Party all the time…

I was invited to dinner the other day (Friday night) at the Blue Splendour Restaurant here in Sibu. I like that place very much as the food is more often than not, remarkably good and a lot better than what you can get at the Chinese restaurants in the big hotels or elsewhere.

Our families have known one another for years. The eldest brother was my classmate and a good friend, the second brother and I had some “good” times together during our younger days and now, the youngest of the boys  had graciously asked me to join in their mother’s 80th birthday celebration…

Flowing champange at birthday celebration

The dinner started off with the Foochow mee sua (thread noodles) in chicken soup – a must at every birthday celebration to ensure longevity…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 1

…followed by the Four Seasons, except that there were more than four, as you can see in the photo…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 2

…after which came the not-to-be-named soup (As usual, no photo!) and this steamed white pomfret (ikan bawal putih)…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 3

The roast duck with mantao (steamed buns) came next and despite being different from the Peking Duck that most people are more familiar with, it was very nice and I had a second helping…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 4

There was an extra bun as my missus doesn’t eat duck! (But that also means that we do not have any duck dishes at home! Sob!) I think there was a vegetable dish that followed but those at my table were a bit too fast and I did not manage to get that one before it was all gone! LOL!!! I managed to snap the sea cucumber dish…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 5

…and what was left of the deliciously delightful prawns…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour 6

But I failed to take one of the plate of Longevity peaches too, so I had to resort to taking the one I had on its own in my plate…

Birthday dinner @ Blue Splendour

and the fruit platter came last. No photo of that, of course! I’m sure you’ve seen fruits before! Hahahahaha!!!

There was a lot of singing that night, and some dancing too…

Singing and dancing @ birthday dinner

…but other than the food, what I enjoyed most was the opportunity I had to meet old friends and acquaintances yet once again after all these years. Actually I came down with flu (Again!) that afternoon but I took some medication and went for the dinner (as I had promised I would be there, not because I’m so greedy…or maybe that too! ROTFLMAO!!!) and no regrets whatsoever! I’m glad I went…

When we got home around 10 something that night, lo and behold! A wonderful sight awaited us…

Good fortune blooms

My missus told me that the plant would flower at midnight and the blooms would close by morning. Thus, it would be quite difficult to catch the flowers in all their glory and according to her, they symbolise good fortune. Great! If that is the case, I guess I certainly can look forward to showers of good fortune upon me and my family and the birthday celebrant and hers in this coming year.

And to you, my friend, thanks so much for the invitation!

Kindly note that my friend has requested for anonymity in this post, so those in the know, please refrain from stating specific names in your comments. Thanks.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Party all the time…”

  1. Peking duck, then longevity peach for dessert, yummy. Have to be careful with the prawns though, got aprodisiac value….dangerous lorr, ha ha!

    At my age, I’ll need a few kgs of that stuff…which reminds me, must ask kpenyu to send me some of the giant ones for CNY! 1 prawn at least half kg!!! Huge!!! LOL!!!

  2. I’m having flu too so cheers! Gosh, I’m salivating at the Roast Duck with Mantao…

    Hah!!! Too much partying and late nites, eh? LOL!!! As they say, starve the fever but FEED THE FLU! Eat…and eat…and eat!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  3. I used to work at Blue Splendour kitchen few years back. Seems like the dishes change a little bit from previous time. I like its butter prawn. nyum nyum…

    You did? Can get special discount or not? If can, we can go and have dinner there when you come back! LOL!!! Actually I’ll be dining there again this coming Saturday…an ex-student’s wedding! Haiz! Eating all the time! How to slim down like that? Hahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Today is Sunday. Gimme 4 digits please since you got good fortune hahahahaha

    Good fortune for me…not for you. You must give me money and then I’ll go and buy! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. oh, i heard that flower b4, finally i have a chance to see it hurray!

    You know of the flower? It’s big, bigger than an outstretched palm of the hand! What is it called? My wife doesn’t know…said it’s Bunga Raja or something!

    Btw, ur first time here? Haven’t seen u around before, but somehow you managed to creep past moderation. Never mind. Most welcome and do come again. Will add u to my blogroll….

    P.S. Googled and found out the flower’s name is Bramhakamal and they’ve got it on youtube. One bloom only – mine that nite, 4 big ones!

  6. Hey thanks for visiting! haha.. you orang sibu ah? how’s life there 🙂

    apart from having alot to eat 😛

    And thanks to you for dropping by! Will link u in my blogroll. Life here, of course, not as exciting as in KL. Huai Bin should be able to tell u that! That’s why he’s “making the most of it” there! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  7. oi! flu is contagious!

    Must be at the hair salon! Was having my haircut when I felt the flu coming… Much better now, and lessons start tomorrow! Haiz!!! Just when I’m getting used to this free & easy life! LOL!!!

  8. yealur.. like so many nice things to eat only… chuk chuk chuk..

    Another round coming up at the same restaurant this Saturday. Wedding reception! Hope not the same dishes!

  9. guess its a big event 🙂 i can see how many people were there.

    you really enjoy the food eh 😛 i should call you mr flogger hehe.

    p/s: love the prawns.

    Yes…very grand. Lots of VIPs. Guests from overseas, West Malaysia even… Me, flogger? You too leh!!! LOL!!!

  10. I always excited on the first dish…four season or varieties.

    I like the first dish too…and I usually eat a lot the first 3-4 dishes…and after that, full already and I do not eat anymore, except maybe one prawn (as the prawns come towards the end)!

  11. Hi Pacik Sibu: My goodness, yr wife and I have same food taste, or food distaste. Like her, I hate duck…and after many meals of mee suah and chicken balls during a recent visit to a friend in Penang, I’m also slightly off mee suah…
    Flu and dinner: hope u weren’t really “flu-ish” but having the start of a common cold. Becos if u really were starting to get flu, then u should have stayed away from crowds, even if they are friends! Tskkkk..

    Ooo…u dunno what you’re missing. Duck’s soooooo nice. My missus didn’t take lamb too, nor wild boar….but now she does. Still does not take unagi (ikan keli) or the freshwater fish – ikan buris that I featured in one of my earlier posts.
    Ummmm…I think it was food deprivation chill as both on X’mas Eve and that night, after eating, I was ok already!!! Missus too lazy to cook, all day didn’t have proper meals! Hahahahahaha!!!

  12. Discount? Hohoho… The boss there is famous of kedekut. So, i don’t think it is a good suggestion. Btw, you still wanna having big meal there wor? how to loss weight???

    Never mind! Old liao! Still can eat…better eat and enjoy! Next time, this cannot eat, that cannot eat! So miserable! LOL!!

  13. I think I know which party u attended!My MIL mentioned she saw u! Told her abt your poomba soup, good thing she did not like poomba or she may ask u to cook for her too!LOL!

    Yes, I met ur parents-in-law and ur sis-in-law too! She never tried…of course, dunno! Good also…already so difficult to buy, so one customer less!

  14. hmmm… I don’t eat lamb either and no, I don’t like unagi too…but I like wild boar meat, last eaten at Ayer Hitam in Johor…

    They usually cook with a lot of ginger, lemon grass and what not…or cook curry and drown out the taste of the wild boar meat. Not nice! Taste depends on the meat – have to be old and fat enough, otherwise not very delicious.

  15. What pumba difficult to buy????? Go Sg Merah in the evening and you would think it is legal to sell pumba! Oh yes I bought froggy legs the other day and I took 1 only. BTW they cut til the body so no frogs in wheelchairs!

    Now that I have the supplier…should not be difficult to get whenever I want any. I’ve removed the frogs on wheelchairs cartoon…scared of copyright infringement!

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