, foods were not as unique as her name. Cant even cook a nice nasi goreng ikan masin. Crap!

    Yes, I would agree with you and many others who share the same opinion. It is actually amazing that it has lasted so long considering that what they dish out generally isn’t anything to shout about. Perhaps there are many who would just eat, not all that particular as to whether it is really nice or not.

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